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Chapter 908 No Excuses!

They would fight and die for it without betting an eye!

Winterwolves and Werewolves around the universe were all parts of many packs…Sure, there might be some lone wolves here and there, but they were considered as the exception to the exception.

Not being in a pack simply meant having no protection even with your own race, making you a target to almost anyone.

Even the Queen Ai had no say in it since this was cultural related!

This signified that the moment a werewolf or winterwolf get born, he automatically joins his parents clan…He only gets the option to choose if he wanted to stay or replace it after he reached adolescence.

One would think that every wolf would be loyal to his birth pack and stay in it regardless of what…But one couldnt get any more mistaken.

Gone were the days of absolute loyalty to the packs…Now, it was all about selecting the best and strongest pack around.

Naturally, selecting it was one thing and getting in it was another.

At the moment, Noah was being given an opportunity to join Fenrirs pack!

In the mouths of the winterwolves and werewolves, it was referred to respectfully as The Ancestral Pack…The one and only true ruler to all packs!

“You think that I will bestow you my ultimate ability just like that” Fenrir said, “I have rules, customs that I created and have to adhere by it…Only my pack members can get something out of me.”

Noah nodded in understanding.

“Show me what you got.”

Fenrir turned to Noah and reduced his size until they had the same height.

Then, he entered a battle position, forcing Noah to raise his guard to the limit instantly.

‘What an overwhelming battle intent. Noah thought with a serious expression while putting some distance from Fenrir.

“I will limit my strength to your level and remove my ice immunity…You will also be given infinite elemental energy.” Fenrir disclosed calmly, “So, go all out.”

The moment Noah heard so, he didnt hesitate to bent his knees and launch himself at Fenrir with his beastial jaw wide open.

It might look like he was foolishly trying to contest again Fenrir in a melee fight, but he had a different tactic in mind.

‘Cold Breath.


A long condensed steam of coldness emerged from Noahs throat and headed towards Fenrir, forcing him to block it quite causally with a mere solid white wall risen from the snow underneath!

The cold breath collided with the wall and did nothing but spread out to the nearby trees, turning them into beautiful frozen sculptures.

‘Snow manipulation…Its going to be tricky to hit him in this environment. Noah thought calmly as he retreated a couple of steps.

Neither did he whine that it was an unfair advantage nor did he waste time on feeling despair about his situation.

‘I need to blow away the snow around him and seal him within my Ice Coffin.

Noah knew that Fenrir wouldnt wait for him to think thoroughly about the perfect plan…So, the instant he came up with something to work with, he didnt hesitate to act upon it.

Noah used snow camouflage to disappear within the scenery, making him absolutely undetectable by anything…It was one of Fenrirs common passives, but it came handy in this situation.

After he went into stealth mode, Noah checked on Fenrir, wanting to see whether he could see him or not.

‘If he really limited his strength based on my level, his perspective shouldnt reach this far. Noah deducted while approaching Fenrir slowly akin to a wolf attempting to hunt a deer.

Because he was given infinite elemental energy, he didnt remove his morphing ability…There was simply a giant chasm between his physical condition and senses when he used it.

After Noah got close enough for his abilitys range, he stopped right away, not getting too greedy.

Then, he narrowed his blue eyes at Fenrir and mumured under his breath, “Chilling blizzard.”


The wind picked up its speed immediately around Fenrir, causing the snow underneath him to get hurled into the air!

To make matters worse, the chilling blizzard on its own was already a terrifying ability!

It was able to freeze anything after a short period that was based on the targets ice resistance.

Since Fenrir had removed his ice immunity, he was just like a commoner caught within a real blizzard.

Still, he didnt seem too worried as he remained affixed in his position without a change of expression.

Noah knew that something wasnt right, so he swiftly followed with the rest of his tactic.

‘Ice Coffin!

He slammed his palms into the snow as he activated one of the permanent abilities from his 3rd replacement bloodline!​

Thud Thud!…

Four giant ice walls rose around Fenrir before merging together and locking him inside a sculpture of a giant wolf.

Still not done yet, Noah opened his jaw widely again and dashed closer until Fenrir was in his chilling breaths range.


The instant he was in, he launched his chilling breath at the ice coffin, causing new layers of ice to build on it.

By the time his jaw started to hurt, the ice coffin had completely disappeared and was replaced by a giant ice dome that resembled a beautiful crystal.

Even then, Noah had yet to conclude his attack!

‘Ice Explosion.

Noah finalized his attack with a snap of a finger, causing the ice dome to blow up into many fragments, launching them everywhere!

When the snow had settled down, Noah glanced at Fenrirs location and saw that he wasnt there anymore.

“Did I get him” He mumured under his breath, not daring to believe that it might be the case.

Alas, before he could feel a sense of accomplishment, Noahs vision started spinning around and around like his head was placed inside a washing machine.


A moment later, the spinning stopped, but his vision was now upside-down.


Noah had experienced this feeling a couple of times in the UVR, making him figure out instantly that his head had just got decapitated.

His last expression was that of doubt and confusion, having absolutely no idea how did he get his head separated without him sensing a single thing!

After his corpse broke into light particles, Fenrir stepped into the light like he was always hiding behind Noah.

“Battle Report.” Fenrir ordered the moment Noahs body got reconstructed in front of him.

‘How am I supposed to give a report when I dont know what happened Noah knitted his eyebrows.

Knowing that Fenrir wasnt the patient type, Noah started with what he knew.

“I created a strategy that was based on your imposed weaknesses.

Blizzard to hinder your vision and also keep the snow away, Ice coffin to lock you in, and Ice explosion as last deathly blow.”

“I dont know how did everything land on you, yet you managed to sneak up and decapitate me.”

“I didnt use anything that you dont already own.” Fenrir stressed, “Now, think again.”

‘He used only my abilities to achieve this Noah was startled at first, thinking that couldnt be right.

But, when he gave it a portion of his mind, he finally figured out Fenrirs counter-attack!

“Snowman Mimicry!”

“There you go.” Fenrir nodded.

Noah 2nd bloodline permanent ability was called Snowman Mimicry.

It was able to create a stationary snow figure that was identical to the owner.

It wasnt that useful without coverage since everyone would be able to spot the owner next to the copy.

Noah figured out that when he used his chilling blizzard, Fenrir used the snow mimicry immediately and escaped from underneath the thick snow without leaving a single trace.

It was too easy if he used snow camouflage!

The moment he escaped from the blizzard storm, he circled him and waited for him until he dropped his guard when he believed that his ice explosion had succeeded in killing him.

“Amazing…” Noah could only stare at Fenrir with eyes filled with awe.

Except Felix, Noah had never looked at anyone else with this sort of gaze ever since his parents death.

“Do you have any excuses” Fenrir asked calmly.

“No.” Noah tightened his fists and requested, “Can I have another go”

How could he have an excuse when Fenrir used two of his abilities to take him down He didnt even bother to use his ice manipulation!

“You can have as many chances as possible during this year.” Fenrir smiled coldly, “Just know this, as long as you dont defeat me with all of my imposed weaknesses, you can forget about keeping my ultimate ability.”

Noah nodded with a serious expression, not daring to raise a single complaint about his condition.

“Lets begin.” Fenrir cracked his neck and disappeared through the snow.

Seeing his fading silhouette, Noah knew that it was going to be a long year…

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