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Chapter 921 Joining The Other Side of The Chasm

Rumble Rumble!

The moment he reached that conclusion, the room started trembling, causing mountains to fall apart and trees to get hurled away.

When Felix glanced upward, he was scared to the bone by the sight of the same ant official, breaking the room\'s ceiling and glancing at him with one eye akin to a god.

F*ck this, bazinga! Bazinga! Felix shouted out loud without a single ounce of hesitation.

\'Safety word activated...Terminating the battle...Battle duration ten seconds.\' Queen Ai announced.

Immediately after, Felix opened his eyes to the sight of the ant official dummy, breaking into light particles.

This time, Felix didn\'t dare to stare at him directly in the eyes.

I am really asking for a beating to f*ck with empyrean ranked hive officials.

Felix wiped his sweaty forehead while looking around him, still having some doubt that he wasn\'t out of the hallucination yet.

This \'battle\' had truly shown him that unless he was completely confident in his mental defenses, he shouldn\'t dare step inside the empyrean rank.

It was a whole new domain that allowed only the strongest five hundred players in the universe to enter it.

In other words...Getting promoted to the empyrean rank result in another player getting kicked out.

Such a cutthroat system ensured that only the strongest five hundred players in the universe would be honored to display their rank.

This copy of the ant official was at the bottom row...Yet, he made Felix question his reality even after using the safety word.

You look pale. Asna giggled, Was it that bad

You have no idea. Felix sighed in relief.

Felix simply couldn\'t fathom how powerful the illusion primogenitor would be if even an ant official was capable of casting such a realistic hallucination.

\'I really can\'t relax on my climb.\' Felix\'s ego was humbled before he could even test his physical strength.


Felix restarted his wings training.

To his surprise, he was still absolutely horrible in controlling them on the ground.

The six hours of hard work in his hallucination resulted in nothing concrete.

That\'s because he was hallucinating that he was getting better at controlling them when in reality, he was still at the starting point.

So, he was forced to repeat the same exercises for the next eight hours until he got them down properly.

Time to take a flight.

Felix spread his angelic crystallized wings widely and flapped them twice...This was more than enough to generate enough propulsion to take him into the air.


With his experience in using flight potions, it didn\'t take him even a few seconds before he was able to maneuver at will in the air!

\'Let\'s test out supersonic mode.\' Felix unlocked his lightning absorbers and engulfed himself in billions of electrical discharges.

This time, the electricity had covered even his wings and horns, making them shine brightly akin to minimized stars.

You will probably blind your enemies like this. Asna chuckled while staring at his illuminating body.

I am getting blinded on my own. Felix squinted his eyes in pain, not able to see clearly.

He already had a very sensitive eyes to the light, and now he had to deal with two light bulbs above his head.

To counter it, Felix was forced to put on sunglasses.

I guess we checked out that supersonic mode isn\'t very compatible with my new mutations. Felix commented, Let\'s see if it\'s worth using it.


The moment Felix decided to go all out in his speed, he broke the sound barrier in the first split second!

He hadn\'t even reached a quarter of his peak acceleration!

\'Queen, calculate my speed based on Earth Mach system.\' Felix requested after realizing that he could get much, much faster with his wings!

As expected, he doubled the speed of sound and reached Mach 2 in the first two seconds!

Before his replacement, he was capable of reaching this speed after six seconds!

\'Shit, I have a feeling I can actually reach Mach 6.\' Felix shivered in excitement.

Motivated more than ever, he kept flapping his wings a hundred times per second, leaving behind him a long arc of electricity.

One second later, Queen Ai reported, \'Mach 3 achieved...You are traveling at 3675.13 kph.\'

Even then, Felix was still accelerating!

\'Mach 4 achieved...You are traveling at 4900.18 kph.\'

\'Mach 5 achieved...You are traveling at 6125.22 kph.\'

\'Mach 6 achieved...You are traveling at 7350.26 kph.\'

Only after Felix broke through this insane level of speed, did he start to feel like he was nearing his acceleration peak.

This wasn\'t because of his true limitation but due to his imperfect adaptation to his wings!

He could feel it in his bones that he could do much better than this, but every time he tried to increase his wings flaps, he ended up messing the rhythm.

In the end, Felix stopped the speed test after accomplishing Half of Mach 7!


Felix landed on the ground with sweat dripping down his chin and wings trembling nonstop like they were injected with steroid.

I really need more practice. Felix understood that if he had perfect control of his wings, he could have limited his movements and kept the same speed.

In turn, he wouldn\'t get this exhausted so fast.

Still, he was content with his current speed upgrade.

This isn\'t teleportation, but it will do against those royal dragons.

Don\'t get content with just this sort of garbage speed. Thor scolded in annoyance, A damn jet from your planet is capable of reaching a Mach 10.

Don\'t even mention jets and spaceships from other civilizations.

You only get content after you reach the speed of light. Thor stressed.

I understand. Felix nodded with an ashamed expression.

If he simply had reached half of Mach 7 and moved on with his training, Thor wouldn\'t have said anything since he knew that Felix\'s body was still developing and couldn\'t support the same speed he had.

But to be content with it He couldn\'t stay quiet.

Felix recognized his mistake and reflected on it.

He was the student of the second-fastest being alive in the matter universe...The first one was naturally the Light Primogenitor.

Still, Felix\'s goal should always be reaching the speed of light or at least closing in on it...Especially, when he had both Thor\'s manipulation and mutation.

1 Speed of light equal to Mach 874030.

So, Felix truly had a long, long way before reaching the same level as Thor.

Hehe, you are being humbled left and right. Asna teased.

Shut up.

Ignoring her, Felix returned to the machine for testing physical strength.

Mental defenses were important.

Speed was also essential.

But physical strength was the foundation and true definition of strength.

Felix was confident in his enhancement as he had this feeling that he could literally punch a hole through a red dragons scale!

If he told anyone, he would be treated as a bumbling lunatic.

Even Felix didn\'t believe in his himself.

Without delay, Felix tightened his right fist as hard as he could and pulled it further back...His squinted eyes locked in on the red pad as he took a deep breath.

The instant his whole body felt like it was connected with his fist, Felix punched out the red pad as hard as he could, breaking the sound barrier in the process!


Before the sound barrier explosion could reach far, it was engulfed in thunderous noise of the red pad getting brutally smashed by Felix\'s fist!

The force of the punch was so vigorous, the surrounding wind got messed up badly, creating a chaotic noisy zone around Felix and the machine...Hell, the nearby trees had most of their leaves torn apart and sent flying with the wind.

Even after all of this, the machine hadn\'t moved an inch.

Felix wasn\'t surprised as he was the one picking a machine that was capable of surviving the force of a nuke blast.

Felix pulled his fist away from the red pad, allowing the entrapped smoke to escape.

The punch had generated enough heat, the red pad would have caught on fire if it was normal.

Felix ignored all of this and kept his eyes locked on the screen...It was still calculating the force, making Felix a bit optimistic about the results.

After two whole seconds, the screen had finally stopped at this number -101,471BF-.

Dear all mighty...

When Felix saw the final score, his jaw was dropped to the floor in absolute shock and fear.

He looked down at his hands and felt like he was a walking mass destruction weapon!

Who could blame him

100k was simply an unimaginable record in its own.

That\'s because, it separated the universe into two parties...The ones above this number and the ones below it.

Believe it or not, red dragons were below it.

In other words, Felix had just crossed a chasm that separated him from 99.9999% of the universe population!

He was under a few and above all when it came to physical strength!

So my feeling was correct after all...I can really punch a hole through a red dragon! Thrilled and excited, Felix tightened his fists while staring at the score.

Void abilities, legendary weapon, elemental abilities, strategies

None of this crap was needed anymore to establish complete dominance against the red dragons.

Now, Felix could proclaim proudly that he could slay a red dragon with his mere hands!!

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