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Chapter 938 Danbconite Skin!

Oblivious to Olivia\'s thoughts, Felix focused on the third opponent before him...This time, she was a green royal dragon called Frissy.

It looked like she had learned from the mistakes of the previous challengers as the moment she met with Felix at the center, she engulfed herself in a vast field of greenish flames.

Naturally, she was in her dragonoid form, knowing that she couldn\'t keep up with Felix otherwise.

\'I just need to keep my distance and assault him with my soul decay flames.\' Frissy narrowed her eyes at Felix in concentration, not daring to underestimate him one bit.

Before the start of the contest, she was pissed off about her position in the challengers list, wanting to be the first to fight Felix.

But now

She wished that her position would be even lower, so she could figure out more of Felix\'s tactics and create counter-measure.

It looks like Frissy isn\'t planning on dealing with the Dragonslayer at a close range. Princess Chozzus commentated.

I don\'t know much about Felix\'s ranged abilities after he changed his bloodline. Princess Anastasia shared, But, if he wants to win this battle, they really have to be powerful.

She knew that Felix would not dare step inside the green flames\' field since his soul would get decayed the moment it touched his skin!

Not even his fire resistance could help him since attributes were one thing and an element was another.

If it wasn\'t for the royal gem providing protection to attributes as well, the black and green dragons would have been unable to use their own flames.

What kind of ranged offensive abilities will he even get from gemstone element Have you ever seen a decent gemstone Elementalist Arentis scoffed.

Not even prince Domino had retort against that.

He was also not too familiar with gemstone element since there wasn\'t a single race that was purely capable of using gemstone manipulation and active in the network at the same time.

The gemstone Elementals weren\'t really counted since they were considered as branch from elemental race, not a specific species.

In addition, they were shut on themselves to the point only the upper echelon knew of their existence.

No one knew if other species simply hadn\'t been discovered yet, or they didn\'t exist in the first place...Whatever it was, gemstone element was believed to be even more underwhelming than poison.

At least, poison element had the half-serpents race to represent it somewhat.

His poison abilities are useless, his lightning can\'t cause too much damage due to our reflective scales, his void abilities must have been replaced. Arentis smiled coldly, Unless he decided to play cowardly and hide until Frissy exhaust her energy from the flames field, he will have no option but to taste having his soul corroded!

You sure love getting slapped in the face, don\'t you Prince Domino mocked.

We will see who will get slapped. Arentis stated confidently, knowing that his reasoning was matchless unless Felix still had void abilities.

\'Looks like the fun has ended.\'

Felix sighed as he eyed the vast greenish flames field...He always preferred fighting up close and testing his own physical strength with equal opponents.

But it was clear to him that Frissy wasn\'t interested in that.

Whoosh Whoosh!!

Abruptly, he was assaulted by countless giant greenish fireballs that were flying erratically, making them extremely unpredictable!

Yet, Felix didn\'t even bother evading them...He tripled the size of his wings and started flapping them in front of him, creating strong gusts.

With each flap, the fireballs get their trajectories changed forcefully.

Frissy wasn\'t fazed by his utilization of wind to his advantage.

\'Return this.\'

Frissy brought her hands together and started to condense the green flames surrounding her...In a few moments, she managed to manifest many dark green long spears, making them appear solid from afar.

Still, she didn\'t launch them at Felix.

She narrowed her slits on his face and took a deep breath, causing her concentration to reach its peak.

This enabled her to see Felix\'s wings flapping somewhat in a slow motion, which implied that her senses were now a bit faster than Felix.

At the same time, she held one of the spears in her hand, positioning herself in a throwing motion.

\'Not yet...Not yet...Not yet...Now!\'

The instant she accustomed herself to Felix\'s wings flapping pattern, she hurled the dark green spear with all of her strength!


The spear emerged from the green flames\' field abruptly, catching Felix off guard.

He realized that the spear would arrive at him the moment his wings were fully enclosed on him, making it impossible to use wind to his advantage.

Hence, Felix decided to block it!

\'Danbconite Skin!\'

Suddenly, his crystal white wings got completely covered by a thin black layer.

Before the rest could spread throughout the rest of his body, the dark spear landed directly on his wings!

Just as Frissy, Arentis, and the rest of the dragons\' eyes could light up, their slits enlarged in absolute disbelief at the sight before them.

Instead of the dark green spear exploding and covering Felix in flames, it bounced on the black layer and was sent back much faster towards the dumbfounded Frissy!!


Because of her momentary daze, the dark green spear smashed her right in her chest before exploding, causing her to get pushed back a few meters.

You almost got me there. Felix unfolded his wings, exposing his new appearence to the already stupefied viewers.

From head to to toe, his entire skin was donned by that black shimmering crystal layer, making him resemble a statue made out of a mineral!

What was that...Princess Anastasia mumured with a dazed look.

No one dared to believe that Felix had just reflected an elemental ability!

Who could blame them

That\'s the domain of the dragons as their scales were capable of reflecting most of the ranged elemental abilities!

\'I refuse to accept it!\'

The instant Frissy woke up from her daze, she started launching the rest of the dark green spears rapidly in direction of Felix, not caring about waiting for his guard to be lowered.

This time, Felix was prepared as he started slapping them away with his wings like they were made out of paper.

How is that possible!

What kind of weird ability is that!

Is that really a gemstone ability!

The viewers were now more certain than ever that Felix was capable of reflecting elemental abilities!

Meanwhile, Arentis was too stunned.

He was still trying to work out the math in his mind.

It wasn\'t just him, who was confused out of his wits.

No one had seen before a gemstone elementalist capable of reflecting elemental abilities or even use a black gemstone.

Look at their baffled expressions. Thor shook his head as he eyed Carbuncle, Your legacy died too quickly when you didn\'t bother supervising your descendants.

I don\'t care about any of that. Carbuncle replied lazily while puffing out smoke through his ears, If they couldn\'t survive the test of time, that\'s on them.

Unlike most primogenitors, Carbuncle didn\'t build a single empire or even a country for his descendants to gather and offer them protection.

During that Era, where wars between primogenitors and their descendants run rampage, it was only normal for Carbuncle\'s offsprings to not leave a mark.

So, there was a species of gemstone elementalists, but they were erased by other empires and Carbuncle still didn\'t give a sh*t about it.

If he bothered just a little, his race would remain alive and everyone would have seen the true horror of true gemstone elementalists!

In the same coin, they would understand that Felix was using an attributed gemstone called Danbconite.

It was an extremely rare black gemstone that was discovered to be unreactive to other elements to some degree.

Hence, the reason the flame spears get bounced away during contact!

This was just one of many, many more attributed gemstones in his arsenal.

\'It\'s as irritating as always to use this ability...Might as well end this while I am still using it.\' Felix complained while flying through the green flames\' field without an ounce of fear in his eyes.

Felix knew that he could always rely on his Danbconite skin to keep the battle in a close range.

But, he refused doing so since the gemstone\'s skin was even more inconvenient than the symbiote suit.

If he hadn\'t already trained his very hardest to adapt to it, he wouldn\'t be able to even flap his wings while wearing it.

After all, he was layered by solid hard skin that wasn\'t as flexible as it appeared.

\'He really entered!\'

When Frissy saw Felix being up her face, she was truly caught off guard.


Felix didn\'t hesitate to take advantage of her lake of focus and bombard her with multiple punches and kicks.

Frissy got hit by some and managed to block the rest.

\'How the hell is he immune to everything!\'

Seeing that Felix\'s attacks weren\'t affected negatively in the slightest by being inside her field made Frissy feel a new kind of terror.

Even black royal dragons didn\'t install this kind of terror in her, since they never dared to enter flame field unless they were prepared to deal with their souls getting burnt.

\'I need to use flame orb!\'

In the end, she came to the conclusion that only her nukes could handle Felix.

Unfortunately, just as she attempted to retreat and prepare the orb, Felix caught her by the arm and folded his wings around both of them.

Then, he used the most dreadful and feared ability in the universe.

Void domain. He mumured it softly in Frissy\'s ear, making her entire body stiffen instantly.

\'I am screwed...\'

That\'s the last thought she had in her mind before both of them got engulfed inside a humongous pitch-black sphere.

When it disappeared and exposed only Felix in his void suit, not a single soul managed to utter a word.

Next please.

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