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Chapter 948 Dealing With Bad Blood ll

That cube looked like it was made from the same material as his wings. Clan head Kyrsun mentioned as he eyed Felix\'s wings carefully.

He guessed right.

Felix used his internal gemstone manipulation to manifest a defensive structure around him, using the condensed white adamantine!

It was his toughest attributed gemstone as it was ranked in the top three hardest minerals ever discovered!

I honestly expected as much from the gemstone element. Anastasia smiled wryly, It is primarily proclaimed as one of the best defensive elements.

The others agreed.

It was nothing out of the extraordinary to have a gemstone defensive ability able to block such weak version of flame orb.

\'This isn\'t working.\' Forgo knitted his eyebrows, \'I have to fight based on my strengths.\'

Forgo realized that playing the ranged game with Felix wasn\'t to his liking whatsoever...Felix had shown him that he had more than enough abilities to block his nastiest ranged ability.

\'F*ck it, I just need to avoid getting caught by him and keep an eye on his void domain activation.\'

Without an ounce of hesitation, Forgo launched himself towards Felix while having black flames surrounding his dreadful sharp claws.

Felix knew that a single direct touch by his claws would be enough to put him in miserable situation due to its corrosion attribute.

Still, he didn\'t hesitate to beam his battleaxe and clash against Forgo!

Clank Clank!

\'What a peculiar fighting style.\' Felix frowned after he realized that his battleaxe kept always getting stuck between Forgo\'s claws after each blow.

It was like instead of blocking his battleaxe directly, Forgo use special type of martial art to diverge the force of the battleaxe into the nothingness by grabbing it at the perfect moment.

If it happened once, Felix would believe that it was luck...But, he kept doing it over and over again, making it impossible for him to land a single successful strike!

To make matters worse, Felix realized that the black flames on the claws kept eroding his battleaxe\'s blade slowly!

He knew that it would be tough to break it but if he prolonged this fight too long, his axe\'s blade would be too dull to make an impact anymore.


Both of them were separated by tens of meters after their latest clash resulted nowhere.

However, Forgo was grinning in pleasure while Felix had an irked expression.

Forgo\'s melee fighting style is truly a pain in the ass to deal with. Anastasia commentated, Even prince Domino and prince Arentis dislike duking it out with him.

True, the fact that he can reduce the pressure on his claws from contacts makes it hard for his opponents to keep up with him. Clan head Kyrsun supported.

All of them knew that dragons\' claws had a threshold of the pressure and damage they could sustain before the owner start feeling agonizing pain with each clash.

Forgo\'s fighting style enabled him to avoid damaging his claws while at the same time hurting his opponent\'s claws badly.

By dragging out the fight, he would turn his opponents\' claws useless before going full ham on him.

At the moment, he was clearly trying to do the same with Felix\'s battleaxe.

Clack! Clack!

Not giving Felix time to rest, Forgo lunged at him in the blink of an eye and restarted their duel.

With each clash, Felix realized that he wasn\'t going to be taking him down using his battleaxe only.

\'He is much better than me in melee battles.\' Felix accepted and withdrew quickly from him.

Then, he waved his battleaxe swiftly, getting rid of the black flames eating through its blade.

Felix wasn\'t ashamed to admit it.

He knew that Forgo was living for centuries if not more.

The kind of experience Forgo had in his fights to master his fighting style would never compare to the few years he put.

\'I need a strategy quick.\' Felix used his brain again after realizing that this was the limit of his strength boost.

It wouldn\'t help him stomp the royal dragons in the ceremony and if he wanted to leave the galaxy with the ancestral scales, he better return to his roots.

Wits and schemes!

What\'s wrong Are you tired already Forgo mocked from a far while massaging his shoulders.

A bit. Felix smiled, How about a half minute break

No can do. Forgo smiled coldly, I have just been warming up.


In the blink of an eye, he appeared before Felix and struck him in the face with his right claw.

Felix didn\'t evade it but used his left wing to block it.

This created sparks to fly around like two pieces of metal clashed.


Abruptly, Felix enlarged both of his wings and tried to hug Forgo...This scared him out of his wits, forcing him to kick Felix in the chest, launching him away!

\'Bastard!\' Forgo cursed while settling his beating heart.

He believed that Felix attempted to hold him to use the void domain as he saw it happen many times in the contest until he developed an instinctual fear to it.

Unbeknownst to him, Felix did so just to buy a few seconds to keep thinking of a tactic to win this fight.

He knew that it would be too easy to conclude it with his peak gemstone ability, but he wanted to avoid relying on it too much.

Plus, he didn\'t trust Forgo to keep everything he saw here to himself as he might expose it to his clan...A contract did forbid him from doing so, but Felix didn\'t want to risk losing such a good tramp card before the ceremony.

\'He is too committed to melee fight.\' Felix thought inwardly, \'I can use this to my advantage.\'

\'How about you use of your new combos\' Asna suggested.

\'Already intended to do it.\' Felix smirked coldly and flew back towards Forgo, initiating the fight this time.

As expected, Forgo didn\'t avoid the confrontation...He stayed as close as possible to Felix and kept seeking to ruin his battleaxe.

He didn\'t bother using his corrosion flames too much, knowing that would merely cause Felix to keep his distance.

He didn\'t want that to happen.

If they remained in this stalemate, Forgo is bound to win this confrontation. Tando reasoned.

The others nodded in agreement as they kept their eyes affixed on the brutal fight.

It appeared like Felix wasn\'t concerned about his battleaxe as he continued engaging in this fruitless fight.

It kept on going for more than two minutes until it was obvious to everyone that Felix was getting pushed back!

\'I am close!\'

Forgo\'s slits were narrowed in focus at Felix\'s exposed opening, waiting for the perfect chance to end his life in a single strike.



The instant he saw Felix\'s defenses getting busted, exposing his chest wide open, Forgo used his claws akin to spearhead and tried to pierce Felix\'s heart!

Before Anastasia and the others could react to his sudden dangerous counter-attack, the tips of Forgo\'s claws were already placed on Felix\'s void suit.


Felix shouted in his mind as he controlled his void suit to thicken in the center of his chest, not caring that the rest of his body was exposed in the open!!!

Because of this, Forgo\'s claws seemed to be stuck inside a cubic thick jelly substance, unable to move a single inch forward!

Felix\'s risky bait had paid off.

\'I am F*cked!\'

Horrified, Forgo felt his soul escape his body the moment he realized that he was unable to pull out his claws.

He got caught!!!

It\'s done!

How can a symbiote suit be that quick!

Anastasia and the rest absolutely didn\'t anticipate that Felix would use his void suit to entrap Forgo!

Who could blame them In their eyes, it was just an upgraded version of symbiote suit or something of the same material.

It was a known fact that symbiote suits couldn\'t play a good rule in fights due to how slow it was to control them.

They had no idea that Felix\'s void suit was directly connected to his mind, making it act based on his orders instantaneously!

Forgo already accepted his fate, knowing that Felix could easily kill him by popping out his void domain.

So, when he closed his eyes, he missed out on the sight of Felix creating a small crystallized black dagger that was filled with a purplish liquid.

Never give up until the last moment. Felix mumured softly near his ear as he pushed the dagger with all of his strength inside his heart!

\'Huh Why\'

When Forgo heard his voice and felt the pain of his heart being stabbed, he couldn\'t help but open his dumbfounded eyes and look at him in utter confusion.

Alas, before he could think too deeply about the situation, the True Poison inside the dagger got released from the tip of it and spread out through his entire bloodstream in a split second.

By taking such a great dose inside the heart directly, he died instantly...

Even after he turned into a shrunken corpse, he still had that bewildered expression, not able to comprehend why Felix didn\'t resort to void domain.

\'Danbconite is truly the perfect protector for my poison against the elements.\' Felix smiled faintly as he eyed the black bloody dagger in his hand.

The tip was still dripping with true poison, resembling a syringe!

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