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Chapter 937 Feeling Left Out

The Crescent Battleaxe wouldn\'t be called a legendary weapon if it wasn\'t capable of overwhelming the dragons\' claws.

Umenth could struggle for some time, but there was no way he would get out of their next close confrontation in one piece.

\'Fortunately, he is a human.\' Umenth smiled coldly, \'My white sacred flames can burn his wings to ashes and force him into the ground.

I just need to lure him and drop his guard.\'

Umenth understood that if he had Felix on the ground, it would be much easier to deal with him by firing flame orbs from safety.

Unless Felix had teleportation or the ability to enter void rifts, he believed that his nukes would make sure to give him the worst time of his life.

The instant he made his decision, Umenth taunted Felix to approach him by gesturing with a single claw.

You ready for round two Felix smiled as he activated the battleaxe second form.

His entire body got covered in an armor made out of green vines while the battleaxe blades got separated....Each one was attached to a vine that was being coiled around Felix\'s arms, making him resemble a sickle warrior.

I hope you can keep up.


Three kilometers of distance was covered in the blink of an eye, making Felix seem like he had teleported before Umenth.

Clack Clack! Psss!! Clack!

Because of Felix\'s sudden change of fighting style, Umenth found it extremely challenging to block and avoid all of Felix\'s strikes.

To make matters worse, the sickles were too erratic and swift to predict and block.

This ended up causing Umenth to suffer from multiple wounds across his entire body.

However, because of the extreme heat around him, the true poison got evaporated instantly the moment Felix laced his blades, allowing him to avoid being poisoned.

Moreover, the wounds were shallow and non-threatening since the sickles weren\'t as powerful as the battleaxe in its original form.

Still, a mosquito bite is a bite.

Umenth knew that if this carried on, he would get weakened eventually and dealt with a powerful deadly blow.

\'It\'s time.\'

Hence, the instant Umenth spotted an opening, he didn\'t strike with his claws as anyone expected, but opened his mouth widely and breathed torrent of white flames, appearing like a flamethrower!

Although his mouth was small, the spread of the dragon breath was enormous as it had completely covered Felix!

Everything happened so fast, the viewers were left stunned at the sudden twist, not expecting Umenth to unleash his white flames!

Haha! That\'s it! Arentis laughed in delight, expecting Felix to emerge with at least major burnt marks and completely burnt off wings.

Everyone thought the same, knowing that getting directly hit by dragon breath at such a close range was extremely deadly!


Unfortunately, before the dragons could go far in their celebration, they were forcefully quietened down at the shocking sight before them.

Felix rushed through the flames in a split second and took hold of Umenth\'s neck, closing his mouth barbarically.

The instant the flames stopped emitting, everyone\'s eyes landed on Felix\'s body, seeking any kind of burnt marks...Alas, they found absolutely nothing besides his ruined void suit!

As for his exposed crystal wings They merely appeared somewhat red, instead of melting off as most viewers expected to happen!

You!! Cough! How!

In utter disbelief, Umenth spoke with great difficulty due to being chocked by Felix...His hand was double in size compared to the rest of his body, giving him a much better grasp.

My wings are indestructible. Felix answered indifferently before shattering Umenth\'s neck into tiny fragments.

With a shocked, baffled, and pained expression, Umenth\'s eyes turned lifeless.

Felix let go of his neck and watched him fall towards the ground while dusting his hands.

The instant Umenth touched the ground, he started breaking into light particles, getting sent back outside the island.

Next please...I don\'t want five minutes break this time.

Just keep them coming until I decide to take my break. Felix requested causally, not realizing that he had left all the spectators to doubt their eyes.

WHAT THE F*CK IS GOING ON! Livid and confused out of his mind, Arentis finally snapped and started bellowing with bloodshot eyes.

He could accept that Felix had found a way to get as strong as royal dragons, but he could never accept that Felix wasn\'t harmed by their dragon breath even when he was hit by it at such a close range!

Felix had gotten covered entirely by it without erecting any kind of defense.

Yet still, he emerged without suffering even a first grade burn mark

He refused to accept it since it meant that Felix\'s fire resistance was just an inch away from turning into an immunity!

\'Peak fire resistance and great foundational strength...He has yet to show the abilities of his new bloodline and still won two battles.

Good, good, good...This is getting interesting.\'

While prince Arentis was losing his sh*t and the two princess too shocked to react, Prince Domino had a faint smile affixed on his lips.

If the three heirs turned to see it, they would get dealt with another shocking blow as they had never seen prince Domino smile in his life before!

Even since his meeting with Felix in the primogenitors\' event, prince Domino had always overestimated Felix\'s capablities and believed that he was a great opponent to have.

If it wasn\'t for his confidence in Felix, he wouldn\'t have betted on him in this contest without even knowing about what kind of improvement he had.

Felix had just shown him that he still did not overestimate him enough!

Let\'s quickly send the third challenger!

One of the officials suggested swiftly after seeing that stream chat was going absolutely nuts at the last scene.

Not in their wildest dreams would they had thought that a day would come when they see a human snap a royal dragon\'s neck by pure physical strength!

Doesn\'t the captain feel like a god now Leo Bridges mumured as he watched the replay of the last scene with the rest of the earthling team.

I am still unable to connect this image of Felix to the one we used to hang with. Ronaldinho smiled wryly, He is so far gone, I doubt he will ever see us if he looked behind him.

Everyone went silent at the sound of that...They knew that he was right and nothing they say could change their current reality.

Here I thought that reaching 75% with my mythical bloodline is going to bridge the gab. Sylvia chuckled in derision.

She still couldn\'t forget the day she fought against Felix in the World Tournament...He defeated her, but she firmly believed that she would surpass him one day.

At the present, she felt embarrassed each time she remembered her proclamation that she would be gunning for his number one spot.

To make matters worse, even Noah had gone ahead of her and started to demonstrate the same qualities as Felix in the planetary games.

It feels like we have been left behind...


Just as everyone wanted to confirm it, Olivia shouted at them with furious expression, Enough whining already...Felix has reached such heights because he worked extremely hard for it.

Leaving us behind He owes us absolutely nothing! Olivia went off on them, We are the ones owing him for getting us the mythical bloodlines and helping us grew as strong as origin descendants!

What else do you want Olivia tightened her tiny palms in anger, You want him to return to Earth and take you with him in his adventures and help you get stronger Wake up already.

His life doesn\'t revolve around any of us!

Everyone lowered their heads, feeling quite ashamed to have such thoughts in the first place.

They knew that Olivia was right...Felix had already done everything he could to help them reach unimaginable heights.

Without him, they recognized that their ending would be either death in the first rounds of the earthling games or much earlier.

Felix was indebted to no one.

If Noah could be taken by the organization and further developed, we can also get picked if we kept working hard. Sophie tried to uplift the mood, Don\'t forget that we still have origin realm awaiting us.

Exactly what I am thinking. Zhang Wei nodded, If the organization is ever going to include new bloodliners, we are always the first in the list due to our relation to Felix.

So, let\'s stop seeing Felix as our end goal and start focusing on ourselves.

True, nothing good comes out of comparing ourselves with that monster.

Thanks Olivia.

I never expected to see you lose your temper like this. Hina giggled, It was truly refreshing.

Nonon! I should be apologizing for overstepping my boundaries.

Olivia shook her head vehemently, not willing to accept their gratitude.

That\'s because deep down, Olivia knew that she was addressing herself instead of her teammates.

None of them were as close to Felix as her...So, to see him pulling further and further away from her truly made her loath weakness more than anything.

Now, that Noah had gone away too, she was the one truly feeling left out...

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