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Chapter 980 Electrical Sniper Railgun!

Author Note: I am so sorry for the delay.

There was an urgent family medical emergency that I had to attend.

This is yesterday chapter and I will be releasing the other two chapters today as well.

PS: Thanks for everyone\'s kind will on my wisdom tooth extraction...It went great ^.^.


The first idea that came to Felix was utilizing Railgun rings.

But, he knew that they wouldn\'t work on a bullet that was barely three centimeters long.

That\'s because he had to channel the electromagnetism to the center of each Railgun ring.

Felix wouldn\'t be able to do so for something this small throughout all the rings.

\'What if I minimized it\' Felix raised an eyebrow as he envisioned a much smaller, more compact Railgun rings.

\'It will work.\' Thor supported his idea, knowing that Felix didn\'t have too much time on his hands to explore all potential ideas.

\'Let\'s get to it.\'

Without further ado, Felix closed his eyes and started calculating the requirement for the minimized version of the Railgun rings to pull them off.

With his quick thinking, he managed to come out with a semi-perfect product...Knowing that he didn\'t have much leisure time, Felix swiftly followed through with his creation.

He extended his arm in direction of the prince Domino and prince Arentis.

Then, he manifested ten smaller electrical rings above his arm...They were barely ten centimeters wide, making the viewers raise their eyebrows in intrigue.

Felix beamed the sinister concentrated dark red marble and swiftly encased it in a long pink pointy bullet that resembled a sniper\'s bullet.

He had chosen to use Coltnel gemstone as the base for the bullet since it was the lightest of them all.

This meant that the instant the bullet hit either princes, it would break apart and release the concentrated marble in the open.

To increase his accuracy, Felix made a gun gesture with his extended hand and leaned closer to his shoulder with one eye closed shut and the other squinting at his targets.

Naturally, he zoomed with his quantum vision until both of them were literally in his face...Mind you, Felix was at least fifty kilometers away from them, making him outside their vision.

\'I only have one shot...\' Felix took a deep breath to pacify his emotions, \'Let\'s make it count.\'

Felix would be lying if he said that he wasn\'t slightly nervous.

After all, he had never tested this technique before, and he didn\'t have many chances to fail before making it right.

The moment he fired a blank shot to test out his new technique, clan head Azesdirth would warn his son about it.

If prince Arentis showed signs of alert, prince Domino would follow along.

Thus, Felix made sure to calculate the distance, the wind, and his targets\' movements to predict where would his bullet end.

\'This is my gift for you.\' Felix mumured as he squinted at prince Arentis\' bloody furious face.

The instant Felix saw that those two had broken off their engagement to take a quick breather, he didn\'t hesitate to push the crystallized bullet into the first Railgun ring!

The bullet got encased by millions of electrical tongues before it was released to the next Railgun ring.

The same happened over and over again until the pink bullet disappeared out of sight, leaving behind an thunderous explosion, resembling a sniper rifle taking a shot!

In less than a second, Felix noticed prince Arentis\' attempt to reflexively avoid the bullet but to no avail as it had landed directly on his chest.

Both prince Arentis and prince Domino turned to look in Felix\'s direction in utter confusion after the pink bullet ended up breaking into many fragments without leaving a single scratch behind.

Felix ignored them and eyed the concentrated marble that was starting to shine tens of meters above their heads.


Simultaneously, both princes lifted their heads after their danger instincts tingled like crazy.

The instant they noticed the shimmering dark marble, they darted as far as possible from it without even understanding what it was!

Alas...They were still too close.


The mountains shook, the rivers overflowed, the leaves on trees were pulled off, the birds flew away in a hectic manner, and the ground trembled akin to having millions of bulls charging on it...

All of this was merely the reaction of faraway places after the residue of the explosion\'s shockwave reached them.

As for those in the blast zone No one knew what happened as the instant a flash of blinding light appeared, both princes stream screens turned black.




This was more than enough to silence everyone, making the holy grounds resemble a deserted graveyard at night.

The clan heads, the officials, the ambassadors of other races, the royal dragons and red dragons all shared a similar expression across the board.

Utter disbelief...

As for the stream chat No one was typing anything but bots...Even Felix\'s already numbed fans had their fingers frozen on their holographic keyboard with their eyes widened and mouth agape.

Just like synchronized divers, everyone turned their heads reflexively towards Felix\'s stream screen that was showing a towering mushroom cloud, touching the ceiling of the sky...

It was absolutely breathtaking...Yet, no one was in the right mind to appreciate its beauty besides Felix and his tenants.

What has just happened...

Clan head Azesdirth mumbled while his enlarged slits were affixed on the mushroom cloud, feeling like he was being pranked.

Everyone else ought to feel the same as they had just watched a nuke-like explosion being cast by Felix from fifty kilometers!

All resulted from a tiny bullet!!!

If the contestants weren\'t banned from using mass destructive weapons, everyone would have assumed that Felix had cheated!

Hahaha!! That\'s what I am f*cking talking about!

Abruptly, clan head Kyrsun clapped his hands while laughing loudly, making his voice echo throughout the entire holy grounds.

This was enough to wake up everyone from their momentarily daze and join him in creating a rowdy atmosphere!


HOLY!! Don\'t tell me both princes were killed!!


When even the dragons were reacting like, there was no point in mentioning the stream chat!

While everyone was losing their minds, Felix was speeding towards the mushroom cloud.

\'Felix! Are you okay!\' Worried, Princess Anastasia contacted him after seeing the explosion.

\'Never been better.\' Felix replied with a faint smirk.

\'Was that you\' When princess Anastasia heard so, she had a strong feeling that Felix had a hand in the explosion.


\'...\' Princess Anastasia was left speechless as well.

\'Talk to you later.

I still haven\'t finished my business.\'

When Felix arrived at the site, he used his x-ray vision to search for any survivors.

As expected, no one was spotted around the crater.

Still, Felix didn\'t let down his guard and continued his search.

Before long, he managed to spot shinning bones a few kilometers away from the crater.

As he followed them, the amount and size started getting bigger.

In a few moments, Felix reached the source of the bones.

\'There you are.\'

It was none other than prince Arentis\' corpse!! Or, at least what remained of it.

I like you better this way, silent and dead. Felix smiled coldly as he leaned closer to prince Arentis\' ruined face.

The upper half was gone while the bottom half was utterly indistinguishable, making it impossible to identify him.

If it wasn\'t for a few green scales lying around him and the gray gemstone underneath his damaged skull, no one would guess that he was a prince.

Felix simply returned the favor.

Arentis... Clan head Azesdirth was deflated back in his seat after recognizing his son.

He closed his eyes and massaged his eyelids silently, not showing an ounce of anger, hatred, or even grief.

He just disappeared in his chair.

The other three clan heads didn\'t even tell him sorry for his loss or tried to comfort him.

In their eyes, Prince Arentis died an honorable death during a battle, which warranted celebration instead of sympathy!

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