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Chapter 922 The Void Laws

After spending a few hours in the UVR\'s room, Felix exited while leaving behind him a mountain of red dragon corpses.

All of them shared one thing in common...Having their skulls completely busted, and their wings ripped apart brutally!

There were even some heavenly turtles lying around with their snappers broken apart and bloody heads.

He had put his strength to the test, and he wasn\'t disappointed with the results!

Royal dragons are much tougher to break, though. Felix mumured while standing up.

Obviously, he had tested his physical strength against even royal dragons...Unfortunately, he wasn\'t capable of butchering them as easily as the red dragons.

He was capable of harming them with his fists and kicks, but it wasn\'t enough to cave in their skulls or such.

This was to be expected since the royal dragons\' strength was also above hundred thousand bloodline force.

At least, you won\'t be played like a fool in the ceremony. Asna shared.

True. Felix smiled.

As long as he had enough strength to contest against the royal dragons, Felix was more than satisfied.

Now, let\'s see how I can hide those wings. Felix turned to his folded wings with a thoughtful expression.

If they were normal wings made out of feathers, he wouldn\'t have even believed that it was possible.

But he was told by Lady Sphinx that Carbuncle was capable of folding his wings into many layers until they start to resemble a crystallized backpack.

All of this because of the crystallized feathers being solid.

Felix attempted a few times and ended up succeeding in his fourth attempt...It wasn\'t really hard as he simply thought of folding the wings gradually from the sides to the inner.

The final product was a small crystallized white backpack that made Felix feel comfortable again in his own skin.

Although he loved the wings, he was still not used to having them.

Nimo, it\'s time to go out. Felix stretched his arms while heading to the door.

Eee Eee!

Nimo rushed towards him excitedly and jumped on his crystallized backpack.

He sat on it and placed his head on Felix\'s shoulder, getting comfortable.

Well, this is much better than sitting on my shoulder. Felix smiled as he patted Nimo\'s head.

Then, he activated the void suit and covered himself...Even the crystallized backpack was encased in it.

\'Much better.\'

If it wasn\'t for the ability to turn into this smaller size, Felix knew that the void suit would have difficulty covering his big ass wings as well as keep the same level of protection for his other body parts.

In other words, he would have been forced to compromise and exposed his feet, hands, or something, so the wings could be protected.

Felix wasn\'t worried about the void energy disintegrating his wings or such but simply about the appearence of the suit being ruined.

After all, his wings were now a part of him and his blood vessels were touching every single feather.

It was to be expected that they would be considered as immune to void energy just like his other body parts.

It didn\'t even matter that they were made out of condensed white adamantine.

Are you going to exit the city to cook the dragon meat Asna inquired, too lazy to read his thoughts.

It has to be done now before I meet with Selphie and Anastasia. Felix nodded.

No matter how bold he was, Felix would never cook dragon\'s body parts inside a royal palace...He didn\'t even dare to cook in the city, not knowing whether he was being monitored or not.

Whether he was Anastasia\'s friend or her clan\'s team ace, he would be hunted to death by all dragons if he got caught red-handed.


Confused, Felix narrowed his eyes at the open space in front of him...He had already tried to open void rift at least five times and yet nothing showed up before him.

You idiot, have you forgotten that your void eye has been removed Asna rolled her eyes at him.

\'F*ck me...\' Dumbfounded, Felix merely kept staring at the void like a retard.

He completely forgot that the void rift and void beam could only be activated if he had the void eye!

In first place, the only reason he unlocked them was due to having the void eye mutation.

Now, that it had been replaced by the root gemstone, those two abilities could be considered as locked again!

This phenomena was referred to as the Mutation Overlap...It almost never happen to bloodliners even if they were at the sixth stage of replacement.

That\'s because most mutations with abilities aligned to them never get replaced on the get go unless the bloodliner removed the mentioned ability.

Since void eye was aligned with two abilities, Felix should have gotten rid of it only after he went past the 60% mark.

But, because he had integrated with a whopping 15% Carbuncle bloodline at once, the void eye was forcefully removed by the emerging root gemstone.

If he had integrated with just 12% or lower, he would have most likely received only the wings and the horns.

It wasn\'t called phenomena for no reason...The chances of it occurring were less than one in a billion!

I don\'t know if I should cry or laugh. Felix smiled wryly.

He already accepted losing the void abilities, but he really wasn\'t ready to lose the void rift so soon.

What now Felix rubbed Nimo\'s chin while thinking deeply about another method of sneaking outside the palace.

\'Mistress Candace is away, blink won\'t do much, and invisible potion will get me spotted in a heartbeat.\' Felix sighed in frustration, already starting to miss Mistress Candace already.

Eee Eee...

Sensing his sadness, Nimo rubbed his cheek against Felix cutely, trying to comfort him.

When Nimo saw that his attempts were for naught, he jumped on the floor and started increasing his size until it was triple Felix\'s size!

Then, he lowered his back and gestured for Felix to jump on it.

Aren\'t you a good boy. Felix complemented with a pleased expression and sat on Nimo\'s back.

Just as he wanted to carry on his original thought process, Nimo started sprinting and jumping around the spacious room.

Eee Eee!

At first, Felix enjoyed the ride, knowing that Nimo simply wanted to make him feel better.

But, when he saw that Nimo started charging towards the door, he got worried.

Slow down, buddy! Felix finally shouted after realizing that Nimo had no intentions of stopping!

God damn it, Nimo! Felix cursed while hanging on Nimo\'s fur, bracing for impact.

However, just as Nimo was about to smash through the door, the unexpected has happened.

A void rift opened up and swallowed them both before spitting them at the far back of the room at the speed of light!

Eee Eee Eee!

Nimo started giggling while jumping in his place, acting like a child, who was happy after pranking his father successfully.

The hell just happened

Shocked speechless, Felix kept looking around him with widened eyes, not daring to believe the current situation.

Ohoho Nimo has finally started to harness the void laws Thor raised an eyebrow in surprise.

About time. Lady Sphinx closed her book and focused on Nimo, Felix, tell him to try and do it again...We need to see if he did it by luck, or he can truly control the void rifts.

Nimo, can you do it again Felix asked while rubbing Nimo.

Eee Eee!

Thinking that he must have liked it, Nimo nodded his head excitedly and started sprinting towards the wall this time.

The moment he was about to collide, he entered a void rift and exited from another at the back!

Eee Eee!

Nimo gave him an eager look, implying that he could do it again if Felix asked.

Can you do it without running Felix looked at him in anticipation.

Eee Eee

Nimo titled his head in confusion.

Before Felix could explain his request even further, Nimo slapped his paw on the ground and tens of void rifts appeared all over the room, shocking Felix to his core.

Haha, he must have been confused why you want him to open them without the fun of running through them. Asna chuckled.

Nimo might be the replacement of the Paragon of Sins, but his mind was still that of a child.

Now, tell him to close them quick. Lady Sphinx said with a serious tone, Those void rifts can cause many problems for this planet if they were left open for long.

Indeed, if Nimo doesn\'t close them, they will be here permanently and affect the stability of laws in this planet. Thor supported.

I understand. Felix nodded with a stern expression and made Nimo close the void rifts...For him, it was as easy as he opened them.

Felix had learned enough about laws and elements to understand that his void rifts were absolutely incomparable to Nimo\'s void rifts even if they look the same and have the same applications.

His void rifts feed on his elemental energy and existence.

The moment the elemental energy gets cuts off, the void rift just disappear.

On the other hand, Nimo\'s void rifts were created out of void laws.

Void laws dictate that in this specific space, in this specific time, there shouldn\'t be any appearence of void rifts.

Yet, Nimo broke those laws and abused his own authority over the void laws to forcefully manifest those void rifts.

The science didn\'t support them and the molecules didn\'t collide or react to each other for their creation...Nothing.

It was unnatural and simply an act of god.

If Nimo went away or died somehow, those void rifts would keep existing and conflicting with any already existing laws in this specific area.

Without a shadow of doubt, the primogenitors knew that those harmless void rifts would erase the entire planet out of existence if the conflict consisted for a while.

It might take a year, a decade, a century, or even an eon.

But, it was bound to happen 100%.

Natural wormholes, void rifts, dimensional pockets, wormholes, all of those fantastic cosmic phenomena never appear out of the blue.

There was always a trigger and a perfect environment to sustain them.

What Nimo just did was to overwrite the natural aspect of the universe and forcefully use his own laws to get what he desired.

By the universe laws and rules, doing so was a punishable act.

The punishment depends on the damage caused to the fabric of reality.

This was the reason the Unigins were so feared and respected, but at the same time, they were seen as hopeless as anyone else.

Because they knew that with all their powers and authority, they were still under the same hand as the rest of us.

The one eyed cosmic being, who sent Asna and Felix into a different timeline, didn\'t close his eyes for no reason after doing the deed.

He was put into a forceful slumber immediately after he abused his time/space laws to change their fate!

Why did he do so Only he knows.

But in this ever expanding universe, punishment and rewards goes hand in hand with everyone.

No one was above the board...At least, no one was seen yet to be above the board or the matrix of this so-called infinite universe.

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