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Chapter 913 A Nightmarish Childhood V

“You are really asking for it, **ty brat!” Infuriated, the nanny snapped immediately after being called miserable and struck him with metal soup spoon right in the face!


Noah got thrown back to the kitchen counter from the force…Blood started to seep through his noose akin to a broken water tap.

The nannys mind was already clouded with nothing but fury to think for a second that hitting Noah in the face was going to be much harder to cover.

She simply kept striking him over and over again, venting on all of her built-in frustration for the past weeks on him.

As for Noah He covered his head and curled into a ball again, trying to defend his vitals.

The moment the beating started, he completely forgot the kitchen knife in his pocket or his plan to retaliate.

Pain and fear consumed his mind, making it impossible for him to go as far as stab the nanny.

Who could blame him Even most adults wouldnt have the courage to retaliate against their abusers.

If it was that easy, cases of domestic abuse would lessen and be replaced with news of men or women getting killed by their spouses.

Terror was a powerful tool that was hard to overcome for anyone.

After a couple of minutes, the nanny finally exited her frenzied blackout and started huffing in exhaustion.

The first thing she did was check on Noah…When she saw that the only obvious wound was his bloody nose, she relaxed her shoulders.

“Not opening your big mouth now, huh” The nanny turned him around with her foot, making Noahs expression get twisted in pain.

All of his injuries were bruises that get easily aggravated by a mere breeze.

“Youre lucky I dont have my belt on me.” The nanny gave him one last cold stare before walking away.

Hearing her retreating footsteps, Noah was forced to fight through the pain and lift his head slightly.

The moment he saw her climbing the stairs to the second floor, his heart fell to the bottom of his stomach.

‘She promised…She wont do it, she cant do it. Noah kept trying to convince himself that the nanny wasnt going after his little sister.

He didnt dare to believe it, knowing that he was in no form or shape to protect his sister.


Alas, the instant he heard his little sisters high-pitched terrified scream, Noahs mind was completely broken.

“Brother!!! Brother!! Stay away!!!”

Regardless of what he felt, Graces panicky voice kept penetrating his eardrums akin to sharp swords piercing his heart.

‘No..no..non..no..no..Stop, stop, please stop, stop, god, please stop her, god please..

With each scream he heard, Noahs eyes get duller and duller like his soul was being ruptured apart and pulled forcefully from him.

The pain from his bruises were fading away with his soul, seeming like his mind had turned off his pain sensors just to handle the other crisis.

Alas…There was nothing much to be done…Noah could ignore and tolerate everything that happen to him…Everything.

But, he just couldnt close an eye to the sound of his sister crying for his help.

A silent as the night, Noah stood up on his feet.

His eyes were wide open but at the same time, there was nothing in them…Not a single ounce of emotions.

He reached his hand inside his pocket and held the kitchen knife in his hand.

Then, he walked towards the staircase and climbed it even though his legs and thighs were packed with purplish bruises.

The moment he reached the second floor, he continued his walk towards his bedroom.

The door was open and Graces yells were still resounding throughout the house.

This time, even the nannys raging voice resounded loudly.

Yet, Noah heard nothing but beeping noise, canceling everything else.

“Get out of there, you little minx!”

The moment Noah stood before his bedrooms door, the first thing he saw was the nanny lying on her stomach next to his bed.

She had her arms stretched under the bed while peeking with her head almost touching the ground.

Graces voice was picked from underneath the bed.

If Noah was still in his full mental capacity, he would have sighed in relief by the sight, knowing that the nanny hadnt harmed his sister yet.

Sadly, he was already far gone…

Noah approached the nanny from the back as silent as cat and tightened his grasp on the knife.

Then, he zoned in at the nannys neck akin to a vulture and hurled himself without a single thought coursing on his mind.

“Huh” The nannys instincts kicked in, forcing her to turn around immediately.

Alas, she was a mere nanny in her forties, making her unable to react in time even when her eyes spotted the incoming knife.

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In a split second, the knife pierced the side of her neck until it was lodged entirely inside…Because the knife wasnt removed, blood didnt gush out but leaked through the sides of the hole.


Still in utter disbelief and shock, the nanny kept eying Noahs dimmed blue eyes, not able to comprehend what had just happened.


Even though Noah was merely a few inches away from her face and was in direct contact with her eyes, he didnt hesitate to pull the knife from her throat.

Because the nannys throat was pierced, she was unable to utter a single word.

She just kept chocking on her own blood while clutching her neck as a last instinctive resort to save herself.

Alas, Noah wasnt done yet…He lifted the knife high up with both of his hands, and it brought down hard, stabbing her in the chest.

Even then, the nanny wasnt dead yet.

Noah didnt even bother to think that the nanny would be dead on her own in half minute at best if he left her bleed out.

He just kept pulling the knife out and stabbing her over and over again, splashing blood all over his clothes, face, soulless pupils, and the bedroom.

He didnt stop to think about his sister, who had gone completely silent under the bed.

He just kept stabbing until he lost strength in his arm, making the bloody knife fall off it easily.

By the time he stopped, the nannys body was filled with more than twenty holes, gushing blood continuously until a small puddle was created around her.

Noah stood on the blood puddle indifferently and kept staring at the nannys lifeless but still horrified eyes.

To the last second of her life, she still couldnt understand why she was killed.

Only after confirming her death did Noah finally break out of his murderous trance.

The first thing he heard after the beeping noise died down was his sisters soft whimpering under the bed while repeating his name over and over again.

‘What have I done Noah glanced at his bloody hands and clothes with absolute shock on his face.

He wasnt shocked or even regretful that he killed the nanny.

But, the fact he did it right next to his little sister.

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