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Chapter 969 lGot You

\'I didn\'t expect that you will find out about it in the fourth cycle.\'

\'It wouldn\'t have been possible without my cute golems.\' Felix replied while canceling his summon, putting his little golems to rest.

Upon hearing their discussion, prince Arentis and the rest had gotten even more confused about this insane development.

As much as prince Arentis wanted to know, he refused to make himself look ignorant.

Luckily for him, princess Anastasia had no such thoughts.

You really are an enigma. Princess Anastasia praised Felix before asking what was in everyone\'s minds, How did you know that he will appear there

Although Felix had already given them the summarized response, none of them comprehended what he meant by it besides Ancestor Imyr.

If you guys pulled back like me and watched ancestor Imyr\'s movement, you will also see that they weren\'t randomized at all. Felix explained calmly, He was always teleporting to the same places in specific order.

However, because he was teleporting always and so fast, it was extremely hard to memorize all the places and attempt to predict the next location.

I used my golems\' army to hasten his cycle, so I could study it and memorize it faster. Felix concluded with a faint smile, The moment I memorized all of his spots and the order, it was effortless to catch him by appearing in his next location before he teleports.

ɴᴇᴡ ɴᴏᴠᴇʟ ᴄʜᴀᴘᴛᴇʀs ᴀʀᴇ ᴘᴜʙʟɪsʜᴇᴅ ᴏɴ ꜰʀᴇᴇᴡᴇʙɴ(ᴏ)ᴠᴇʟ.


Thinking back, I did feel like some locations were recurring! Anastasia exclaimed in surprise after hearing his explanation.

Me too. Tando nodded.

The rest of the dragons all agreed as well.

If I was given enough time I would have arrived at the same conclusion...If only I had the golems. ability. Prince Arentis said, trying to steal some of the spotlight on Felix to heal his wounded pride.

Yea sure. Felix chuckled as he walked past him, not acknowledging his existence.

Although he was holding the ancestral wine jar, he didn\'t worry one bit that prince Arentis would take a swing at him.

As expected, prince Arentis could only grid his teeth to hold back his suppressed anger from gushing out on Felix.

\'The black team and the red team has arrived and are waiting for you at the exit of the ruins.\'

Suddenly, both captains received this message from their clan heads.

They knitted their eyebrows while trading knowing glances with each other...When the others saw their sudden shift in reaction, they knew what was going now.

Both teams are holding the exit of the ruins.

Should we go out or contact them to erect a short truce to avoid getting bombarded by them Prince Arentis took advantage of the situation to change the subject to his favor.

Contact them. Princess Anastasia said, We don\'t need to worry about the red team as they are probably waiting for us to leave, so they can enter and farm bloodline treasures.

But, the black team is too unpredictable with prince Domino being the captain.

Alright, you contact prince Domino and I will contact princess Chozzus. Prince Arentis said with a stoic expression, not wanting to expose that he had been blocked by prince Domino.

No one thought of it any weirdly since it was known fact that those two didn\'t get along at all.

\'Dom, we have caught the ancestral wine jar.

We are seeking a temporary truce to leave the ruins.

It\'s in everyone\'s best interest to take the battle to the surface.\' Princess Anastasia disclosed.

\'Okay.\' Prince Domino replied in a brief moment with his agreement.

He was a reasonable person to understand that if he refused the truce, both teams wouldn\'t bother leaving the ruins.

This would force him to go down.

He also wanted to avoid causing a ruckus inside the ruins.

Meanwhile, princess Chozzus agreed to the truce in a heart beat, wanting nothing more for them to get the f*ck out of the ruins and go brawl somewhere else.

After they came to an understanding, Felix and the rest exited the ruins from entrance found by the green clan team.

The moment they lifted their heads, they saw ten humaniod dragons surrounding the exit from the sky.

\'Damn, he really is pissed.\' Felix coughed after seeing that prince Domino\'s eyes got set in black flames the instant he saw him.

\'Hehe, good, good, good.\' Prince Arentis\' mood turned for the better the instant he spotted the sparkles between Felix and prince Domino.

His original plan might not have worked as he anticipated, but it did result in creating friction between his two current rivals.

\'Did something happen between you and prince Domino\' Anastasia asked with a concerned tone.

\'We kinda had a short fight, and he didn\'t like the outcome of it.\' Felix said sheepishly, knowing that he had brought his entire team in his mess.

Out of the way!

Before Anastasia could respond, princess Chozzus and her teammates dashed through the entrance like a pack of hungry wolves spotting a sheep from a distance.

Who could blame them for reacting like this

This was their only chance to turn their normal sacred flames into an attributed one.

Sure it was long a shot, but it was still an opportunity.

After the three teams remained, prince Arentis stepped forward and said, Based on the contract terms, we will give the ancestral wine jar holder ten seconds head start to run away...He will decide when the timer begins.

Ten seconds is too much. Prince Domino frowned.

If it were anyone else, he wouldn\'t hesitate to give them even more time.

But this was Felix, and he had seen personally what kind of speed he could reach in pressured situation.

He didn\'t dare to imagine how far Felix would get in ten seconds.

It will be fine. Prince Arentis smirked as he eyed princess Anastasia, I am certain that the heir of the white clan would want to resume the responsibilities of holding into the wine jar.

Am I right

Prince Arentis wasn\'t bothered by Felix\'s speed since he was confident that princess Anastasia would hold into the ancestral wine jar.

After all, if she didn\'t get it now, it would be extremely difficult to do so during the fight.

That\'s because the holder had to always have the ancestral wine jar in his hand until the end of the ceremony.

The instant he let go of it, the ancestor would would give them three seconds before resuming his teleportation.

He was merely doing this to have fun with his descendants instead of bullying them.

But, it didn\'t mean that he would give out a personal meeting with someone incapable of even protecting a wine jar for a couple of days.

It had happened in many cycles, forcing the ceremony to end with the red clan team being the final winner because of gathering the most bloodline treasures.

That\'s the second condition to win when no team had managed to keep the ancestral wine jar on them.

\'What do you think\' Felix asked.

\'I don\'t know...\' Princess Anastasia was a bit stumped.

She knew that holding the ancestral wine jar was her duty as the captain and the teammates were supposed to hand it to her without questions asked.

But, she was true to herself, making her understand that if the ancestral wine jar remained with Felix, they would have a much better chance of winning the ceremony.

However, there was a considerable downside in this plan that would cause the white clan to receive a heavy backlash.

Felix meeting the ancestor Imyr.

Not a single dragon was thrilled of such notion.

\'I don\'t mind handing you the ancestral wine jar.

I will do my utmost best to defend you both.\' Felix promised.

Felix wasn\'t interested in irking the entire dragon by meeting the ancestor Imyr.

In his mind, the ancestral wine jar was a hot potato that he wanted nothing more but to get rid of it.

Plus, he knew that it would be much easier for him to fight without the ancestral wine jar since he wouldn\'t be restricted.

After all, the stated that the holder had to keep the ancestral wine jar in his hand and in open sight.

\'I will leave my protection in your hands guys.\'

In the end, Anastasia decided to do the sensible thing.

As the captain and the heir of the current clan head, she would look beyond weak and pathetic if she didn\'t take the wine jar from Felix.

Since she was reflecting the white clan, it would be an embarrassing situation to them as well.

The only reason they were trying to win the ceremony was to establish their honor and pride back.

It would be for naught if she chickened out right now.

\'I got you.\' Felix smiled faintly and threw the ancestral wine jar to her.

The moment she caught it, Felix extended his arm forward and manifested five Railgun rings in front of Anastasia.

Prince Arentis and prince Domino felt their hearts sink to the bottom of their stomach after seeing Anastasia preparing to go through the rings!

They completely forgot that their scales protected them from the electricity, which in turn, made it possible for Anastasia to use the Railgun rings as well

The worst part They couldn\'t stop it from happening due to the contract!

\'God damn this f*cking human and his cancerous abilities!\'

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