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Chapter 919 The Carbuncle\'s Mutations

Wait until you see the effects of the Root Gemstone in your forehead. Thor informed.


Upon hearing so, Felix brought down his hype a notch and reached out with a finger to his forehead.

The moment he touched the solid unrefined gemstone, he exclaimed in surprise, The hell, I don\'t even feel it embedded in my forehead.

When he had inherited his void eye, Felix felt its existence in his soul.

But this gemstone, he had absolutely no sensation of it.

If he wasn\'t being told about it, he would have thought that the pain he felt in his forehead was due to the void eye removal alone.

Why is that Felix asked.

We don\'t know that much about it. Lady Sphinx informed, The only thing I know is its ability to make all gemstones in existence abide to your will.

What does that even mean Felix frowned, How can you make objects abide your will Isn\'t that just another version of gemstone manipulation

Looks like your knowledge about gemstones is quite limited. Lady Sphinx massaged her forehead and asked, What do you even know about them

I know that most gemstone bloodliners can only use abilities with attributeless diamonds and that only a couple legendary tier 7 beasts can give out abilities with attributed gemstones. Felix shared.

Felix wasn\'t a fool to commit to an element without doing at least a basic research about it...He knew that gemstone element was more or less like metal element, fire element, and sand element.

When he was using sand element, he was capable of switching between multiple attributed sands...Such as the green sand that was able to absorb energy or the blue sand that was anti-gravitational.

This was due to the sand being created from rocks breaking down due to weathering and eroding over thousands and even millions of years.

Because there were all kinds of unique rocks in the universe, some of them get also turned into fine sand, allowing Felix the freedom to control them as he wished.

In the case of the gemstones, there were many unique attributed ones around the universe, which weren\'t used just for decoration and jewelry.

Felix knew that there were gemstones capable of exploding, inducing natural illusions, sucking energy, eroding souls, and even ones capable of healing by mere touch!

All of them were discovered but not used since they were even rarer than natural treasures and sometimes impossible to be mined.

Felix recognized that he would most defintely be able to cast abilities with many attributed gemstones just like with his sand element.

If the gemstone element was merely based on controlling solid gemstones to increase his defense, he would have never bothered to pick it.

Attributed gemstones That\'s basic knowledge. Lady Sphinx shook her head, Have you forgotten that gemstones are also natural minerals, enabling them to absorb small amounts of neutral energy

In this universe, anything capable of absorbing neutral energy had a small chance of gaining consciousness and intelligence. Thor interjected, Inside the Elementals Galaxy, there is an entire race made out of gemstones.

For real Felix was surprised.

He knew about the elementals, but he had never heard about an entire race made out of gemstones!

It\'s normal not to know them. Lady Sphinx said, They don\'t use AP bracelets like the majority of Elementals...To make matters worse, they live underground throughout their entire lives.

No wonder.

Felix was truly enlightened.

He always knew that the Elemental Galaxy was a mysterious place filled with spiritual trees, mountains, rocks, seas, oceans, and even energy elements such as fire and lightning.

Yet, it went over his head that gemstones could also awaken their consciousness and create their own civilization inside that mysterious galaxy.

You are telling me that I can make this race abide by my will because of this so-called Root Gemstone Felix wondered while pointing at his forehead.

More than that. Lady Sphinx corrected him, You can enslave any creature with relations to gemstones.

The moment Felix heard so, a horrifying thought occurred in his mind.

\'Royal dragons have gemstones embedded in their foreheads.

Will I be able to command them too\'

Just as he was about to ask Lady Sphinx about the validity of such insane idea, she shook her head, I have no idea about that.

Carbuncle had died before dragons were a thing.

Since no one managed to inherit his Root Gemstone before now, no one had ever tried it.

Don\'t get your hopes up though. Thor interjected, The royal dragons gemstones were called as such simply because they resemble them.

In reality, those stones were created from concentration in their ancestral bloodline.

Hence, the bigger the gemstone a royal dragon possessed, the stronger he would be compared to his brothers and sisters.

I see. Felix\'s shoulders slumped down a little.

Although Lady Sphinx wasn\'t confirming it due to the lack of data, but Felix was certain that it wouldn\'t work.

Gemstones were one thing and concentrated bloodline essence was another...He would actually have more luck controlling the dragons with blood element.

Whatever, it was a thought in the wind anyway. Felix stopped moping around and said, Let\'s carry on after I clean up.

I can\'t stand the stench any longer.

Without further ado, Felix walked to the bathroom.

Fortunately, the doors were big enough for even giants, making it easier for him to enter while his wings were spread apart.

Felix didn\'t want to command his wings to fold or open, knowing that he would most defintely make it even worse.

He had a hellish time controlling his tail when he first obtained it...Wings were a different breed.

After Felix exited the shower without a speck of blood in his skin, he went to the mirror to check on the Root Gemstone.

Instead, he was surprised by his new hair color after the blood was washed away.

It was now as white as snow on the outside while the inner side was sky blue, matching exceptionally well with his sapphire horns and the transparent glowing purplish root gemstone.

This wasn\'t all, his eyes irises were back to pitch-black while his pupil remained as a white triangle.

Damn it, I went from a threatening three eyed monster to a sissy pale angel. Felix mumured in vexation.

You always hate your new appearence after each replacement, just to like them later. Asna rolled her eyes at him.

I do no such thing. Felix retorted shamelessly while beaming a pair of scissors...Then, he cut his hair until it was at shoulder-length.

Hmm, if I cut it too short like my usual hairstyle, the inner blue side will show much more. Felix tapped the scissors on his chin thoughtfully.

Felix much preferred to leave his hair appearing just white since it was less fancy and mature.

To achieve that, he knew that a new hairstyle was required to hide as much as possible of the blue color.

If it wasn\'t impossible to dye his hair, he would have already dyed it completely golden, returning to his origins.

Unfortunately, this was a mutation that enforced Felix hair\'s to always have this exact color scheme.

It was useless alright but still a hair mutation.

In a short while, Felix had beamed his scissors and fixed his hair before the mirror.

He didn\'t leave it at a shoulder-length or cut too short...He comprised and picked a new hairstyle that kept his front locks of hair a bit longer than the back lock.

At least it looks a bit styled than your previous idiotic hairstyle. Asna complemented while mixing an insult.

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