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Chapter 947 Dealing With Bad Blood

He knew that dragons didn\'t show such a blatant dislike to another unless something had set them off.

When Anastasia saw that Felix was getting annoyed by Forgo\'s comments, she sent him an apologetic message, \'Please excuse him...He is pissed at you for taking his second in command position within the team.\'

\'That happened\' Felix raised an eyebrow in surprise.

He didn\'t expect that white clan was going to rearrange the structure of their team for his benefit.

He knew that the position wasn\'t just for shows but had real rewards to it.

You see, the sacred bloodline treasures found in the ancestral dimensional pocket were split in a specific formula around the team.

All the gathered bloodline treasures get pooled up and split up in this order:…Captain get 40%...Second in command get 30%...The rest get 10%.

It was done like this since the challenge to win the ceremony within the dimensional pocket wasn\'t related to gathering the treasures.

So, to avoid having dragons ignore helping the captain with winning the ceremony and just focus on bloodline treasures, they reduced their individual profit.

\'The only reason Forgo decided to ignore joining his black clan team and help us out is due to knowing that he will be the second in command.\' Anastasia chuckled inwardly, \'He didn\'t expect that you will come out of nowhere and steal it away from him.\'

Felix understood that the black clan team was extremely cutthroat, making it difficult for even an Ex winner of the ceremony to secure the second rank in the team.

Since the bloodline treasures were beneficial to all dragons alike and were one of the few shortcuts to grow much stronger, Forgo naturally had to seek the best way to secure as much as possible in this ceremony.

The white clan was the best option as they needed a strong black dragon to carry them in the ceremony.

So, he was given the second in command position without any guarantees that he could keep it.

But, Forgo was never worried that another royal dragon would come and snatch it away from him as he was confident in his strength.

Alas...Felix just had to pop out of nowhere and ruin his plan.

\'I mean, I didn\'t ask for the position, but I never reject free stuff.\' Felix shrugged his shoulders, \'If he wants it back, he can always challenge me.\'

\'That\'s precisely what my father told him.\' Anastasia giggled, \'Too bad, he didn\'t bite.\'

The moment Felix heard so, he knitted his eyebrows in displeasure at Forgo.

What Forgo didn\'t like it.

If you aren\'t going to challenge me, then you better keep your mouth shut before I break your jaw. Felix threatened coldly.

Huh... Forgo was stunned by his sudden retaliation.

What\'s the issue, Felix Clan head Kyrsun asked, not liking where things were going.

I wouldn\'t have minded his snarkily remarks if he wasn\'t allowed to take away the position from me. Felix expressed in disdain, But to keep relying on words instead of his actions is unacceptable.

Why would he keep taking crap from someone, who was too much of a chicken sh*t to brawl with him

Honestly, Felix expected this from anyone but royal dragons as they were never too scared to challenge someone for their own rights.

So, you have been told. Forgo narrowed his eyes frigidly, The only reason I didn\'t challenge you for it is because I thought it was improper in our first meeting.

But you thought it was proper to keep disrespecting me Felix cracked his neck with an irritated look, Enough bullsh*t, you already soured my mood, so let\'s get this over with.

Fine by me! Forgo sharped his claws with an irked expression.

Anastasia and the rest could only stare at each other speechlessly, not anticipating a physical fall-out at the team introduction.

\'This looks promising.\' Clan head Kyrsun chuckled sarcastically with the officials.

\'Well, this was bound to happen eventually.

I prefer they settle this now or cause them issues in the ceremony.\'

\'I second that.\'

The moment the officials decided to make Felix the number two in the team, they knew that Forgo was bound to create trouble.


In a short while, Felix and Forgo were teleported above a peaceful ocean with clear sky and visible sun.

\'I am specialized in close combat, but I can\'t get close to him with that disgusting ability of his.\' Forgo thought inwardly as he eyed Felix from a distance.

None of them made a move as they kept analyzing their opponent and seeking the best possible tactic to win this.

In the case of Forgo, he was mostly worried about Felix\'s void domain, knowing that he wouldn\'t be fast enough to evade it if Felix caught him.

He had absolutely no clue that Felix had already lost his greatest weapon.

\'I must not expose that I have lost my void domain.\' Felix narrowed his eyes.

Felix knew that if he told the clan officials and his teammates that he had lost void domain, they would most defintely switch his treatment.

He might not lose out his position in the team, but it would be downgraded for sure.

That\'s because Felix had used void domain to deal with 90% of the royal dragons in the test.

He had shown everyone that it was his greatest weapon...With his improvement, he had sharpened it enough to threaten even the heirs in the ceremony!

Let\'s not forget that he could use it to avoid flame orbs explosions or any other dangerous attack.

Felix\'s entire purpose of this battle was to find out if he could deal with a powerful royal black dragon without his void domain.


Out of nowhere, Forgo manifested a humongous Black flaming dragon and sent it flying towards Felix.

The flaming dragon looked real and alive as it kept flapping its wings and changing its flight course continuously, making it impossible to counter it.

To make matters worse, Forgo moved to the opposite side of it and started firing off dreadful black fireballs that kept moving erratically!

Felix activated his hypersonic speed and spread out his illuminating white wings wide open.

Then, he spanned around himself as quickly as possible, creating a humongous electrical wind vortex!

The fireballs were blown away the moment they got closer to the vortex...As for the flaming dragon It actually stopped and started breathing dark flames at the vortex!

This caused it to turn into a fire vortex...But Felix was still unharmed since the wind kept the flames away from him.

\'A chance!\'

When Forgo saw that Felix wasn\'t planning on using void domain to protect himself and that he was locked inside his own vortex, he didn\'t hesitate to start condensing a flame orb in his throat.

Unlike Berga, he didn\'t spend even a split second in creating a usable flame orb!

Sure, it wasn\'t powerful to blow an entire city, but he didn\'t require that much destructiveness against a single person.


He launched it at Felix as fast as he could.

Then, he actually got closer instead of escaping from the explosion zone!

That\'s because, he anticipated that his flame orb would get hurled away by the wind...So, the instant he saw that the flame orb was about to get sent back, he blew it up manually!


A gargantuan illuminating sphere appeared suddenly, resembling a minimized sun...The vortex was gone, the flaming dragon was destroyed, and Felix wasn\'t to be seen again.

Even so, Anastasia, the clan head, and the rest of the spectators weren\'t too worried about Felix\'s state.

They all believed that he must have pulled out his void domain in the last second since he had infrared vision to see the incoming flame orb.

Forgo believed of the possibility too, not letting down his guard.

However, when the explosion disappeared, the expected pitch-black void domain wasn\'t there.

All of them were surprised to see a giant rugged white cube falling into the ground.

Before they could react, the white cube broke into light particles, exposing Felix without a single scratch on him!

That\'s not even enough to push me to use my void domain. Felix bullsh*ted with a faint smirk as he eyed Forgo\'s stunned expression.

\'How shameless.\' Asna rolled her eyes at his obvious attempt to hide the fact that he wasn\'t able to use void domain.

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