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Chapter 936 Landlord\'s Fanclub Raiding The Stream!

Hahaha! Our bet has paid off!

Did you see that speed and strength He should have reached the same level as most royal dragons!

I\'m still having difficulty comprehending how a human can obtain this kind of strength...It\'s simply illogical.

The white clan elders were all left astounded and mostly satisfied with Felix\'s display of strength.

When they decided to include him in the team, they still had some misgiving about his powers.

Honestly, most of them believed that he wouldn\'t pass the test successfully even though he was \'recommended\' by prince Domino.

But now

They knew that Felix had enough strength to share the burden on princess Anastasia in the ceremony!

Unbeknownst to them, troubles were brewing in the stream chat.

[This is absolutely nuts!! How the f*ck did Landlord reach this level of strength already!]

[For f*ck sake, every time he goes missing, he returns ten times stronger than before!]

[I swear to god this is going to break the network! A human one-shoting a royal black dragon!]

The stream chat was popping off with exclamations and emojis from truly shocked viewers in the galaxy.

Most of those viewers were workers or slaves, who had absolutely no idea that Felix would be part of this contest.

Now that they have watched a royal black dragon suffer getting absolutely trashed, all of them started sharing the link of the contest to their friends, relatives, acquaintances, and in their social media accounts!

At the start, the news spread on a galactical scale, but it didn\'t take long before it crossed to other galaxies and spread out akin to a wildfire!

Anything related to \'Landlord\' and Dragons was bound to create a reaction from anyone.

That annoying prick! How could he go off and participate in a such a high-profile contest without informing me about it! Leader Emma cursed in frustration after the news reached her.

She was his agent, number one fan, and current president of the largest fan club in the entire universe.

Yet, she was the last to hear about this...Absolutely unacceptable!

Without spending time moping about this, leader Emma contacted all executives of the club and ordered them to raid the live stream of the contest as well share the link to everyone.

Because of their overwhelming numbers, the contest went viral in the blink of an eye, causing everyone to share it, tweet it, react to it, and talk about it.

Just like that, it reached Felix\'s earthling team, the void guild leaders, the witches, and the rest of Felix\'s\' acquaintances.


[Kyaaaa!! I\'m actually going to faint at his new appearence! How does he get hotter with every replacement ]

[As expected of my Lord! He hasn\'t had enough of slaying red dragons in the games, he turned to royal dragons to establish his dominance!]

[Is this ** real Landlord is fighting thirty royal dragons in a row and has already killed one]

The contest stream chat was conquered by Felix\'s fans in less than a few seconds as not a single message posted wasn\'t related to him.

The numbers of the stream viewers kept raising from a couple of millions, to a hundred millions, then billions, and under every dragon\'s dumbfounded expression, the viewership surpassed a trillion!!

\'I think we have made a grave mistake...\' Clan head Kyrsun gulped a mouthful as he addressed the white clan elders.

\'We defintely screwed up big time...\'

None of them were happy about the viewership being this staggering at all.

The stream entry was free, meaning that they were gaining nothing out of the viewers.

To make matters worse, this friendly harmless contest was now being truly under the eyes of the universe.

In other words, any defeat the royal dragons suffered would be shown to everyone!

If this affected just their clan, neither the clan head nor the elders would have bothered about it.

However, this was going to reflect on the whole royal family!

For so long, they were seen as the absolute top dog in the universe, never being spoken in the same breath as the rest of the races.

Now, they had already the first victim fall under Felix\'s hands without being able to land a single hit on him.

They might not care too much about other races\' opinion on them, but it didn\'t mean that they would feel nothing when their reputation get attacked like this.

\'Should we kick everyone from the stream and make it private\' One of the elders suggested swiftly.

\'It\'s already too late.\' Clan head Kyrsun shook his head, \'All we can do is send the second challenger and hope he can put a decent fight.\'

With more than a trillion live viewer, the royal family would turn into laughingstock around the universe if they blocked the stream after the news already gone out.

What they should have done was keep the stream private to only dragons, knowing that regardless of what happened in the contest, dragons were too proud and lazy to go out of their way and discuss it in the network.

Am I really required to spend five minutes break after each battle or what

Oblivious to the chaos he created, Felix was still waiting for the second challenger to make an appearence.

Thankfully, he wasn\'t left waiting for long as a humanoid white dragon got teleported to the center of the map next to him.

Dragonslayer, I have no idea how you managed to catch up to royal dragons in terms of foundational strength, but don\'t think that your fight with me will end as quickly as the last one. Umenth spoke composedly as he eyed Felix without an ounce of fear or worry.

Felix couldn\'t see his eyes as he was wearing a pair of black sunglasses...There was no way he would fight against Felix without protection after seeing him illuminating like a bulb.

You sure are more talkative than the last one. Felix smiled faintly, not bothering to address his proclamation.

Umenth might not be the best on the list, but he is planning to fight that arrogant prick in his dragonoid form. Arentis snickered, If he thinks that he will be able to repeat the same assassination, he will be taught a painful lesson.

The rest of the dragons all believed the same.

Sure, they were still shell shocked at the fact that a human had crossed such a giant chasm in his foundational strength, but they understood that dragons in their humanoid forms were a different breed.

I don\'t know about Umenth winning this, but he should put up a decent fight.

Clan head Kyrsun commentated next to the officials while eying Felix and Umenth, getting teleported to opposite directions of the map.

Both of them were rushing towards the center.

Just like before, Felix was the second to arrive...Still, no one dared to speak crap about his speed again.

\'Size Manipulation, X2.\'

\'Void suit.\'

\'Crescent Axe.\'

\'True poison.\'

\'Hypersonic mode.\'

This time, Felix wore his void suit, covering him entirely but his crystal wings, making him resemble a demonized angel!

\'He still has void abilities\' Umenth frowned, growing a bit uneasy at the notion that Felix could still teleport or enter the void realm.

He already knew that it was going to be a tough fight with Felix\'s current strength, he truly didn\'t want void abilities to be added to the mix.

Felix didn\'t allow him too much time to think things through as he blasted off in his direction, reaching him in less than a split second!

Without an ounce of hesitation, Felix utilized the built-in momentum to swing his laced battleaxe at Umenth\'s torso!


The swing was so powerful, the wind could be seen being cleaved apart, not able to handle the pressure generated by the axe!


Still, Umenth managed to block the battleaxe with both of his long sharp claws and diverge its trajectory.

Felix was neither surprised nor shocked by his inability to cut off Umenth\'s claws.

He knew that dragons claws were tougher than even their reflective scales and sharp enough to cut most of the hardest minerals in the universe!

Clank! Clank...!

He just kept trading blows with Umenth, utilizing all the battleaxe techniques he mastered.

Still, this wasn\'t enough to take Umenth down as he was a true veteran in melee fights!

Heh, he is really daring to fight in close range against the white clan.

Arentis sneered, knowing the white clan were the best melee fighters in the dragon race due to their sacred flames being a hindrance to them.

After all, how could they fight with healing white flames

Sure against other races without fire immunity, the sacred flames were still going to burn their asses before healing them...But against other dragons

They could forget about causing them any inconvenience.

Hence, they focused purely on mastering a battle style associated with their sharp claws.


After one thunderous collision between the axe blade and the claws, both Felix and Umenth separated from each other.

This time, none of them approached the other.

Your claws must be hurting. Felix said causally while cracking his tensed shoulders from all the pressure built on them.

I have gone through worse. Umenth replied calmly while trying his best to stop his claws from shaking, knowing that they would make him appear weak.

\'I have to switch things up.\' Umenth thought inwardly, \'My claws will get broken eventually if they kept getting hit by that terrifying axe.

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