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Chapter 940 Obtaining The Confidence of The White Clan

Without an ounce of hesitation, Felix turned around and flew as fast as he could in the opposite direction.

\'It\'s too late, Dragonslayer...\' Berga laughed in his mind and launched the flame orbs at the ground.

When Felix saw this, he stopped and chuckled in amusement, appearing like his fearful reaction was merely an act.


Before Berga could react to Felix\'s sudden change, the flame orb finally touched the ground.

A split second later...Almost everyone was struck by a blinding light, forcing them to look away.

It was followed by a deafening explosion that was loud enough, not even dragons\' ears could survive it!

Fortunately for the viewers, the explosion\'s intensity was moderated to not cause them any harm.

After the blinding light died down, the stream viewers had their jaws dropped to the floor at the sight of a towering mushroom cloud that was big enough, it stretched for hundreds of kilometers!

It was big enough, it could be observed from space!

As for the island\'s ending Almost everything had been touched by the explosion and its destructive shockwave!

[This is insanity...Who can survive this...]

[Dragons are really weaponized monsters...]

[Is Landlord still alive]

When the dust settled, everyone started searching for Felix and Berga.

They looked at Berga\'s original location and found out that not a single bone survived after being close to such a destructive explosion!

As for Felix

It didn\'t take them long to find him inside a small version of the void domain...This left them speechless as they had completely forgotten that his void domain was impossible to be break apart!!!

Felix acted fearful before, so he could bait out Berga into committing to his suicidal attack, knowing that it would make this battle much easier than it should be!

We were worried about nothing. Clan head chuckled, As long as he has that disgusting ability, he will be fine.

When Berga returned to the challengers lobby, he ignored the displeased looks of the others and glanced at the stream with an anticipated expression.


Alas, his anticipation had died down the instant he noticed Felix emerged from the void domain without a single scratch on him.

\'I just killed myself for nothing...\'

More than that, he had irked all dragons with his disgraceful behavior.

He was going to get a proper punishment to ensure that no other dragon would dare to embarrass their race again.

With that, we conclude the contest! Clan head Kyrsun teleported to the center of the island and disclosed, Please make some noise for the dragonslayer\'s performance...He had demonstrated that his strength is more than enough to get him allocated in our clan\'s team!


The dragons started roaring while breathing fire into the sky, creating a truly magnificent scene.

This time, none of them dared to question the white clan\'s decision or hating on Felix for stealing the opportunity to enter the dimensional pocket.

He had shown to everyone that he had earned it with his strength and dragons respected nothing but that.

One year from now...Tune in to spectate the greatest heirs\' ceremony to ever be hosted! Clan head Kyrsun announced with great confidence.

All the viewers agreed with him in a way due to this cycle\'s contestants.

There would princess Chozzus, the direct heir of the current red clan head and possessor of the purest red dragon bloodline.

It was believed that she had the highest chance of growing her royal bloodline gem to the same size as other three heirs and even awaken a new attributed sacred flames!

It had happened before once or twice throughout the history of the dragons, but those unique dragons weren\'t capable of passing down their new attributed sacred flames.

So, they ended up being lost.

Only the royal red clan had this special opportunity of reclaiming others attributed sacred flames from the ancestral dragon.

It was believed that the ancestral had more than nine attribute to his flames.

Now Only three attributed sacred flames were inheritable.

So, there was quite a significant amount of hype revolving princess Chozzus in the ceremony.

Then, we have prince Arentis, the direct heir of the green clan head and also the proclaimed biggest rival to prince Domino.

Everyone believed so for a good reason...He had the second-highest ancestral bloodline purity in this generation.

With his soul decaying flames, he was even more dangerous than prince Domino in elemental battles.

After all, nothing hurt more than pain from the soul...Felix still had nightmares about the last time he split his soul from Asna to help her log in the UVR.

As for prince Domino He was considered to possess the potential to defeat the current Elder Dragon and dethrone him.

This was the highest praise a dragon could obtain since the Elder Dragon was simply believed to be undefeatable and unkillable for millions of years now.

He was one of the founders of the SGAlliance and was still holding the first rank until this day.

In gaming terms, he was the end boss of the Individual SGPlatform!

Last but not least, we got Felix...Honestly, just his existence has added a unique flavor to the ceremony.

After all, he was the first non dragon in history to join a ceremony specified for dragons!

Because of his overwhelming fan base and promotion that would last for an entire year, this ceremony was bound to attract the attention of trillions of viewers!


Dragonslayer, we are more than pleased with your showing. Clan head Kyrsun smiled widely, Our confidence has grown in our team thanks to your addition.

I am just doing my part of the deal. Felix replied politely while standing on the toprail of the chair in the courtroom.

Felix\'s main target was always the ancestral scales.

We have just a year of preparation, allow me to introduce the team to you.

Clan head Kyrsun manifested a holographic list with four pictures and names next to them.

Anastasia was at the top with the captain title next to her.

The second in command was a black dragon called Forgo, who looked pretty threatening...The rest were also white dragons.

\'Looks like they were placing their hope on this dude.\' Felix thought as he read Forgo\'s details.

Compared to the royal dragons he had defeated just now, he was much more dangerous.

If it wasn\'t for so, he wouldn\'t have been invited straightaway instead of passing through the qualifiers.

\'Why aren\'t they just hiring a mix of green and black dragons to help out their captain\' Mistress Candace wondered.

\'It will make them look bad if they won that way.\' Asna answered, \'Plus, they can\'t rob four slots for the white dragons to enter the dimensional pocket...It\'s too much.\'*

Felix nodded in agreement.

What do you think One of the officials asked.

I have to meet them personally to give out my opinion. Felix replied.

We knew you will say that. Clan head Kyrsun informed, We have decided to start some teamwork training next week, so you will meet them soon.

Good. Felix nodded.

Felix knew that the challenger in the ceremony required team effort more than anything...So, he hoped that the team wouldn\'t suck that hard.


After the meeting was concluded, Felix was reached out by prince Domino all of a sudden.

You liked what you saw Felix smirked as he answered the call.

Don\'t be smug...You might have impressed everyone, but I am still convinced that you don\'t have what it takes to deal with me. Prince Domino replied indifferently, You are not the only one growing stronger.

Can\'t you just call to congratulate me and wish me good luck like normal beings Felix\'s eyelids twitched, Do you have to be a d*ck always.

Yes. Prince Domino replied bluntly and hung up on him.

What a tsun-tsun. Felix chuckled.

He recognized that prince Domino was most defintely satisfied with his performance and was eager for their battle.

But, he was too much of a proud prick to say his true emotions.

Hehe, good thing I saved the best for him. Felix grinned widely at the thought that he hadn\'t demonstrated almost all of his gemstone abilities.

He wasn\'t put in a position to even use the rest of his active abilities...Don\'t even mention the ultimate one.

Still, it will be best to obtain the gemstone manipulation before then.

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