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Chapter 963 Ruins of The First Dragon City

Everyone dropped whatever they were doing and went straight towards Tando.

\'It\'s really a crack.\' Forgo\'s eyelids twitched as he eyed a long thin crack on one of the ruins giant rocks.

\'It might be an opening to path or something.\'

Tando expressed as he squinted his eye through the crack, hoping to see something on the other side.

Alas, he saw nothing but darkness.

\'May I\' Felix requested to peek.

\'Go ahead.\'

Tando moved to the side, allowing Felix to peek through the crack...Unlike Tando, he was capable of zooming and also seeing much better through this water.

\'Hmmm, I can see murky red water.\' Felix disclosed.

\'I told you, it\'s useless.\' Forgo said in irritation.

\'Are you dumb\' Felix gave him a worried look, \'You do know that it\'s a good sign\'


\'He is right.\' Anastasia intervened before a fight break off again, \'Seeing water through this rubble, implied that there was truly path behind them.\'

\'Well sh*t, let\'s start digging then!\'

Upon hearing so, Forgo\'s anger was appeased immediately...In fact, he got excited and more eager than any one of them.

After all, he was simply here for bloodline treasures.

He knew that finding ruins site was his best bet to get as much as possible in those seven days.

\'I will widen the crack for my size to enter and scout ahead.\' Felix informed.

\'Be careful.\' Anastasia authorized it instantly, knowing that it was much better than to waste time enlarging the crack for them and end up finding nothing.

Even Forgo had no complaint about it since any bloodline treasures that Felix found would be put in the pool.

\'Brittle Inducement.\'

Felix created two white wrenches with his gemstone manipulation and filled them with liquified gray brittle inducement.

Then, he placed both wrenches on each side of the crack and started releasing the liquified gray brittle inducement in their surfaces.

This caused them to turn brittle before the murky red water could null out the liquified inducement.

\'What a fascinating combination of abilities.\' Anastasia remarked with a slightly envious tone.

She was proud of her sacred flames, but in terms of originality and flexibility, Felix was clearly on another level.

Felix continued enlarging the crack in this manner, being as careful as possible.

He knew that the ruins in those dimensional pocket dated back to an almost hundred million years.

The fact that time here might be sped up heavily during the dimensional pocket closure, just added more years to that.

After a couple of minutes, the job was done...Felix erased his wrenches and withdraw a bit to allow everyone to see through the newly created hole.

\'There is really a path!\' Forgo commentated with a thrilled expression.

\'Let\'s not get too hyped up.\' Anastasia said, \'It might be leading to another side of the Blood Nile.\'

\'I will go find out.\'

Felix squeezed himself with great difficulty through the hole and started swimming with just his feet kicking the water.

His kept his hands as straight as an arrow since the path was barely big enough to hold him.

Unfortunately, the deeper he went in, the tighter the water tunnel got.

It got to the point, where the tunnel started scratching Felix\'s void suit.

Thankfully for Felix, the water tunnel didn\'t get any tighter, or he would have been forced to stop and expand it slowly again.

Because the nanodrone was always following him, the viewers weren\'t spared from eyeing Felix\'s ass yet again.

They could only stare at it numbly, wanting to look away but too curious about the findings of the other side.

To make matters worse, the water tunnel seemed to be at least a hundred meters long if not more...They were in for a long ride again.

\'How is going\' Anastasia asked.

\'I can see the exit, but it\'s still too far.\' Felix replied while zooming on a small hole at the end of the water tunnel.

It took Felix fifteen minutes to reach it.

\'Hmm, is this a pond or a well\'

Felix thought inwardly while peeking his head through the exit...He noticed a gigantic cylinder made out of yellow stones that was half filled.

Felix thought of a pond first because it was at least ten meters in radius.

ꜰʀᴇᴇ ᴡᴇʙ ɴ(o)ᴠᴇʟ.


Seeing that the coast was clear, Felix pushed out the rest of his body out.

Then, he swam upward until his head had emerged from the water.

The instant his eyes adjusted to the light, Felix\'s lips couldn\'t help but part on their own at the grandiose and splendid sight before him.

There were towering residential buildings for as long as his eyes could stretch...All of them were built with a yellow colored humongous stones that resembled the ones used to build the pyramids of Giza.

Unfortunately, their beauty was stolen by growing green moss on them and their broken parts.

Some buildings had an entire half completely fallen, resembling an aftermath of an air strike.

Since Felix was still deep in the well, he couldn\'t see much besides the top of the buildings.

So, he swiftly climbed well.

The moment he landed outside of it, everything expanded in his view, making the city appear even more imposing...Especially, when the surrounding roads had many statues of the same gigantic dragon in different poses.

\'That must be the ancestor dragon.\' Asna guessed as she eyed everything with a curious expression.

\'Must be.\' Felix nodded, \'He really was respected and revered.\'

\'Looks like you might find some natural treasures here.\' Lady Sphinx shared calmly as she eyed the city that was invaded by the plant kingdom.

Although most of the visible plants were mosses, liverworts and hornworts, Lady Sphinx trusted that this place should have some various natural treasures.

This was enough to brighten Felix\'s mood.

\'Felix, did you find anything\' Anastasia asked for an update again.

\'It\'s best to see it.\' Felix shared the feed from his eyes to his teammates.

\'Holy sh*t! We really found the ruins!\'

\'Haha! We struck the jackpot!\'

\'Let\'s get in fast!\'

His teammates were even more ecstatic by his findings since the bloodline treasures meant the world to them.

Meanwhile, the viewers had absolutely no clue how to react about the current situation.

Two ruins have been discovered in less than a day Clan head Ygos eyed the other three clans and asked, How often did this happen

I have never seen it happen in my lifespan, that\'s for certain. Clan head Bymid replied with a vexed expression.

He was truly irked at the goddess of luck for showing two teams the way to the bloodline treasures hotspots while his team was still struggling to find a single noteworthy natural treasure.

He couldn\'t even share the location of those ruins to his daughter as he was being held back by his pride.

Alas, he could only watch as Anastasia\'s team starting the digging process...If Felix barely made it to the other side, there was no way they would cross the first meter before getting stuck.

There was no step-brother to get them out of such a sticky situation.

\'I will expand the water tunnel from my side.\' Felix informed before jumping back to the well.

\'Thank you.\'

\'We appreciate it.\'

His teammates loved his gesture since they knew that Anastasia would never order Felix to do such a thing...But, Felix wasn\'t that much of an asshole to ditch his teammates and go explore the ruin on his own.

Still, even with his help, it took more than five hours to completely expand the water tunnel to fit their sizes.

After they finished it, Forgo was the first to rush inside like a hungry monkey smelling a banana.

It was clearly bad manners as the captain was supposed to go first...But, Anastasia was a softy to bother with such things.

If it was Arentis, Domino, or even Chozzus Their teammates wouldn\'t even dare be this disrespectful.

In a short while, they emerged from the well and joined Felix, who was waiting for them on the outside.


This is astonishing...

I never thought I will have the honor to stand on the same place as the ancestor and his first descendants.

The first dragon city...Such a monumental piece of history is before me... Anastasia mumured while touching a broken statue of the ancestor dragon.

All of them were fascinated and emotionally affected by the city\'s magnificence...They were in luck to have glowing green mosses on the buildings and natural light crystals on the ceiling.

Do you guys know what happened to the first dragon city Felix asked his teammates in intrigue.

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