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Chapter 966 The Ancestral Wine Jar

\'Let\'s gather near the well.\' Anastasia ordered sternly.

Felix and the rest of the team could only pause their exploration with looks of frustrations, not too pleased with the fact that the war for the ancestral wine jar was starting this soon.

\'I have forwarded the coordinates to you.

See anything interesting\' Anastasia said as she eyed her teammates.

\'Hmm, they are somewhat nearby.\' Chemmed replied, \'Are they in the same ruins as us\'

\'Most likely.\' Anastasia nodded, \'Most of the ruins of the first city are connected.

So, we can reach them faster if we just traveled from here.\'

Based on the coordinates, prince Arentis and his teammates could be reached in fifteen to twenty minutes if they traveled at their top speed above the surface.

However, the distance would be shorted significantly if they took the ruins\' path since it was directly connected with them.

They wouldn\'t be forced to search for the ruins entrance that was used by prince Arentis and his team.

\'I have no problems with that.\' Felix agreed.

The rest of the team shared the same sentiment...In their eyes, they might get lucky and find even more bloodline treasures on their way.


On the other side of the dimensional pocket...

\'Faster! Faster! We can\'t leave the dimensional pocket empty-handed! We will steal them from the others if we had to!\'

Princess Chozzus and her teammates could be seen flying towards the ruins like their lives depended on it.

They were already pissed and frustrated that they had gotten absolutely nothing in the past two days.

Now, they have heard that two teams had located ruins in their first hours and were farming them ever since

They were royally mad!

Princess Chozzus even had thoughts of stealing the bloodline treasures during the chaos...It was totally allowed.

In fact, most participants use them as a way to pay for their life.

As for prince Domino and his team They were also rushing towards the ancestral wine jar\'s location...The only difference was that prince Domino had one target in his mind.

\'You won\'t be able to run away from me this time.\' Prince Domino said with a suppressed tone as he relived his last humiliating fight with Felix.

In the eyes of normies, prince Domino shouldn\'t feel embarrassed at all since no one came out victorious from the fight.

Alas, this was prince Domino.

He had never experienced such a treatment before, and he didn\'t like it one bit.


\'I believe you know the rules for our little fun tag game.\' The Ancestor Imyr span around prince Arentis and his teammates while speaking, \'Whoever caught the wine jar and held into it for the remaining duration, he will be bestowed with a personal meeting with me.\'

\'If your performance pleases me, I will give you more than that.\'

Although the way the ancestral dragon was speaking seemed a bit too open and relaxed, neither did prince Arentis nor the others dared to feel too comfy with him.

They had been told that the ancestral dragon personality was kind, causal, uncaring, and informal.

But if he was ticked or disrespected His entire demeanor does a 180-degree switch.

Since ancestral dragon Imyr was speaking directly into their minds, the viewers never had actually heard his voice or knew what he was like.

Clearly, the dragons wanted to keep it like that, knowing that if his causal demeanor was exposed, most of the respect, worship, and fear he was getting would be lost.

After all, proud high echolone dragons like the clan heads and elder dragon, never ever get seen laughing or making a joke.

Meanwhile, ancestral dragon Imyr was starting tag games with his descendants...

The dragon race would turn into a laughingstock if this ever got out as the other races were simply waiting for chances to make fun of them.

\'Ancestor, I only have one request.\' Prince Arentis besought with his head lowered, \'Can we take this to the surface No one wants to start the war in the ruins sits.\'

It was a reasonable request since the ruins do not get recovered like the rest of the environment above.

That\'s why dragons might be given permission to go all out, but they rarely use their flame orbs, in fear of the explosions reaching even the ruins underneath the surface.


\'Nope.\' Ancestor Imyr denied his request, \'That\'s your problem to solve.\'

\'I understand.\' Prince Arentis didn\'t dare to oppose his verdict.

\'Let\'s begin, shall we\'

The moment the team heard so, the ancestral wine jar teleported hundreds of meters away from them and remained hovering above a building.

\'His teleportation have a quarter of a second cooldown, and he can\'t teleport for more than a kilometer.

So, we need to force him to teleport to an already prepared spot and catch him.\' Prince Arentis informed his teammates.

If the ancestral dragon wasn\'t putting such limitation on himself, no one in this dimensional pocket would be able to catch him.

In fact, if he didn\'t always actively sought them first, no one would have ever knew he existed in the dimensional pocket.

As for the past participants, who didn\'t locate the ancestral wine jar They must have either been disappointing or he was simply not in the mood at that time.

No one knows his reason for even holding such tag game, so they couldn\'t understand the rest.

Whoosh Whoosh!!

Without further ado, prince Arentis and his teammates flew in different directions, putting the ancestral wine jar in their center.

\'Brumu, Go!\'

Brumu flapped his green scaled wings to build some momentum, then he surged towards the ancestral wine jar at his top speed with his hand stretched forward.

Just as his finger was about to touch the ancestral wine jar, it teleported to another building, leaving behind a small sphere of smoke.


Before prince Arentis\' message reached Cursur\'s mind, he was already halfway in his journey towards the ancestral wine jar that had teleported somewhat near him.

Knowing that he had a quarter of second before the ancestral wine jar could teleport again, made it seem like he was on his way to catch it!

Alas...The ancestral wine jar wasn\'t equipped with just teleportation ability.

Whoosh!! Booom!

It flew away from Cursur\'s grasp at a terrifying speed, making him end up crashing into a wall due to his unstoppable speed.

Tell your boys to be more careful.

The three clan heads frowned at clan head Azesdirth, not too pleased to see their heritage getting destroyed.

They are already being careful. Clan head Azesdirth wasn\'t having it.

Do you see them using their flames You guys simply want to slow them down until your teams arrive.

The three clan heads\' true intentions were exposed.

They indeed didn\'t care that much with a couple of broken rocks.

They were just worried that the green team might capture the wine jar while their teammates were still too far.

It would be too irritating to give a chase.

Fortunately for them, it didn\'t look like prince Arentis\' plan was working for them...Whenever the ancestral wine jar teleported nearby a green dragon, it easily escapes from his grasp.

\'We need more people if we want this strategy to work.\' Prince Arentis knitted his eyebrows, knowing that with more people, they would be able to cover more space.

As long as they controlled their side, they were bound to catch the ancestral wine jar.


Prince Arentis dropped those thoughts and flew rapidly at the wine jar that was merely a few hundred meters away from him.

To boost his speed even further, he released green flames at a high pressure on his feet, turning them into jets.

\'I think I got i...\'

Just as prince Arentis\' slits enlarged in delight at the sight of his hand being so close to the ancestral wine jar, a shadowy white figure passed by him in the blink of an eye.


Before his mind could register what had just happen, the shadowy figure ended up smashing into a building.

Stunned, prince Arentis turned around to see that neither the shadowy figure nor the ancestral wine jar could be seen anymore.

Because of his shock, he didn\'t slow his speed and was met with the same outcome as the shadowy figure.

Still, prince Arentis didn\'t care as he popped out of the rubble instantly and shouted at the destroyed building with a livid expression, Who the f*ck ruined my golden chance!

Abruptly, Felix emerged from the dust cloud while being covered from head to toe in electricity and said sarcastically while dusting his hands, Golden chance Even with my speed and surprise ambush, I failed to catch it.

You certainly are delusional to think you had a chance.

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