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Chapter 918 The Forth Replacement!

“That strong” Felix was surprised.

“You will understand when you unlock it.” Jörmungandr smiled faintly.

This only made Felix more eager to use the gemstone bloodline…But for now, Felix went to his UVRs room, finally going to be testing out his new increased strength.

After a short while…

Felix exited the UVRs room with a faint smug planted on his face…He merely spent a couple of minutes to test out his physical strength.

This was more than enough to let him understand that he had crossed another major checkpoint.

Now, he was capable of contesting against even Lord Giants and High Orc Chieftains in pure physical combat!

Those monstrous beings were considered as the strongest and most reputable individuals in their race…Everyone dreaded them since they could literally snap almost all races into halves.

Before the coma, Felix would have experienced the same fate…But now He didnt even need to bat an eye facing them with purely his physical strength.

Unfortunately, he hadnt reached the same caliber as even young dragons.

‘I am now at half the sixth mark. Felix thought,To reach red dragons strength, I will need at least another ten thousand bloodline force and double that to deal with normal royal dragons.

Felix knew that he would need even more to deal with the royal dragons in the ceremony…After all, they were cherry-picked from the best of the best.

Still, Felix wasnt too worried.

‘The real strength enhancement has yet to happen. Felix smirked faintly.


Two days later…

Mistress Candace had returned from Lady Sphinxs castle after picking up Noah, the gemstone primogenitors bloodline, the gemstone egg, and lastly the promised devices that would be used to extract the void domain ability.

Lady Sphinx had kept her word and developed a genome needle capable of extracting the void domain ability and also the injector pistol to put it back in.

“Use them when you are close to reach 99% and replace it.” Lady Sphinx informed, “Although I have high confidence that it will work, its best to be cautious since this is an uncharted territory.”

Even Lady Sphinx had never extracted primogenitors abilities…Dont even mention ultimate ones.

Since the abilities were made out of unique genome sequences, for those kind of abilities, they would naturally be extremely complex.

“My thoughts exactly.” Felix nodded in appreciation while beaming the devices in his spatial card.

Then, he beamed the materials needed for integration and sat on the ground, not planning on dilly-dallying any longer.

In the past two days, he refused to leave his room and kept preparing himself mentally for the replacement process.

As for Noah and Mistress Candace They continued on their journey towards the ice world, letting Felix have a peaceful time for his replacement process.

Felix didnt even bother to inform Selphie and Anastasia, knowing that he couldnt afford their distraction.

All of this because Felix intended to replace his bloodline with a whopping 15% at once!!!

With every bloodline replacement, he always increases 2% or 3%, so he could have higher chances of unlocking more useful mutations.

15% was a significant number since he would unlock two passives straightaway if he succeeded.

Although he was confident in his current pain tolerance and toughness to handle the process, Asna was still distressed about him.

“There is no need to push that far.” Asna said in vexation, “You will most likely unlock a single useful mutation even with just 10%.”

“I want more.” Felix stretched his limbs as he responded calmly, “I will be losing the void eye after I etch my void immunity…I need more mutations to compensate for the loss.”

In all honesty, it didnt sting Felix that much to lose the void eye…Thats because he would be losing all abilities that made it useful.

Such as the void rift, void beam, and dimensional senses.

He was already assured that he wouldnt need the void eye to use the void suit.

In other words, the void eye would be a useless decoration that would merely enable him to glance through the void realm.

With Felixs Truth Eyes, he could already obtain this kind of vision by simply reaching the 4th level.

Still, he could never complain about having more mutations.

“If you dont unlock more than two useful mutations, you better return to 12% or less.” Asna threatened.

“Already planned on it.”

There was no point in increasing the risk levels when the rewards didnt match it.

After spending a few more hours of meditation, Felix opened his eyes the moment he reached the perfect mental state.

In a calm and collected manner, he reached out to the injection needle and placed it inside a bottle that was filled with a blue starry liquid.

The needle he was using was made from rare tough material capable of penetrating even steel.

With Felixs increased strength, he had to use this type of needle if he wanted to avoid breaking it.

Soon, he extracted 15% exactly out of it and closed it shut.

Then, he pointed the needle next to his heart and took a deep breath.

Even though Felix hadnt integrated for a very long time, his heartbeats didnt skip a single beat.

He had gone through this so many times, it became a routine for him.

‘Here we go.


Fifteen minutes later…

Felix laid above a pool of his own sweat and blood without moving a single inch…There was so much blood going around, anyone would have believed that he was murdered.

All of this blood came mostly from his back as two stained angelic white wings were protruding forcefully from his shoulder blades.

Even through the blood, the wings appeared majestic and breathtaking due to being completely shaped from crystallized feathers!

At the upper wing coverts, there was a long line of refined diamonds embedded, adding to their royal dignified sensation.

This wasnt the only mutation Felix received…His hair was completely painted red by the blood expelled from the emergence of two curved blue crystallized horns!

They truly resembled two giant sapphires embedded in his head.

Because he had his face down on the floor, it was hard to see the last mutation…It was a gorgeous transparent unrefined gemstone centered in his forehead.

It replaced his void eye, making him appear less monstrous and more grandiose.

“Well, he wanted more mutations.” Thor chuckled.

“Besides the wings, everything else seems just for decoration.” Asna expressed.

“Youre wrong.” Lady Sphinx shook her head, “I dont know about the hair or the horns, but the gemstone in his forehead is actually one of the greatest mutations he can obtain from the gemstone primogenitor.”

“Is that so” Asna was surprised and somewhat curious about its utilities to receive such a high praise.

Lady Sphinx didnt intend to explain it to her, knowing that she would be needed to repeat it again when Felix wake up.

Thankfully, it didnt take Felix a long time to recover and regain his consciousness.


The moment he opened his eyes, Felix was assaulted by multiple waves of pain from his back, scalp, and forehead.

Not thinking about anything else, he reached out to the pain relief potions besides him and drank them akin to vodka shots.

After he took ten of them, the pain disappeared as sudden as it appeared.

“What an unpleasant **ty experience.” Felix mumured in irritation after smelling his bodys odor.

He spent a couple of hours lying around in a pool of blood and sweat…It wasnt surprising that he would smell like absolute **.

However, the moment he spotted his folded crystallized wings, he completely forgot about the smell.

He just kept eying them with a stunned expression, feeling like he was in a dream.

“Wings…I actually got a wings mutation…” He mumured while touching the smooth crystallized feathers in absolute disbelief.

During the integration process, he did feel like his back was splitting in half and that something big was pushing out.

But the pain was so agonizing, he wasnt given even a second to bother guessing the emerging mutation.

“You didnt get any wings, you got the wings of The Royal Carbuncle.” Thor smirked, “They are considered as the most perfect wings any being could possess.”

“He is right.” Jörmungandr supported, “Carbuncles wings are light but at the same time as tough as condensed white adamantine.”

“Condensed white adamantine!” Felix gasped in disbelief.

He knew that the condensed white adamantine was ranked as one of the top three toughest minerals ever discovered.

To put it into perspective, the Strucrase that was used to build the Shurima Temple was merely ranked as the ninth-toughest material.

Felix and his crew werent able to break apart even a tiny piece of it during their exploration.

Meanwhile, the condensed white adamantine were so hard, not a single race had found an efficient method to mine them yet…Dont even mention using them as alloys or such!

The fact that he felt as light as a feather even though he was carrying behind him two humongous wings made out of condensed white adamantine was an unexpected bonus.

“I can fly with unhindered speed, and I can even use them as perfect shields” Felix expressed with a thrilled expression, “Dear lord, this is a dream mutation!”

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