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Chapter 905 The Reunion

Thor and Jörmungandr were truly thrown off guard by Fenrirs relieved expression…They knew that their brother was easily pissed off even though he was supposed to be the as chill as ice.

With how things ended up between them, they wouldnt have surprised if he lunged at them and started beating the living ** out of them.

“Is this a scheme to get us close” Thor mumured next to Jörmungandr.

“Most likely…” Jörmungandr supported.

“I can hear you, bastards.” Fenrirs eyelids twitched in irritation while approaching them.

Thor and Jörmungandr stood up immediately and tightened their shoulders, expecting at least a punch or two for their betrayals.

However, when Fenrir reached them, he extended his arms widely and hugged them both at the same time.



“I thought I will never meet you again.” Fenrir tightened his grasp on their shoulders, making them feel like he was afraid that they would disappear on him.

Thor and Jörmungandr could only eye Lady Sphinx with dazed looks, having no idea how to react to this sudden burst of intimacy from their cold-hearted brother.

“Why arent you pissed at us” Thor asked the moment they broke their hug.

“We left you to fend for yourself against the Darkin faction without any backup.” Jörmungandr frowned, “If I were you, I would have been livid.”

“I was pissed at the beginning, and you have clue how many years I spent cursing you and hating you for what walking out on me…But.” Fenrir sighed deeply, “After I woke up from my slumber within the illusion world, I realized that I have truly wronged you.”


“Come again”

Everyone was left speechless at the sound of that…The last thing they anticipated from this meeting was for Fenrir to make himself as the wrongdoer.

“Its not surprising…Sleeping within the illusion world has cleansed my mind and made me able to see clearly again without being clouded by hatred.”

“With a clear mind, I finally understood that I was a selfish prick to push you guys into an endless war without a happy ending.” He cracked a bitter smile, “You always had my back against the Darkin faction even though you already reached your limit ages ago.

I never appreciated that until it was already too late.”

“I am the one who should be apologetic to you guys, and you should be angry at me.”

Upon hearing all of this, Thor and Jörmungandr didnt know if they should feel glad that Fenrir had changed from his untolerable cold angry persona or mad that he did make sense.

The conflict between them and the Darkin faction was solely risen from matter related to Fenrir and Manananggal.

Saurous, Wendigo, and them simply got dragged into it due to being in the same faction.

Because all of this started in the Primogenitors Era, all the fighting, hate, fury, had long been engraved in their souls, making them unable to tolerate each other.

All of this was caused by Fenrir refusing to forgive Mannangal for the heinous crime that he committed against his pack.

Neither Thor nor Jörmungandr ever turned their backs on him even when they knew that his war would result in absolutely nothing.

If it was any other primogenitor, they might have believed that there was a happy ending, but this was Manananggal…A true immortal with infinite number of blood drops spread throughout the entire universe.

If he died, he could easily revive from any of those blood drops.

Unless one destroyed the entire universe, it was simply impossible to kill him.

Yet, Fenrir refused to give up on his hatred and dragged them with him for eons until finally, they couldnt carry anymore due to their crippling depression.

Their meaningless life was already **ty enough and Fenrir kept making it much worse with his endless useless chase of revenge.

No one could blame them for offing themselves without him as they had already done everything in their power to help him.

“Its water under the bridge now.” Jörmungandr smiled with a relieved expression, “I would have never held a grudge against you even through all of that…You did what you thought was right for your pack and I did what was right for me.”

“What he said.” Thor agreed.

“You guys…” Fenrir felt even more guilty to hear this as it made him feel like he was truly being too much of an asshole to his brothers.

While he had a reason to keep living, his brothers were suffering in silence.

He was always putting his agenda first even when his brothers made it always clear to him that it was getting harder and harder to continue treading on this meaningless life.

“Dont go cry on us now.” Thor chuckled, “We have left a strong impression on little Asnas mind that you are a cold-blooded machine…Dont ruin our efforts.”

As he said, Asna had no idea how to react to the current development.

Whenever Fenrir was brought out as a subject, he gets made into this spooky cold-hearted monster, who never get along with anyone besides his faction members and pack.

Yet now, he was showing so much emotion, she felt that she was being cheated out of her fear.

“You saw nothing, right” Fenrir asked while giving Asna the most chilling look she had ever seen.

“Se..See What” Asna stuttered as she looked away, feeling terrified for the first time in dealing with a primogenitor.

Jörmungandr, Thor, Lady Sphinx, and even Lord Khaos…None of them gave off the same predatory vibes as Fenrir, making her feel like her life would truly be taken if she ever crossed him.

“Stop bullying her and tell us what happened after we were gone” Thor asked with a curious expression, “We heard about your ending from Lady Sphinx, but I would like to hear the details.”

Everyone knew that Fenrir got surrounded by the Darkin faction and forced into hibernation within his ice world…But no one knew exactly how it happened.

The Darkin faction refused to tell anyone about their battle.

“There is nothing much to tell.” Fenrir shared briefly, “After I woke up from my slumber in the illusion world, I decided to settle down and try to live my life without seeking my revenge.”

“Too bad, those bastards didnt share the same sentiment.

They have stalked me for a long while until I finally let down my guard and got my ass ambushed by all three of them together.”

“I did my best to escape from their grasp, but their ambush was simply too perfect.” Fenrir smiled wryly, “To entice me into giving up completely on escaping, they used Manananggal as their bait.”

“I ended up killing him, releasing some of my anger, but I suffered from deadly injuries from the other two f*ckers.” Fenrir concluded his story, “Knowing that it was hopeless to run anymore, I used my hibernation protocol that froze everything around me, making it impossible for them or their abilities to get close without being frozen.”

“You guys know the rest.”

“At least you killed that blood sucking vampire once.” Thor praised.

“Did it make any difference” Fenrir smiled bitterly, “He revived to his peak form in a few years at best while I ended up being sealed for ages within the ice world.”

It was truly not a worthy trade at all.

“I hope that didnt make you give up on your revenge.” Jörmungandr smiled coldly, “Because we are not planning on letting them walk away freely after almost killing you.”

“Indeed.” Thor affirmed with a stern tone, “Now, this is 100% our fight, and we wont stop until we have them all turned into cosmic dust.”


Fenrir was left somewhat a loss for words…In the Primogenitors Era, they were always begging him to just let go of his hatred and focus on other matters.

But he refused vehemently.

Now, that he had finally decided to give up on it, his brothers were the ones actively seeking to f*ck up the Darkin faction.

How the tables turned!

“How exactly are you planning to achieve this” Fenrir wondered, “Arent you guys mere wisps of consciousness too”

“You are within your right to feel skeptical, but hear us out.” Thor shared with a confident tone, “We have taken a student and bestow our elemental manipulation on him.

So far, he hasnt disappointed us once and based on his potential, we believe that a chance does exist for him to defeat or even kill the Darkin faction members.”

“You guys serious” Fenrir was startled.

Lady Sphinxs prepared movie didnt include too many things related to Felix since she believed that it would make more sense to hear everything from them.

So, he ought to be surprised to hear that his brothers had already given their elemental manipulations!

“You will understand if you met the kid.” Thor assured.

“Where is he, then” Fenrir asked.

“He is in a self-induced coma to increase his devourers marks.” Thor coughed.

“…” Fenrir looked at them speechlessly.

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