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Chapter 941 Traveling on Their Own Through The Void Realm

Seven days before the contest, Carbuncle had finally made a contact with Felix and the rest from the egg.

The daily feeding of energy had paid off faster than anticipated since Carbuncle\'s consciousness was already developed instead of waking up as a newborn consciousness.

He had told them that all the gifts were now owned by him.

In other words, if Felix carried on feeding him, he would be able to be reborn with all of his strengths.

However, Carbuncle wanted none of that and had them cut off the feeding since he preferred staying with them in the consciousness space.

Plus, he refused to be reborn unless their plan to revive his wife had succeeded.

If it wasn\'t for Felix being required to travel to Lady Sphinx\'s lab, so she could supervise the bestowal, Felix would have already gotten the manipulation by now.

Unfortunately, he couldn\'t travel there when there were merely seven days before the contest.

Candace, when will you be arriving here

Less than two months. Mistress Candace answered.

She was still journeying through the void realm towards him after leaving Noah with Fenrir.

Hmm, that\'s a bit too long. Felix turned to Nimo, who was lazing around next to him and wondered, Is it possible to journey with Nimo

Eee Eee!

Nimo got animated the instant he heard the term journey, not knowing that it would be spent in the nothingness of the void realm.

It\'s possible, but it\'s not as easy as it seemed. Mistress Candace warned, Traveling through the void realm requires precise calculation and control over my speed.

If it wasn\'t for so, I will be missing the locations all the time by millions of kilometers or even billions.

She is right. Lady Sphinx agreed, If you took Nimo, you will defintely get lost and end up wasting even more time.

Mistress Candace\'s experience in traveling the void realm was too extensive compared to either Felix or Nimo.

With that kind of extreme speed that surpass the speed of light by miles, it was far too easy to get lost.

Well, we are bound to learn some day.

Felix was still adamant at his decision, knowing that if he always relied on Mistress Candace for his travels, there would come a day when he regrets it.

If it was just about experience, then it was time to start creating it!

Plus, he now had void suit that allowed him to travel through the void realm without worrying about his AP bracelets...So, he really needed to step up and work on himself.

\'Queen, please calculate the shortest distance from here to the main wormhole connected with the Witch Empire.\' Felix requested.

A moment later, Queen Ai gave the exact distance and the coordinates.

Now, I just need to check on Nimo\'s speed. Felix asked Candace, Do you think he will be able to travel at the same as speed as you

He is the future Void and Sins Guardian. Mistress Candace answered, He should be ten times faster than me or even more.

I guess there is only one way to find out...Nimo, let\'s log in.


In Felix\'s modified UVR room, they could be seen standing before a void rift.

Can you turn into this Felix looked at Nimo and requested while showing him a holographic sphere.

Eee Eee

Nimo glanced at it and a Felix for a few seconds in confusion before finally figuring out what he wanted.

Nimo closed his eyes shut and started to twist and wrap until his entire body was turned into a giant pitch-black mass.

This was Nimo\'s original appearence...Just like all void creatures, he didn\'t have an actual fixed appearence from birth.

He could morph into whatever creature he desired, and he chose to be a raccoon for some reason.

Good, just like that but bigger. Felix praised after seeing him turn into a perfect small sphere.

Hearing so, Nimo enlarged himself until he was much five times taller than Felix.

Can you open a door like this Felix continued showing him pictures for easier understanding.

Nimo did as he was told and opened a hole that was big enough for Felix to pass through.

Felix glanced inside and saw that it was just a hallow dark space...This time, Felix showed him a chair and told him to replicate it.

After Nimo pulled it off, Felix didn\'t hesitate to step inside and sit on it...It was as comfy as sitting on a cotton-based cushion.

Then, they entered the void realm.

Queen, please calculate our traveling speed.

The only reason Felix entered the UVR was because he knew that their connection would be cut off from Queen Ai when they enter the void realm.

Meanwhile, in the UVR\'s version of the void realm, she could help them calculate their speed.

He would use her calculation to figure out exactly the duration of their journeys, which would help him avoid getting lost in the void realm.

Nimo, travel in a straight line as fast as you can. Felix requested.

Eee Eee!

The moment he heard so, Nimo took off in a random direction without bothering to limit himself anymore.

Felix might not sense it, but Queen Ai was informing him each time Nimo hit a milestone in his speed.

\'X2 light year...X3 light year...X4 light year...X7 light year...X20 light year...X40 light year...\'

Felix merely kept hearing those unfathomable numbers without moving a single inch.

It was truly inconceivable to the mind that a person or something was capable traveling at this kind of speed.

Just the speed of light was crazy enough to imagine.

However, the void realm made it possible since it was truly a space made out of absolutely nothingness.

If a vacuum space made out of matter, anti-matter, and dark energy, then the void realm was made out of simply void energy, which was in turn, nothingness.

In other sense, Nimo wasn\'t truly traveling at that kind of speed or at any speed, he was simply being displaced from a place of nothingness to another place of nothingness.

It was like he was teleporting constantly to the very edge of what his eyes were capable of seeing.

If he was capable of seeing the very edge of the void realm, he would be able to cross that distance in the blink of an eye.

This was the reason Felix wasn\'t bothering himself to travel long distances in the void realm at the moment.

It took a heavy toll on his mind unlike Mistress Candace, who was born as a mentalist in the first place.

There was no point in mentioning Nimo\'s capablities as he was on a different league.

\'That should be enough.\' Felix stopped the test immediately after spotting that Nimo\'s speed had been halted at 50X light speed.

Good job. Felix patted Nimo in the head with a satisfied expression after exiting the void realm.

Eee Eee!

His speed might not be as fast as Mistress Candace, but Nimo was young, too young in fact.

Yet, he was already closing in to her top speed!

If given more time, there was no doubt that he would be capable of teleporting from one end of the void realm to the other.


Soon after, Felix logged out with Nimo.

Queen, please calculate the duration it would take us to reach from here to the main wormhole coordinates if we traveled at a constant 50X speed light.

1.147578139871 seconds. Queen Ai replied.

If you don\'t want to go past the coordinates, you need to be as exact as duration given. Mistress Candace informed.

This signified that Felix had to mind at least five numbers after the comma.

Well, thankfully bracelets still work offline even in the void realm. Felix nodded in understanding.

He might not be able to think fast enough to count to that specific number, but he could look at it and make sure to stop Nimo the moment it reached it.

Let\'s give it a try. Felix rubbed Nimo\'s stomach and waited for him to transform into a sphere.

After he was done, Felix got inside and set the timer to exactly that number.

Then, he made it count backward since it was much easier this way.

\'You think he will get it\' Asna asked Candace.

\'Not a chance.\' Mistress Candace answered with certain tone, \'To master the timing, I spent centuries if not more of constant trials and errors.

If it was just Felix, I might believe that he can pull it off, but with Nimo Mistress Candace shook her head, not required to say more.

The tenants understood what she implied.

When moving at such an insane speed, it was close to impossible to get the exact timing right, which would translate to reaching the correct location.

The fact that Felix had to tell Nimo when to stop was already going to waste some of it.

As they expected, the moment Felix and Nimo took off towards the wormhole, they ended up going past it by a couple of millions kilometers...

All of this because Nimo cried out loud happily before stopping...

Well, this is going to take a while.

Felix coughed as he glanced around him in a completely deserted area of space.

Eee Eee!

Meanwhile, Nimo was still as happier as ever just to be out.

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