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Chapter 923 A Massive Responsibility

Nimo, can you get us out of here. Felix requested.

He wanted to learn more about Nimo\'s capabilities, but he felt that it was unsafe doing so in the white palace.

He couldn\'t afford to expose the fact that he was out of the \'closed shut training\' at the moment.

Eee Eee!

Nimo lowered his back before Felix and opened a new void rift in front of him...Without delay, Felix sat on his back and patted him with a pleased expression.

\'His intelligence is increasing day by day.\'

Felix always had a bit of difficulty communicating with Nimo.

Gestures made it somewhat easier, but it wasn\'t as perfect as clearly understanding what he was talking about.

It looked like Nimo had already grown smart enough to understand Felix\'s meaning behind each sentence even though he wasn\'t capable of speaking the language yet.

After entering the void realm, the first thing Felix did was make Nimo close the void rift behind them.

He wanted to make it a habit for Nimo, so he would never leave a void rift open.

The last thing he needed was for Nimo to get put into a long slumber by the universe after he affected the reality too negatively.

In a few moments, Nimo jumped through a void rift and landed above a mountain\'s peak, far, far away from the white dragon clan city.

This will do. Felix commentated with a satisfied smile after scanning tens of kilometers around him and realizing that not a living soul existed.

Show me what you got. Felix said while rubbing Nimo\'s fur.

Eee Eee

Other fun abilities. Felix rephrased his question.

Eee Eee!

This time Nimo understood him completely.

He floated away from Felix and started blinking all over the place, making it hard for Felix\'s to track his location.

Felix couldn\'t help but raise an eyebrow in surprise after seeing how smooth he was with his teleportations.

Before he could comment, Nimo stopped above his head and eyed a mountain that was a few kilometers away from them.

Then, his eyes started burning with purplish light before expelling two thick beams at the mountain!!

The beams penetrated the mountain\'s summit like it was made out of butter and continued travelling on their merry way!

This wasn\'t even it!

Felix\'s widened eyes remained affixed on the mountain that was beginning to disintegrate at the speed of light.

It was surreal, scary, and simply unimaginable!

In less than two seconds, half the mountain was already erased from existence and Felix knew that if the void energy continued spreading, the entire planet would cease to exist!

It was already terrifying to deal with common void energy\'s deadly disintegration properties.

As for void laws

As one of the highest laws in the universe, nothing could stop it besides those with proper tools like the space/time guardian, the paragon of sins, and the culprit Nimo!

Eee Eee!

Yet Nimo blinked next to Felix and started wagging his tail in eagerness, waiting for his complement.

He is really too naive to understand how dangerous his abilities are. Lady Sphinx frowned, You better teach him properly.

Otherwise, he will end up learning from long slumbers after he destroys planets or entire galaxies.

Dear all mighty... Felix gulped a mouthful as he patted Nimo in the head.

Only after seeing Nimo\'s destructiveness did it finally click in Felix\'s mind that he was the father of one of the most dangerous beings in the entire universe.

He was literally responsible for Nimo\'s actions and upbringing.

The fact that Nimo had just copied Felix\'s void abilities instead of inventing new ones was enough proof.

He saw him as his father and idol, making him try to copy anything he did.

\'If I don\'t keep him on the right path, he might really end up bringing ruination to many civilizations and receive corespondent punishments from the universe.\' Felix thought, feeling somewhat pressured.

It was already pressuring enough to teach a normal child morals and such...Don\'t even mention this living weapon.

If he stayed in the void realm after his birth, I believe that he would have gained enough intellect and understanding of his existence and duty. Asna reasoned, But now that he is exposed to the matter universe from the get go, it\'s not so simple.

\'Exactly. Lady Sphinx agreed.

The universe had given birth to Nimo to replace the currently slumbering Paragon of Sins.

He was born at the core of the void realm, making him receive the purest void energy to sustain his growth.

If Nimo hatched and remained there without a single contact with the outside world, there was simply no way he would be able to get out of the void realm.

After all, he might harness the void laws, but he was too young to have an understanding of many dimensions overlapping with each other.

So, he would never be able to open a void rift and exit his realm.

During that period, he would keep eating pure void energy and grow at an unimaginable speed until the day he was old enough to unlock his cognitive reasoning and stop seeing the world in white and black.

Asna believed that the moment he gained the same intellect as a normal human being, he would unlock the memories\' corespondent to his duties as the new Guardian of Void and Seven Sins.

By then, Nimo would understand what he had to do next and wouldn\'t be a dangerous individual to the matter universe or such.

At least, this was her understanding of the programmatic thinking of the universe.

I really want to know, who was able to get Nimo out of the void realm. Thor sighed, No one could cause such a massive diversion in the universe\'s planning.

If the Paragon of Sins wasn\'t already on slumber, he would have already been his first choice.

This doesn\'t matter at the moment. Lady Sphinx warned while glancing at the completely deleted mountain, Tell him to clear up his mess before he erases the planet.

The moment Felix glanced at the non-existing mountain, he swiftly jumped on Nimo\'s back and made him blink there.

Nimo blinked once and appeared above a terrifying vast purplish lake that was devouring everything it touched at a rapid pace!

Even millions of void creatures couldn\'t hold a candle to this lake in terms of disintegration.

Felix couldn\'t even fathom the existence of a void energy being turned into liquid...The fact that it was merely a byproduct of an ability was even more chilling.

Nimo, remove this at once. Felix ordered.

Eee Eee!

Obedient as always, Nimo did as he was told...He simply needed to glance at the void lake before it started to twist and wrap around.

In less than a split second, not a single drop was left behind.

The entire phenomena was surreal as Felix was used to seeing abilities get turned into light particles or in other words, elemental energy particles.

Did it disappear to the ether or what Felix wondered, How can you even erase something that\'s real

We will tell you when we knew. Lady Sphinx replied calmly, But for now, that\'s the realm of guardians, and we have no understanding of it whatsoever.

Asna Felix asked, knowing that if anyone could shed some light on this, it would be her.

I am not trying to hide anything from you, but trust me when I tell you that I have no clue either. Asna smiled wryly, I was imprisoned too young to learn anything of value about the mysteries of the laws.

I see. Felix believed that Asna was being honest.

If she wanted to withdraw information from him, she would simply tell him to his face that he refused to answer.

Laws, Ether, void realm, spiritual realm, quantum realm...So much to figure out. Felix mumured, Hopefully, I will live long enough to learn about everything.

Lady Sphinx smiled faintly and returned to reading her book...She was alive for billions of years, and she had yet to even learn about 20% of the universe.

For Felix take initiative in the exploration of the universal mystics truly warmed her heart.


In a few hours, Felix and Nimo had returned to the first mountain.

Felix had taken teaching Nimo as serious as possible...He understood that the only way for Nimo to learn was by experience.

So, he took him to the UVR with him in the past hours and made him destroy such as much as possible with his void abilities.

Then, he made him clean up his mess after each void attack until it was implemented into him.

At the end of training, Nimo would close void rifts or deal with the remaining void energy as fast as possible without needing Felix to tell him to.

This was only possible because Nimo\'s high intelligence.

As for attacking others preemptively or such Felix knew that would take more time to clear out.

For now, it was time to get back to cooking the dragon\'s meat.

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