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Chapter 1202 Drawing Conclusions Past 2

After Morok finished his story, Nalrond was quite pissed off with himself at the idea that his allegedly dim-witted companion had been able to conjure weapons, spells, and even to shapeshift whereas he had been nothing but a punching bag for the shades.

Yet he was glad to have brought the Tyrant and the girls along.

Without them, he would have died at Mogar\'s hands while without Morok, it would have been impossible for him to gather so much information.

The Tyrant\'s carefree attitude and self-acceptance gave him an amazing strength in the Mindscape that would take anyone else years of training to achieve.

Just like Solus said, those shades provide hints about the answer based on their appearance, but I doubt anyone can actually defeat them. Morok said.

They start weak, but they become stronger with each blow that you land.

To make matters worse, I hoped to exploit their inability to move or attack you while you deal with another shade, but my prediction was wrong.

Each time you attack them, they strike back and if you focus on another shade, they don\'t stop and strike you in the back.

Fighting them one on one is impossible just like attacking them in turns.

Shades regenerate the moment you change your target.

I didn\'t get so far since every shade pummelled me with ease, but by comparing my experience with yours there are a few things that I\'d like to point out. Nalrond said.

First, the shade corresponding to a question about a thing doesn\'t change whereas asking about a person materializes their shade in the form that such a person would take once they have found their answer.

Second, Mogar seems eager to talk, yet it often comments about your personality and asks you several times if you\'re sure about the answers you\'re seeking.

Third, the insane strength of the shades makes it impossible to win.

Are you saying that the legends about the Fringes are just a death trap That coming here has been just a waste of time Friya asked.


I think they are quite accurate.

As soon as I get back on my feet, I\'m going to have another chat with Mogar.

If my hypothesis is right, I\'ll have all the answers we need. Nalrond shook his head.

And if you\'re wrong

Then I\'ll need all my strength to survive long enough to cut the mind link.

That\'s why I need to rest. Nalrond said.


City of Reghia, Jiera continent.

Becoming one with Solus had stabilized Lith\'s life force, yet everyone agreed on him taking it easy for a few days.

Even contacting Quylla for a second opinion ended up adding fuel to the fire.

I can\'t diagnose anything from a hologram, but if the damage you took is even remotely similar to that you suffered in Kulah, three days might not be enough.

My advice is to not use magic nor exert yourself until your life forces perfectly overlap again. She said.

Quylla is right. Tista said.

Besides, you are not the only one who needs time to recover.

Solus, the Scalewalker armor, and War all sustained a lot of damage while you turned into an Abomination.

Adamant is tough and Solus is even tougher, but right now they are in a critical state.

Even if you were already back to your peak condition, any more strain could prove to be fatal.

While your equipment can always be replaced, the same can\'t be said for Solus.

You forced her to fight Lochra frigging Silverwing while she was still licking the wounds that you inflicted upon her.

What if Silverwing comes back

Then I\'m dead.

Based on what we saw even if the tower could draw upon a full mana geyser, I don\'t know if we could be her opponent. Lith replied, yet seeing the cracks on both War and the Scalewalker made his wallet bleed.

He had kept them out of his pocket dimension all the time, to allow them to absorb part of his mana and mend their wounds, yet due to his exhausted state, there was only so much energy that his equipment could absorb without endangering his life.

On top of that, Tista was right about Solus as well.

Fighting with Lochra had put so much strain on her already debilitated condition that if not for their fusion, she might have lost months\' worth of energy.

You and Solus stay here while we take care of the contributions to the community. Phloria said.

You need each other and the geyser to recover.

I\'ll try to knock some sense into Reghia\'s humans while Tista could search for an open mana geyser while extermination monsters.

That way, we can check if the tower warp can bring us back home and, if needed, ask Faluel\'s help.

Yeah, one small problem, though.

Crossing the ocean and getting here from Lutia required two Guardians.

How do I explain to her that I\'m capable of doing the same on my own Lith asked.

That\'s a line I hope we\'ll never cross.

Yet having a contingency plan never hurts and worst case scenario, we\'d still provide you with all the energy you need to recover from your wounds. She replied.

Lith didn\'t like the idea much.

Even if they did find the geyser, it would be hard to explain to Aren, the beasts\' Council representative, why they had left the city.

On top of that, Awakened were bound to know about mana geysers and were able to spot them.

Lith wasn\'t eager to put Solus\'s cloaking abilities to the test against such powerful creatures.

If even one of them noticed the tower, it would be the beginning of the end for him.


I\'ll play househusband until I fully recover while you two find a way to get our hands on the city\'s resources. He said.

After checking one last time Lith\'s and Solus\'s condition, the two women left the tower, both headed for the Mayor\'s office.

Tista needed to join a unit of Awakened while Phloria wanted to ask free reins about the humans.

Don\'t you think It would\'ve been better if we brought Solus along Meeting her godmother like that and learning so many painful details about her past must have left a scar.

Solus could use a bit of distraction. Tista asked.

No. Phloria shook her head.

She really needs to recover her strength and the more Solus gets close to regain her body, the more complicated their relationship will become.

Rather than being apart, they must stay together and set their respective boundaries before someone gets hurt.

Are you talking about Solus, Kamila, or yourself Tista asked.

About all of us.

I\'m starting to wrap my head around their crazy relationship and around the fact that Lith and I will never be anything more than friends again.

Yet it\'s Lith and Solus I\'m worried about.

None of his past relationships lasted this long he has never opened so much with someone as he did with Kamila.

I\'m afraid that if they break up, he might close his heart forever.

As for Solus, it doesn\'t take a genius to understand that she has feelings for him.

Yet in her isolation, she\'s never got to learn that loving someone means letting them go, no matter how painful it might be.

Like Lith and I did for each other.

If two people are meant to be together, they\'ll find each other again. Phloria sighed.

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