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Chapter 972 Carbuncle\'s Ultimate Ability

\'Crystallization, activate.\' Felix mumured in his mind.

Abruptly, Felix\'s root gemstone changed color to transparent red while turning brighter and brighter.


The instant Felix parried Mynni\'s claws, he turned his head to face her chest...Then, he exposed his root gemstone in the open by removing his Danbconite\'s exoskeleton.

This shocked Mynni and everyone else as they had never expected that Felix would leave himself defensiveless like this against their flames!


It was painful alright as Felix felt like his soul was burning by flames of hell, making him growl with suppressed tone.

\'Ouch!! You b*tch!\' Asna cursed Mynni after her soul got caught in the cross fire as well.

Felix fought against the agony and shouted in his mind, \'Fire!\'

Suddenly, a bright red beam was projected from his root gemstone into Mynni\'s chest!

Because she was so close to him, startled by his Danbconite exoskeleton disappearance, and had no idea about the existence of such ability, the red beam hit her straight in the center!

With a late reaction, Mynni attempted to pull back from Felix and figure out what was that beam.

Alas, she found out about its effect soon enough as her entire torso promptly started to crystallize!

Just like a plague, the crystallization kept spreading throughout the rest of her body, not sparing even her claws!


Absolutely horrified, Mynni yelled at Felix while trying her best to break the red crystals building on to her.

Instead of replying, Felix covered himself in the Danbconite exoskeleton again to defend against the neverending salvo of projectiles.

Turning you into a beautiful crystal statue. Felix answered while huffing in exhaustion after his soul was finally spared from the burning effect.

If he hadn\'t already experienced a much worse pain when he had split his soul with Asna, he would have honestly failed to use his gemstone peak ability, *Crystallization Beam*.

No! No! No! Make it sto... Before Mynni could finish her sentence, her head got completely covered in crystals, making her get solidified with her mouth wide open.

If someone looked inside her mouth, they would see that even her inner body wasn\'t spared from the crystallization process!

The moment the crystallization effect engulfed her wings, Felix caught her to avoid falling into the ground.

Cursur and Mivad stopped their assault at once when they saw that Mynni had been captured.

Finally, some peace. Felix mumured while hugging Mynni, who had completely turned into a breathing realistic statue made out of red gemstones.

Everyone\'s widened eyes were affixed on Mynni\'s gemstone statue, still doubting if what their eyes were feeding them were real or just a bad case of CGI.

An elite green royal dragon has been turned into a gemstone statue without the ability to break through it

Their minds were simply incapable of comprehending how was that even possible!

Here, take her. Felix said causally as he threw Mynni towards Mivad, who was the closest to him.

Catch her!! Cursur shouted the instant he broke out of his daze.

Without an ounce of hesitation, Mivad went to intercept Mynni, not noticing that Felix was flying away from her.

\'Huh Why is it shining\'

When Mivad got too close to Mynni and tried to catch her, he was startled to see that she was shinning brilliantly.

Because Mynni\'s life was in danger of falling to the ground, he didn\'t bother too much with it and reached out his arms to grab her.

Alas, the instant his finger touched the red crystal, he was welcomed with a sudden blinding flash of light that spread out to reach even the black team further back, forcing them to close their eyes instinctively.

\'GETT OUTT!!\' Greveror hallowed in his team voice chat in utter fear while flying backward without opening his eyes.

His teammates were so used to this type of blinding light, they reflexively flew away without even needing to hear Greveror\'s warning.


Before they could get far, a thunderous explosion resounded deeply in their souls, making them quiver from fear and the shockwave it resulted from the explosion!

The black team were sent flying many kilometers away from purely its shockwave.

Fortunately for them, this was the only harm they suffered from the explosion compared to Cursur, who had many light wounds covering his entire body.

If this was his ending, there was not much to speculate on what happened to Mivad, who was literally point-blank with the core of the explosion.

When the dust settled, his body was seen trapped between two blackened boulders.

He was missing his limbs, giant chunks of his flesh, and half of his head was gone, leaving the other completely scorched black.

Dragons might be immune to fire, but they were nowhere close immune to the disastrous force from the explosions.

Sheeeesh. Felix took a deep breath while peeking from behind a barrier made out of white adamantine at the destruction he caused.

Honest to god, Felix expected that the explosion would be big, but he had absolutely no clue it would be this f*cking terrifying.

\'I warned you boy to be careful in using my crystallization beam.\' Carbuncle said while taking hits from a fat joint in his mouth, \'It is capable of crystallizing everything physical that it touches.

If you used the explosive red Argadite as the base of crystallization, the explosion produced would differ with the object involved.\'

Thor didn\'t call Carbuncle\'s ultimate ability as pain in the ass for no reason.

The fact that he could crystallize anything physical to any kind of attributed gemstone was quite insane to think about!

Felix had used Argadite gemstone as his base to crystallize Mynni.

This in turn made her able to explode by friction with the wind.

If he wanted, he could easily crystallize boulders and turn them into white adamantine to build a defensive barrier around him from nature.

Or even crystallize rivers into blue Nabemite, making them defy gravity.

There were countless other applications to it.

The only downsides for such an ability was the beam\'s speed and the heavy consumption of energy depending on the complexity of the target.

Not to forget the energy required to sustain keeping the target crystallized.

If Felix\'s target was prince Domino, Felix knew that there was a big chance of him evading the beam even if he was put in the same circumstances as Mynni.

Even if he managed to crystallize him, prince Domino would be able to break through the crystallization process since it acted just like a plague.

If one was fast enough to get rid of the crystals entirely, he would be fine.

\'I will be more careful next time.\' Felix nodded while creating five Railgun rings and speeding through them in direction of Anastasia.

The black team could only watch him fly away, having cold feet about chasing him after what they had just witnessed.

\'Let\'s report this to the captain.\' Greveror said as his eyes remained affixed on Felix, who appeared to be merely a tiny dot.

He knew that even if he gave a chase, there was no way they would catch him with his monstrous speed.

Well, that\'s has just happened. Red clan head Bymid coughed as he glanced at the green clan head Azesdirth.

\'This can\'t be happening...This isn\'t right!\'

As he expected, clan head Azesdirth was beyond riled up and pissed.

In fact, he was still unable of even voicing his own thoughts as he had no idea how to comment on the disastrous and humiliating defeat his clan team had just suffered.

Four elite royal dragons against one human.

Yet, three of them had gotten killed while the last one was injured!

He simply could not find an excuse for their defeat without making himself and his clan become a laughingstock.

At the moment, the viewers weren\'t laughing at them.

In fact, Felix\'s fans seemed too nonchalant about their miserable defeat!

[As I have expected of our god Landlord...Nothing can stand before him.

I don\'t doubt for a second that he could have killed all eight royal dragons if he wanted.]

[I couldn\'t agree more brother.

He left the fight because he was clearly too bored.]

[Gemstone abilities are really something.

But honestly, they won\'t amount much if they weren\'t utilized by our Lord and savior.]

If clan head Azesdirth read such comments, he would honestly cough out blood in anger.

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This was far much worse than laughing at them since it made his team appear like they were children messing with an adult!

\'Hehe, we have truly made the right bet.\'

Meanwhile, Clan head Kyruns was extremely delighted by Felix\'s performance, making him absolutely not regret recruiting him.

This was the first time he saw the green clan team get this bullied by merely one person!

\'But, such an astonishing heaven defying ability has to be a peak ability.\' Clan head Kyrsun soon frowned as he chatted with his officials, \'Does that mean he has finally lost his void domain\'

\'This explains why we have never seen it ever again after the contest.\' One of the officials replied.

\'If that\'s true, then we are still not in the clear yet.\' Clan head Kyrsun said.

Even crystallization beam wasn\'t enough to install the same level of terror as the void domain after it was used to kill a royal dragon and blow it up akin to a nuke.

While the clan head and official were discussing this, prince Arentis was receiving the most heart-wrenching news he had heard in a very, very long time.

\'Mynni, Mivad, and Brumu are dead...They have been killed by the dragonslayer.\' Cursur reported with a numbed expression as he extracted the royal gemstone from Mivad\'s forehead.

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