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Chapter 967 The Partnership

\'Haha! The human kid is right.\'

Out of nowhere, the wine jar appeared above Felix\'s head, not too worried that it would get caught by him...Felix didn\'t bother to try as well.

\'Greeting honorable Dragon Ancestor.\' Felix bowed his head respectfully at the wine jar, knowing that seeing the dragon ancestor was the same as seeing a primogenitor.

Sure, he didn\'t live as long as them, but he was told by Lady Sphinx that he was the only dragon to actually reach their level of strength while taking much less time!

He was that good!

\'I have never thought that I will be seeing another race participate in my little gathering with my children.\' Ancestor Imyr said with an intrigued tone, \'You must have truly earned your place here.\'

\'I did.\' Felix replied in a straightforward manner.

\'Good, good, good, I hope your existence might motivate those lazy brats to work even harder and keep their dominating status.\' Ancestor Imyr said.


Before Felix could respond, he was forced to evade a green fireball thrown at him by prince Arentis.

You came here all alone and still dares to relax your guards Prince Arentis engulfed his claws with green flames as he eyed Felix coldly, You are really seeking death.

Who said I am alone Felix smirked faintly as he looked behind prince Arentis.

Whoosh Whoosh Whoosh!

Abruptly, princess Anastasia, Forgo, Chemmed, and Tando all appeared behind the green team, surrounding them from four directions.

Heh, with all due respect to the white clan, what are they going to do Prince Arentis scoffed mockingly, Heal us with their flames In fact, my scale is a bit scratched from before.

Why don\'t you polish it for me with your flames

Bastard! Princes Anastasia eyed him coldly.

Alas, she knew that he was being right...She could not use her white flames against them as it would merely help them out.

Their flames might be a hindrance in this situation, but I don\'t need them to use it. Felix grinned widely, I just need them to hold your teammates for a few moments before I get rid of you with my void domain.

Where can you run in this closed space


Upon hearing so, prince Arentis\' expression turned somewhat ugly at the realization that he was truly in a grave, grave danger!

They were underground, Felix was too close to him, he had abilities that countered his flames, and most importantly, he couldn\'t use destructive abilities in the ruins!

With the speed that Felix had shown before, he understood that Felix simply needed to catch him, and he would be dead meat!

Hold on for a second. Prince Arentis coughed, There is no point in us fighting each other when we haven\'t even caught the ancestral wine jar...Especially, when the other two teams are closing in on us.

Don\'t talk to me...She is the captain. Felix pointed at Anastasia while shrugging his shoulders, If she wants you dead because of your insult, I will have no choice but to comply.

Asna and the rest of the tenants could only act deaf to his shameless gaslighting by using the void domain, which he no longer owned.

Though, everyone else had no idea about it, making the white clan team obtain a false sense of empowerment while the green clan team feel like they were trapped with a beast.

That\'s how much fear the void domain invoke just by its name.

Ana, you know I am right. Prince Arentis addressed Anastasia this time.

As much as she wanted to bush in his crooked face, Anastasia knew that her priority was to win the ceremony.

It wouldn\'t be achieved by engaging in senseless battle within the ruins.

What do you suggest Princess Anastasia asked with an indifferent expression.

A temporary partnership. Prince Arentis proposed, We will help each other to catch the ancestral wine jar.

Then, we will transport it outside the ruins, so we can have our battles in peace.

The partnership will break only after we get away from the ruins site.

Everyone thought about his suggestion for a few moments before realizing that it was the best path forward to solve this dilemma.

Ancestor Imyr had made it crystal clear that he wasn\'t going anywhere.

There was no way they would be able to catch the wine jar when they needed to worry about assaults from the other team.

What will happen if one of us caught the ancestral wine jar. Anastasia inquired.

The problem with the partnership was the end result.

Since only one person could hold the wine jar, how would the other team feel if that person wasn\'t in their side

Were they allowed to attack him in the surface If they were allowed, it wouldn\'t be fair since he would have five dragons near him, waiting for the opportunity to pounce.

Hmmm, how about we give the catcher ten seconds head start to run away after we reach the surface Prince Arentis suggested, Both teams will chase him after and the partnership will break.

Everyone nodded in satisfaction to this condition...Ten seconds was enough to put moderate distance between the catcher and the chaser.

What about the other two teams Princess Anastasia asked.

The red team will probably ignore us and go farm bloodline treasures. Prince Arentis smiled coldly, The black team will be the problem...We can offer them to join the partnership.

But, if they reject it, we will force them.

Sounds good to me. Princess Anastasia manifested a basic partnership holographic contract and added their own sets of terms.

She forwarded it to everyone, and they spent a few moments to read it besides prince Arentis.

When he saw that it was loophole free, he signed it and was followed by the rest of his teammates.

The moment they did so, everyone relaxed their tense shoulders, not worrying any more about getting attacked.

\'What\'s the strategy\' Princess Anastasia asked in a newly created private chat that included the green clan team.

\'We will spread out and hold out an area each.

It will facilitate catching the ancestral wine jar without getting exhausted by running after it like headless chicken.\' Prince Arentis included them in his strategy.

\'Sounds good, we will try something new if we failed.\' Princess Anastasia accepted it, having no intentions to bash heads with prince Arentis right from the start.

\'I will take this place.\' Felix said while jumping above the highest tower in the site, giving him visibility on the entire golden broken city.

\'You...Fine.\' Prince Arentis got a bit pissed at Felix since that was his location...But, he also didn\'t want to cause troubles right from the beginning.

He knew that the moment prince Domino arrives, everyone would get complicated.

He preferred getting the f*ck out of the ruins before then.

After everyone took their positions, the ancestor Imyr yawned, \'You guys are done\'

\'Thank you for your patience ancestor.

We can play now.\' Princess Anastasia requested respectfully.

Ancestor Imyr response was by teleporting to the center of their formation.


Being the closest to the center, Forgo attempted to catch the ancestral wine jar by propelling it to Tando by using his dragon breath!

Alas, the wine jar managed to evade it perfectly before teleporting to another area that was guarded by Chemmed.

Unfortunately, she didn\'t even manage to cross half the distance before the wine jar blinked to somewhere else.

This kept going on for more than two minutes without any kind of success...No one had even touched the ancestral wine jar.


Before long, the ancestral wine jar teleport nearby Felix.

Everyone expected that he would unfold his wings and appear right next to the ancestral wine jar, but Felix merely glanced at it for split second before it teleported to another place.

\'What the hell are you doing!\' Prince Arentis was livid at his lack of participation in their plan...This was the third time the ancestral wine jar enter Felix\'s range, and he ignores it.

Prince Arentis went quiet for the first two times to avoid unnecessary problems, but his patience had run dry at last.

\'Studying his movement.\' Felix replied causally, \'You guys are doing great, though.

Keep it up.\'

\'Studying his movement Studying his movement\' Prince Arentis took a deep breath to push his rising anger and said, \'Ana, deal with your teammate.\'

Anastasia glanced at Felix and saw that he was as serious as ever.

If it were someone else, she might think that he was lazing around after seeing that their strategy was unsuccessful, but no Felix.

He had too much to lose on this ceremony...His bloodline treasures would be taken away, he wouldn\'t get the ancestral scales, and lastly, he would lose out the favor of the white clan.

After all, if he didn\'t help them win the ceremony, his entire existence would be worthless in their eyes.

\'I believe in him.\' Anastasia replied with a firm tone, \'If you don\'t like it, we can change the strategy.\'

\'You...You are really pushing your luck!\'

\'I don\'t care.\'

Seeing that princess Anastasia wasn\'t going to change her mind, prince Arentis could only curse them both and focus on his area again.

\'There are too many possibilities.\' Felix thought inwardly, \'I have to limit the ancestral wine jar movement by much more to find the perfect opening to catch it.\'

Felix was already convinced that speed wasn\'t all it took to catch the ancestral wine jar.

After all, he tried to catch it while having his speed boosted by five Railgun rings at the beginning!

It was pure luck that he managed to even target the place where it teleported...Yet, he still failed to catch it!

\'I guess I can only use that technique.\'

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