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Chapter 1173 Fear and Suspicion Part 1

Merging two Fringes is quite simple if you assume that all of them are actually neighboring subspaces. Friya pondered.

You can imagine them as a bunch of lands, each one with different entry points that Mogar keeps isolated from the outside world, but Fringes are actually close to each other and under Mogar\'s magnifying lens.

I agree with Friya.

Merging them required minimal effort while also leaving me a place to return to. Nalrond nodded.

The question now is if we want to stay or leave.

Those guys are pretty edgy and this place is a pain in the ass. Morok could feel the dense world energy of the Fringe try to seep inside his body and trigger his Awakening.

I think we should leave.

I would like to stay, but Morok is right.

The Dewan have all reasons to hate humans and before leaving our camp, you clearly expressed your doubts about Friya.

I\'m grateful for this opportunity, but I don\'t want to take unnecessary risks. Quylla said.

Ever since her body had gotten accustomed to the Fringe\'s environment, she could almost hear a voice in her head every time she used magic.

At first, Quylla had thought that she was going insane, but after sharing her fears with the others, she had learned that the same thing was happening to Friya and Morok.

While waiting for Nalrond\'s return, she believed to have found an explanation.

\'After all, elemental magic runes can be considered like some sort of language with which a mage communicates with Mogar and borrows a fraction of the world energy.

Spirit Magic runes and Royal Forgemastering wands, instead, allow the mage to communicate with their own mana core.\' She thought.

\'The mana core is just a part of myself while Mogar is so big and with so many mages casting magic at all times that it\'s normal the planet doesn\'t even bother answering so many calls.

Yet inside the Fringe there\'s more than just elemental energy.

\'Faluel said that by using Lifestream, the breathing technique of the Hydra\'s bloodline, her grandmother managed to learn bits of Mogar\'s wisdom.

If I\'m right, that happened because by assimilating the world energy, she also established gained access to part of the information stored inside the Fringe.

\'I would love to stay here to see if with time and practice I can learn how to listen to Mogar.

Sadly, between Nalrond\'s trust issues and the hatred that the Dewans have for humans, it would be too risky.\' Quylla thought.

I agree with Quylla, we should leave. Friya said.

I think I\'m nothing like Acala, but I understand you have no reason to trust me or my judgment.

Just leave us outside.

We\'ll Warp as far as we can before asking Faluel for help so the Fringe\'s position will remain hidden.

You stay here and say your goodbyes or try to contact Mogar about your double core issue.

After all, this is your journey, not ours.

\'I can understand why even Awakened are desperate to find Fringes.

I can feel a sting in the area where my mana core is supposed to be every time that I take a breath or I cast a spell.

\'On top of that, I\'ve never felt this strong before.

It\'s like being under the effects of a body-enhancing potion that also boosts my magic.

My mind has never been so clear before.\' Friya thought.

I\'m really sorry for speaking so harshly, earlier. Nalrond sighed.

I didn\'t expect that the Fringe would be still here.

It got my hopes up and seeing your Projection being almost identical to Acala\'s only made things worse.

I admit that I don\'t trust you much, but I was aware of the consequences that bringing you here implied.

On top of that, ever since we got in here, I can feel my cores being flooded by world energy.

After staying outside for so long, I can feel Mogar\'s thoughts much more clearly than ever before.

I want to stay and attempt the ritual to draw the planet\'s attention, but to do it, I need your help.

Can\'t you just ask your rude friends and let us go Morok said.

I was talking to them, not you! Feel free to leave anytime you want.

You don\'t even need my help to get out since for some reason Mogar likes you. Nalrond snarled.

And leave Quylla with mister tall, dark, and handsome Thanks, but no thanks. Morok replied.

Wait, Morok is right.

Why do you need our help when you can just ask the Dewans Friya asked.

Because each tribe of Werepeople has its own ritual.

We may be friendly to each other, but that doesn\'t mean that I\'m willing to share with them the secrets of my people. Nalrond said.

I can teach you just the bits you need to play your part whereas if I show the Dewans my ritual, they\'ll be able to learn it and use it to complement their own.

This might be hard for you to understand, but to me, the Rezar\'s traditions are the last trace of my people\'s legacy.

I don\'t resent the Dewans for taking the land of a dead and buried tribe, but I don\'t like it either.

I know it\'s irrational, but I feel like if I give up that last shred of my identity, this land will truly become theirs and every trace of my old home will disappear.

How long will it take to prepare for the ritual Quylla asked.

Just a couple of days.

One to draw the ancestral runes Mogar welcomed my people with the first time we entered our Fringe and another to conjure the world energy.

It works in a way similar to your Forgemastering circles.

After witnessing War in action and seeing how similar true and fake magic had become over time, Nalrond often wondered if great artifacts were born when the core of the Forgemaster reached Mogar through their work and obtained its blessing.

Not to be the Lith of the situation, but before going there, we should prepare our spells and rings as if we\'re going into battle. Friya said.

No offense to Werepeople, but with everything humans did to them, I wouldn\'t be surprised if our smell triggered them and they attacked us in a frenzy.

I think you\'re being paranoid. Nalrond shook his head.

They don\'t smell a human from centuries.

Judging from how their village looks outdated even compared to Lutia, they are no different from my people.

We never left the Fringe so the only improvements we made over time were due to the knowledge that the travelers who managed to enter the Fringe on their own shared with us.

That\'s exactly my point. Friya nodded.

People never stopped looking for Fringes and based on what they told Morok, the Dewans are aware that both human Awakened and Emperor Beasts can shapeshift.

Yet you say that their village is old fashioned hence no one has ever shared with them modern customs.

Have you wondered what had happened to those who entered here before us

Did the Dewans just chase them away or did they kill the unwanted guests to not leave witnesses Friya really did sound like Lith, yet her reasoning made Nalrond feel like an idiot for having failed to consider such a possibility on his own.

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