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Chapter 971 You Guys Were Saying

Kill us The black clan team\'s second in command Grevrer scoffed, You should feel lucky that our captain is saving you for himself.

Huh You guys aren\'t planning to fight him Mynni frowned in displeasure, not liking where this was going.

We will give you the honor. Greveror said.

It was now clear to everyone watching that none of the teams had any intentions of fighting Felix even though he was heavily outnumbered.

Will you look at that. Felix chuckled, Why won\'t you just confess that you guys are scared of me.

This taunt sure did a number on all the dragons around him as they were now staring at his with murderous looks.

What If you are pissed, do something. Felix said nonchalantly.

\'Mynni! Just give the order and I will bombard him.\' Brumu said coldly, \'We can teach him a lesson without going all out.\'

\'You\'re right.\' Mynni nodded, \'As long as we hold our sites and not expose our backs to the black team, we can give that arrogant human a taste.\'

\'Hehe, let\'s show him hell...\'


Before Brumu could get too excited, his instincts screamed at him to evade out of nowhere.

True to his nature, Brumu acted on his instincts without questioning them.

Unfortunately, That was still not enough to save his neck from the crescent battleaxe that sliced it akin to butter...


Brumu\'s spent the next second in complete disbelief, not daring to accept the fact that his head was flying in the sky, far away from his body...

He could only stare at it in doubt while his vision was going blurry.


You guys were saying Felix asked causally as he caught his electrified crescent battleaxe and placed it on his shoulder.

He didn\'t even bother to look at Brumu\'s falling corpse.

Mynni, Greveror, and the rest of the royal dragons all felt cold chills course on their necks after seeing the bloody battleaxe\'s blade.

Only now did they figure out that the blink of light they saw before was the crescent battleaxe!!!

Haha! As expected of my Felix. Selphie cheered, figuring out immediately what had just happened.

It turned out, Felix had used his crescent battleaxe\'s targeting futhark to lock on Brumu\'s neck.

The targeting futhark ensured that the battleaxe would reach its target, regardless of which direction it was thrown due to its boomerang-like design!

Felix had boosted its speed significantly with the Railgun rings while throwing it towards the sky.

If this play was captured in the UVR, the viewers would have seen a replay of the crescent battleaxe changing its course midair and circling behind the eight royal dragons.

While they had their emotions distorted because of Felix\'s taunts, there was no way they would be able to evade a surprise attack with such an uncanny speed and accuracy!

Even prince Domino almost had his neck sliced if it wasn\'t for his monstrous reflexes being a step above everyone else.

Mynni didn\'t care about any of this as her anger had already hit the ceiling by the sight of her own teammate dying under her leadership.

YOU ARE F*CKING DEAD! She bellowed while engulfing herself in sinister green flames.

Just as pissed off, Cursur and Mivad also popped off their green flames and sharpened their claws before charging towards Felix all at once!

None of them cared anymore about prince Arentis\' orders.

He asked them to hold down Felix and not initiate a fight, but he didn\'t tell them to stand still when he killed one of them!

Kill him! Clan head Azesdirth supported their decision with a frigid expression, not too pleased by the fact that first dragon to go down was from their clan.

On the other hand, clan head Kyrsun didn\'t know if he should feel happy that Felix had taken down a green royal dragon or scold him for provoking a fight while outnumbered.

\'Crystal Wings Shards!\'

Meanwhile, Felix had anticipated their reaction and activated his fourth gemstone ability.

He started to spin around himself while flapping his wings as fast as possible, creating a raging tornado.

Just as Mynni and her teammates wanted to breathe fire inside the tornado to expel Felix, hundreds of white crystal feathers showered them from every direction, forcing them to guard their neck and head.

Bam Bam Bam!

The crystal shards were so sharp and deadly, their scales weren\'t able to block them completely, turning their arms and torso into a porcupine.

The wounds were very shallow, but they were considered as wounds.

\'If their defenses wasn\'t enhanced with their anger, they might have gotten even deeper.\' Felix ordered calmly, \'Recall.\'

Just like a magic trick, the crystal feathery shards were all pulled back from their bodies and attached themselves in the wings before getting launched swiftly again!

This was the reason Felix preferred keeping this active ability instead of the gemstone arsenal.

It was purely related to his wings\' mutation, which in turn reduced the elemental energy to the minimum!

\'Should we strike the green clan\' Jurve asked while watching the three green dragons getting forced back by one ability that was being spammed by Felix nonstop.

In the eyes of the viewers, it looked like he had created a hurricane of neverending deadly shards that just keep going in and out!

\'No.\' Greveror said calmly, \'No need to get ourselves involved in this mess.

Just make sure that none of them leave this area.\'

Since Felix hadn\'t targeted them, their plan hadn\'t changed.

\'Fire at will!\'

When Mynni realized that it would be difficult to penetrate the shards\' salvo, she withdrew back and manifested cosmic sword made out of pure green fire.

Without an ounce of hesitation, she swung it at Felix akin to a real sword by using her external manipulation.

The sword was big enough it dwarfed Felix\'s tornado or the shards, making him discern that he wasn\'t going to survive it if he held his grounds.


So, Felix stopped spinning at once and flew higher to evade the green sword...The moment he did so, he was assaulted by gigantic hammer and a spear that were stretching for hundreds of meters!!

The heat it delivered could be felt even through Felix\'s void suit.

But, because of its size, Felix was easily able to evade it.

Still, the three green clan dragons kept swinging their magnificent weapons from a safe distance, using their external range to their advantage.

When Mynni noticed that the black team were keeping their distance, she got boulder and more committed in her attacks.

She swung the green sword at Felix again.

The instant he evaded it, she clapped her hands to release countless smaller green fire swords from it!

Because Felix was too close to the giant green sword and was pressured by the other two flame weapons, he found it much harder to dodge them in time.

\'Danbconite Exoskeleton!\'

This forced him to coat his wings in black crystals and use them to cover guard his body.

Booom Boom Boom!!

The black wings got bombarded by a rain of green swords, but because of Danbconite\'s attribute, they got reflected.

Nevertheless, Mynni didn\'t pause her assault but actually ordered her teammates to increase the pressure to force Felix into the ground!

After all, he couldn\'t remain in the sky for long without flapping his wings even once.

Felix had guessed their strategy and covered himself entirely with Danbconite skin.

This allowed him to stay in the air, but it didn\'t help him stop the neverending salvo.

Although the Danbconite skin protected him from the flames and its soul burning effect, the force was still a pain in the ass...Especially, when he was being hit from every direction.

\'I am going in!\' Mynni ordered before dashing towards Felix with her flaming claws ready for slaughter.

Her external manipulation was so outstanding, she was capable of pressuring Felix with ranged abilities while attempting to take him down in a close battle!

\'Be careful of his void domain!\' Brumu warned.

\'I know.\'

Mynni understood that the only way to kill Felix was by dominating him from closed range since their elemental abilities were heavily countered.

If she wasn\'t certain that he would use void domain to survive their flame orbs, she would have used minimized versions of them.

\'As long as I don\'t get caught, I can easily evade it.\' Mynni eyed Felix coldly while taking a horrifying swing at his neck with her claws.


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Felix managed to block it with his battleaxe even though he was engulfed in green flames.

Cling!! Cling!!

Mynni continued her maddened assault, wanting nothing more but to break apart his black crystal coating.

She knew that the moment he loses its protection, the green flames would finally show him true hell by burning his soul.

The agony would be so much to handle, his battle senses would take a major dip, allowing her to truly target his vitals!

Felix recognized that he was really in a pinch and if he didn\'t do something to change the statue quo, this dimensional pocket would be his grave.

\'It\'s time to bring out the big guns.\' Felix\'s entire demeanor changed as he eyed Mynni like she was walking dead corpse.

If only Mynni was able to see through his void suit head cover, she would have pulled back faster than she approached him.


\'Crystallization, activate.\' Felix mumured in his mind.

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