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Chapter 906 Change of Plan

“I know what you are thinking, but trust me, he is the real deal.” Jörmungandr came to save the day by displaying a holographic list with all of Felixs perks that defined his infinite potential.

“Hmm, interesting…He is capable of holding into more than one elemental manipulation and also owned a devourers heart” Fenrir raised an eyebrow a little.

He knew that having devourers heart was enough to help Felix reach the same ranks as the primogenitors in terms of physical strength…As long as he carried on increasing his marks continuously.

The multiple manipulations and ability to inherit ultimate abilities from primogenitors ensured that he would be the most versatile being in the universe.

The fact that he was a human gave him the freedom to go further and beyond since there were no chains placed on him.

“I gotta admit, he does have the potential to reach new heights.” Fenrir frowned, “But, potential will always remain untapped if the owner didnt live up to it…Does your student live up to it”

“See for yourself.” Thor displayed another hologram that showed Felixs struggles from the moment he met Jörmungandr to this day.

When they were gathered and edited like this, it showed everyone that Felix had truly walked through molten rocks to reach his current height.

The ** he went through was unimaginable to anyone if they didnt see it for themselves.

“Not bad.” Fenrir finally praised, “You have chosen well and taught him well.”

Before Jörmungandr and Thor could feel a bit smug about his complement, Fenrir soon shook his head, “Still, I dont see a way for him to kill Manananggal.”

“See it or not, it doesnt matter to us.” Thor shook his head, “All we care about is that fact that the kid has a chance to create a miracle unlike us.”

“We are simply betting on that miracle.” Jörmungandr supported, “If you want to bet with us, this is your chance to let down your weapon and choose another path for your revenge.”

Fenrir refrained from responding to his invitation, knowing that they were asking him to invest in their student too.

A few seconds later, he couldnt help but burst their bubble, “Guys, you do know that if I bestow my elemental manipulation, I will get squinched like a bug within the ice world, right”




Everyone was caught off guard by his proclamation.

They always believed that Fenrir would be freed from his ice world if he had given his ice manipulation.

After all, his body was subconsciously converting neutral energy into ice energy and then expel it as the most terrifying chilling air ever recorded.

Without an elemental manipulation, his body would automatically stop releasing the chill and the ice world would break into light particles since it lost its main supply of energy.

As for Fenrir In their eyes, he should be able to resist the chill since his ice immunity had already been developed over the years without even needing the inscriptions.

Yet, what they failed to predict was the godly pressure of the ice world!

“The only reason I am still alive in the ice world is because of the protocol ensuring that I get protected within a shell.” Fenrir confessed, “Without it, the ice world pressure is enough to kill me a hundred times after it reached half the size of a planet.”

Now that the ice world was as big as an actual star, god knows what would happen to Fenrir if he lost his protection.

Sure he was immune to ice, but not its weight when it had the size of a star.

“We truly havent thought of that.” Thor frowned, “We desired your manipulation for Felix, but if it is going to result into your death, we would have never suggested it.”

“Indeed.” Jörmungandr nodded with a serious expression, “Forget what we said.

We can talk about it later on when we free you from the ice world.”

Neither Thor nor Jörmungandr were that extreme to request for their brother to die, so Felix could grow stronger.

In Felixs case, there were always other alternatives…It wasnt like he wouldnt live without the ice element.

“I dont really mind doing it, though.” Fenrir shared casually, “I am semi dead already.”

“Absolutely not!”

“Stop spewing such bull**.”

Thor and Jörmungandr shouted simultaneously.

Now that it was established that Fenrir needed to die for Felix to own his ice manipulation, this option was taken off the table immediately.

“It will be a great waste to get yourself killed over this.” Lady Sphinx agreed with them.

“You can help the cause much better if we freed you in one piece.” Thor added.

“Well, I doubt any one of you can.” Fenrir shook his head, “The ice world size is already past a common star.

It will be impossible to destroy it when the chill is enough to freeze anything in its ever expanding range.”

As he mentioned, the ice world was currently named as one of the ten most dangerous universal phenomena.

The tourists get warned extensively to stay a couple of thousands of kilometers away from it if they didnt want their spaceships to get frozen instantly.

To make matters worse, even abilities get frozen inside ice world range.

“How about we use Candace and Felixs void abilities to free him” Asna suggested, “They can enter the ice world and reach Sir Fenrir in a split second…Then, drag him into the void realm.

I doubt he wont be tough enough to survive a few seconds in the void realm.”

“Hmm, that could work.”

Thor supported her plan, knowing that void and space abilities were the only thing capable of extracting Fenrir from the ice world.

“Better yet, why dont we deliver Fenrirs wisp of consciousness to the main body through the void realm” Lady Sphinx proposed calmly.

“Now we are talking.” Jörmungandr nodded, “As long as Fenrirs wisp merged with the main consciousness, he can force himself to wake up and shut down the protocol.”

“It is truly the least risky plan.”

“Hmm, I can see it working.” Fenrir knitted his eyebrows, “But, who will deliver the wisp of consciousness He will need to have ice immunity if he doesnt want the chill to kill him instantly.”

Obviously, a direct contact between the holder of the wisp and the main body had to be there for the process to work.

“Its gotta be Felix.” Asna said, “He is the only one with void immunity and can obtain ice immunity through your bloodline.”

Both immunities must exist for the plan to work.

“This is getting tricky.” Thor massaged his temples.

He knew that if they went for this, Felix had to use Fenrirs bloodline…He felt that it would be a great waste in both scenarios.

If Fenrir bestow Felix his elemental manipulation even though he had been freed from the ice world, it wouldnt make much sense.

They had no issue with Felix getting Fenrirs ice manipulation when he was sealed in the ice world since they believed that by doing so, they would free their brother too.

It was a win-win situation.

But now They didnt feel thrilled by the thought.

On the other hand, Felixs future would get f*cked if he decided to save Fenrir, knowing that he wouldnt expect his ice manipulation.

“As I said, I dont mind bestowing the kid my manipulati…”

“No is a no.” Thor eyed him sternly, “Its much better to have you backing him up with your full strength then act as mere spectator like us.”

Jörmungandr nodded in agreement.

Unlike Fenrir, they were already dead, and they had no choice but to go for this route…It would be mad to make Fenrir take the same route as them when he could simply act as the perfect protector to Felix.

At the moment Felixs safety literally depended on Lord Khaos intimidation.

If it wasnt for so, the Darkin faction wouldnt have hesitated to either send subordinates or hunt him down on their own.

With Fenrirs existence, this could change as Felix would truly have a real backer next to him.

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