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Chapter 959 New Discovered Organism!

In a short while, Felix finally reached the exit of the tunnel...Instead of jumping inside the pocket, he examined the dark substance first with a stern expression.

In his eyes, this dark substance might be alive and would devour him if stepped on it or something in that premise.

\'What do you think, master\' Felix asked the professional after realizing that he got nothing out of his analysis.

\'From initial observation, It\'s a moss-based organism.\' Lady Sphinx replied, \'I don\'t pick up any spiritual presence from it, so it\'s not conscious.\'

\'The fact that it appears moist and alive even when not a single ray of sun reaches it, it implies that it feeds on either the rocks or the air.\'

\'Though the air here is almost nonexistent...So, it must be the rocks.\'

\'A plant feeding on rocks\' Felix raised an eyebrow, \'You learn new stuff everyday I guess.\'

Felix was familiar with many freaky plants that didn\'t rely completely on the sunlight to create food for themselves, but they did feed on other stuff that were nutritious in nature.

But rocks and stones

That\'s a whole new level of craziness.

\'It\'s just an initial observation.

I need to study them in the lab to truly understand them.\' Lady Sphinx informed, \'For now, try your best to minimize your exposure while collecting them.\'


Without further ado, Felix pushed himself a bit further inside the pocket, but he didn\'t enter it completely...Then, he extended his finger to the nearest moss-like substance and touched it gently.

Although he was wearing void suit, he still felt like he had just touched a wet sticky used bubblegum.

\'No reaction...It\'s pretty dead alright.\' Felix pulled away his finger and pushed himself inside the pocket.

Because the ground was also covered with the dark moss, Felix\'s feet came in contact with them.

Still, nothing much happen to him.

This had finally put his mind at ease and made him beam out a container and a small shovel.

Next, he started to scrap the dark moss slowly and carefully, not wanting to damage its integrity.

In his eyes, it might be the most amazing natural treasure or just pure trash, depending on how he extract it.

What\'s this

Have you ever seen this substance before


The clan heads wondered with each other about the origin of the dark moss after they were finally spared from Felix\'s ass in the screen.

Queen, analyze the substance. Clan head Kyrsun requested.

The Nanodrone behind Felix suddenly started emitting a blue beam on the walls and the ground, scanning everything.

Felix ignored this and continued his work...He knew that if even Lady Sphinx was ignorant about this substance, there was no way Queen Ai would know about it.

When it came to the plants\' domain, Lady Sphinx and Lady Yggdrasil were simply unequaled.

\'No match in the data.\'

As expected, the scan failed to deliver results.

Interesting. Clan head Bymid rubbed his bearded chin, It looks like the lad was lucky enough to discover a new organism.

Can you get us some, brother Kyrsun Clan head Azesdirth requested.

Clan head Kyrsun\'s eyelids twitched at his shameless to switch to a nice guy the moment Felix became useful.

I can\'t make any promises. Clan head Kyrsun replied calmly, We have already established in the contract that anything he gets would be his own besides the bloodline treasures.

Naturally, it won\'t be for free. Clan head Ygos said, We will trade with him for a container.

I will deliver your interest to him at the end of the ceremony.

It was normal for the clan heads to be this much interested in a new discovered organism...Especially, if it was found inside their own dimensional pocket.

After all, it represented new prospects and research paths.

The researchers and explorers in the live stream were all discussing the dark moss feverishly in the chat at the moment.

All of them were also planning to seek Felix and hope to obtain a small piece of his harvest...Alas, Felix was already rich enough to not bother with whatever they offer him.

\'I should get some for mother too...Hmm, or maybe I should tell Felix to gift to her She will gain an even better impression of him.\' Selphie thought to herself.

She knew that her mother\'s current hobby was tending her royal garden that was filled with the rarest and most peculiar plants in the universe.

S graded natural treasures were the most common ones in her collection...If Felix gave her a new type of plant that wasn\'t common, he would indeed gain a small favor from her.

Oblivious to the amount of interest the dark moss had garnered, Felix remained kept filling up a container after the other.

In less than an hour, he had cleared out the entire pocket from the moss, leaving only traces of its existence.

\'Five large containers.\' Felix smiled in satisfaction, \'This is a great harvest.\'

Felix beamed them in his spatial card and exited the inner pocket.

Then, he snapped his fingers and destroyed the gemstone pillars.

This caused the man-made tunnel to collapse.

\'Next one.\'


Two hours later...

Felix had exited the mountain from the same squarical cave with a satisfied expression...He had gone to the other three tunnels and found the same type of dark moss inside hidden pockets.

Though, the quantity harvested wasn\'t as much as the first pocket.

Still, Felix was pretty pleased with the amount he had gotten.

\'I filled fifteen large containers.

If this stuff is legit, I might have struck the jackpot.\' Felix thought optimistically while taking off to the sky.

Although he believed that the other mountains on the chain might have the same dark moss substance, he wanted to avoid overstaying his welcome.

He wasn\'t a stupid enough to trust that the clan heads would play fairly.

As a human, his nature already enforced him to distrust everyone who wasn\'t extremely close to him.

So, he felt that it would much smarter to keep on the move and changing environments to not get surrounded by the other teams.

It was smart of him to assume the worst of people as the black clan team was merely a couple of hundred kilometers away!!

They had bridged the distance between them and Felix by tens thousands of kilometers in three hours while going at a moderate pace.

If they sped up, they would have caught Felix lacking inside the mountain.


As expected, the moment Felix restarted his journey towards his teammates, clan head Azesdirth snitched on him to his son.

In return, Arentis didn\'t hesitate to deliver the message to prince Domino.

\'He is heading north of the Erraga mountainous chains right this instant.\'

\'You guys are truly obnoxious.\' Prince Domino insulted back with a disgusted expression.

\'Drop the good guy act.\' Arentis sneered, \'If you weren\'t such a hypocrite, you would have blocked my contacts the instant you received my first Intel.\'

\'I would have done so if I knew that you have gotten this comfortable with cheating.\' Prince Domino replied with a disdainful tone and blocked him instantly.

\'Motherf*cker, I dare you not to head north then!\'

Arentis cursed back, but he was met with this notification.

-This message has failed to be sent.-

\'Arrogant bastard, daring to insult me after using my tips to his advantage.\' Arentis snickered, \'But, it doesn\'t matter much, he must have already got close to him.\'

All it mattered to him was to win this ceremony.

If it meant having to hand out his own bloodline treasures to prince Domino, he would do it in a heart beat to stamp on the black clan.

He hadn\'t forgotten about his lost wager with prince Domino that enforced him to hand out any bloodline treasures in his possession at the end of the ceremony.

Alas, his original plan to focus on prince Domino and kill him to cancel the bet was repressed by his father and officials.

\'Hopefully, that other prick will wound him heavily and helps me get rid of him.\'

Arentis wished for Felix\'s victory against prince Domino even though he knew that was just a farfetched dream.

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\'Captain, I think I have found something.\' Suddenly, one of Arentis teammates contacted him.

\'What is it\' Arentis asked with a stern tone.

\'It looks like a buried entrance.

I have found it hidden under a broken giant tree.\'

\'Entrance! It must be leading to one of our ancestor buildings from the ancient first dragon city!\' Arentis got eccentric immediately.

Who could blame him

The ancestral dimensional pocket was called the resting grounds of the ancestor...But, in reality, it was actually a humongous piece of land that was cut off from the first dragon city!

In other words, there were many hidden ruins buried deep within the land, waiting to be discovered!

The best part, the bloodline treasures were mostly found on those ruins since they manifest originally from the lost blood of the ancestor and his first ever born descendants!

Hence, finding ruins entrance was the same as finding a jackpot in this dimensional pocket!

\'Link the coordinates! Everyone gather on him!\' Arentis ordered with a thrilled expression.

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