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Chapter 915 Welcome To The Pack

Back in the present…

Noah glanced at him for a few seconds before shaking his head, “Lets fight…There is no point in talking about spilled milk.”

Fenrir shook his head at his rejection, but he respected his choice…Everyone had a time when they were ready to speak out and Noah hadnt reached it yet.


Suddenly, Fenrir extended his foot and kicked Noah from the edge, making him fall down to the abyss immediately!


Cool-headed, Noah used his chilling breath to freeze the mountains surface, allowing him to lodge into it and start surfing down.

Naturally, he kept releasing the chilling breath to create a path for him.

By the time he reached the ground, Fenrir was already down there waiting for him.


While Noah was having his ass handed to him, there was a meeting in Lady Sphinxs living room.

“As we anticipated, Fenrir will grow fond of the kid and will most defintely decide to keep him around.” Thor smiled, “This meant, we can expect him taking over the mission and saving our brother.”

“But now, we have a different problem.” Jörmungandr said.

“Indeed, Felix is expecting ice bloodline after he wakes up…Now, he will need to find another.”

“What do you guys think”

“He is back to water element, I guess.” Asna said.

“Is there no other option He really does want to own a solid form element.”

“Well, thats not an option anymore.”

As mentioned before, all primogenitors with solid form elements were either still alive or had their elemental manipulation lost over the years after bestowing it on their descendants.

Like Gem primogenitor or Glass Primogenitor.

If they didnt own their elemental manipulation, there was no point in using their bloodline.

“How about the egg”

“What about it”

“Is there a way to extract the elemental manipulation from it or something” Asna suggested.

“That sounds quite farfetched.” Thor said.

“Everything is possible…I am still researching it.” Lady Sphinx replied.

Ever since Lady Sphinx secured the egg, she had been having great success with her research.

Thats because the egg still didnt awaken its consciousness to cause her trouble.

“Getting elemental manipulation from an egg, if you succeeded, doesnt that mean Felix would be getting all the gifts, which were meant for the new gem primogenitor” Jurmi narrowed his eyes.

The primogenitors were given many gifts in addition to the elemental manipulation…Such as, great intelligence, immortality, extraordinary physique…etc.

The inscriptions were responsible mainly for the perfect elemental manipulation…Thats why Felix hadnt inherited any of other gifts even though he had two inscriptions sealed in him.

“As long as the egg doesnt gain consciousness, everything is possible.” Lady Sphinx answered.

“Lets hope for the best then.”

Thor still felt that this route would be a dead end…He trusted in Lady Sphinx capablities, but this was out of their league…Tempering with the egg was the same as tempering with the universes laws and decisions.

It was close to impossible to screw up with the universes creations of such a high caliber.


One Year Later…

Booom Boom Boom!!

Above a snowy mountain, explosions resounded thunderously all over the place, snow was being hurled, and avalanches were being created.

Yet, the explosions kept on going.

Amidst the chaos, Noah could be seen sprinting in his wolf form while firing off gigantic ice boulders behind him…Before they could touch the ground, he explodes them with his ability.


Right behind him, Fenrir was on a full sprint, using the same tactic as Noah.

Just as Noah believed that Fenrir would be launching exploding projectiles at him, he was shocked to find out he was being chased by tens of identical wolves to Fenrir!

‘Did he sneak away, or he is hiding within their formation Noah pondered inwardly while aiming at the wolves, hoping to reduce their numbers.

Alas, just as he had gotten rid of three of them, six more rise from the snow…This kept going until he was being chased by an army.

Noah knew that if he kept running, his situation would merely develop worse and worse.

So, he turned around and slapped his palm on the ground, resulting in the creation of gigantic sharp ice spikes.

The spikes didnt target the wolves but actually got created in a circle around him, making it seem like he was shielded by spiky wall.

‘Not yet, not yet, not yet… Noah mumured in his mind while squinting at the approaching army of wolves.

The instant they trespassed his zone, Noah blew up the spiky wall instantly!

This resulted in hundreds of sharp fragments to get hurled out akin to bullets at the army of wolves, destroying them by the dozens!

Although his strategy had succeeded, Noah didnt drop his guard, knowing this was the perfect opportunity for Fenrir to pop out of nowhere and kill him.

In the past year, he fought Fenrir at least twenty times on daily basis…He lost all of his battles without an exception.

Every time he was close to hitting Fenrir, he used a different strategy to evade it and counter-attack instantly.

This time would be no different in his eyes.

Alas, it didnt go as he predicted.

‘Come up here, its time for your judgement. Fenrir ordered.

Noah glanced at the peak of the mountain and saw that Fenrir was sitting at the edge as always.

‘Its been a year already… Noah fell on his knees, feeling a crippling sense of failure assault him from nowhere.

Every single day, every single defeat, Noah always believed that if he kept improving, the time would come when he lands a single strike on Fenrir.

Alas…Seven thousand fights later, and he had yet to even cut Fenrirs fur.

‘If it was Felix, he would have defeated him in his first three rounds. Noah sighed.

He knew that his performance was disappointing and if it were up to him, he wouldnt think he was worthy enough to own such an extraordinary ability.

Accepting his fate silently, Noah climbed the mountain and stood behind Fenrir, waiting for his final judgement.

“You are weak, too weak it makes me feel like I am just wasting my time here with you.” Fenrir said bluntly without even glancing at him.

Noah nodded in silence, having nothing to defend himself.

“Even if my life depended on your help, I refuse to allow any random weakling own my greatest weapon and pride.” Fenrir said firmly, “Do you agree with this”

“I do…” Noah said with a serious tone.

If he was in Fenrirs position, he would have done the same.

He knew that Fenrir must have spent an unfathomable time to reach such a height in ice manipulation for him to create Absolute Zero.

He couldnt even imagine allowing someone else to inherit it without lifting a single finger…Dont even mention someone as weak as him.

‘I know that I dont deserve it…I know that I am way out of my pond…I know…I know.

But, why does it feel like ** Noah tried his best to keep his deadpan expression, not wanting to show an unsavory appearence in front of Fenrir.

Getting rejected always feel like crap, no matter how different the circumstances.

Fenrir stood up from his place and went in front of Noah…He extended his hand and patted him in the head with a faint smile, “But, weakness is temporarily and character is eternal.”

“You, my kid has shown enough character in the past year that rivals anyone else in this universe.”

More than seven thousand defeats in one year…Yet, Noah had never given up on challenging Fenrir.

Fenrir was looking for this type of grit, resolve, courage, and tough mentality in Noah from the very beginning.

He knew that Noah wouldnt be able to touch him even if he spent years battling him…The difference between them was simply too unfathomable.

Fortunately for Noah, he didnt give up and fail the true hidden condition.

“Welcome to the pack.” Fenrir patted him in the shoulder.


This time, Noah was truly at lose for words, not daring to believe that Fenrir had allowed him in even though he hadnt fullfiled his condition.

“Look tough, you are the only member of my pack at the moment…The pack members speak for the leader.” Fenrir said coldly while tightening his grip on Noahs shoulder, making him wince in pain a little.

“Understood.” Noah pushed down his unsettled emotions and nodded with an expressionless face.

“Much better…” Fenrir turned around and ordered, “Get some rest, you will start your training for real in first light.”

Not needing to word it out, Noah knew that Fenrir had decided to take him as his student…If it wasnt for so, he wouldnt need to bother with him anymore since rescuing him didnt require any of this.

He gladly agreed to have Fenrir as his master, knowing that he had learned more in this year than all of his years combined.

“Ill be there.” Noah affirmed before breaking into light particles.

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