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Chapter 904 Waking Up Fenrir

Three months later…

Inside Felixs previous room within Lady Sphinxs castle, Noah could be seen sitting on the ground with just pairs of shorts.

He was sweating buckets all over his body, drenching him completely.

His head was lowered and hidden under his breathtaking icy blue hair, making it hard to see his expression.

‘Good job kid, you have worked hard. Lady Sphinxs calm voice resounded in his mind, praising him over his efforts.

He ought to be praised as he had finally reached 99% in his integration in mere three months!

This entailed that he was integrating with 2% every three days without taking a break!

Silent as always, Noah nodded his head in appreciation and reached out to a towel near him.

Then, he wiped his sweaty face with great difficulty, finally exposing his frigid and stunning pale face.

If it wasnt for his deadpan expression, he would have truly resembled prince charming from a fairy tale.

‘Go take a shower and leave the rest to me.

Lady Sphinx disclosed while sitting in his consciousness space all by herself.

Even though, no one was here, she was sitting on a table with two chairs and two cups of wine served.

‘Fenrir, I know that you have awakened. Lady Sphinx requested while extending her hand at the chair next to her,Come join me and I will clear the fog from your mind.

Silence…Dreadful silence was the only thing that replied to her answer.

Still, Lady Sphinx refrained from speaking any further.

She simply kept sipping from her wine glass while reading a book.

The moment she tried to flip a page, a chilly cold breeze passed by her fingers and flipped the page for her.

When she lifted her head, she found Fenrir already sitting on the chair with one foot placed above the other and the wine glass in his hand.

“Explain.” He said with raw rugged beastly voice and a face filled with nothing but absolute coldness.

Although he was in a humanoid form, making him resemble any other white werewolf, there was something about him that would make anyone freeze in their places by mere glance.

Being in his presence was like being in the presence of a king, an absolute alpha, who was meant to rule over everyone and everything by just existing!

Thankfully, Lady Sphinx was immune to any of these sensations as she saw him as nothing more than her peer.

“I dont know whether you can sense your main consciousness or not, but you are still sealed within the ice world.” Lady Sphinx shared, “The current you is a mere wisp of consciousness that has been awakened inside this lads mind after using your bloodline.”

Unlike Thor and Jörmungandr, Fenrir didnt know if he was dead or still alive inside the ice world since it was a protocol that he used only once in his life.

Hence, Lady Sphinx had to let him know of his current state.


Unresponsive, Fenrir closed his chilling white eyes and tried to sense his main consciousness.

As Lady Sphinx told him, he could feel a link between them, making him figure out that he was indeed still trapped inside the ice world.

“So Can you wake your main consciousness” Lady Sphinx inquired in intrigue.

“No.” Fenrir replied bluntly while opening his eyes.

He tried to take control over his main consciousness again through his link, but he failed miserably.

He realized that his main consciousness was too deep in his slumber, it would be impossible to wake him up unless he actively merged this wisp of consciousness with it.

“Why did you wake this wisp of mine Is this one of your experiments” Fenrir asked coldly.

“It will be better to show you.” Lady Sphinx snapped her finger and created a mirror that reflected her memories.

They were arranged in such manner that Fenrir would understand everything without wasting too much time on going through Noahs memories.

“Call me after you watch the whole thing.”

Lady Sphinx teleported to her house, not planning on wasting her precious time spectating him.

Fenrir ignored her and focused on the mirror.

While he was watching a small documentary on the new UVR Era, the other version of Lady Sphinx was currently sitting with Thor, Jörmungandr, and Asna.

“Does he look pissed” Thor asked nervously.

“This is Fenrir.

His expression is always giving a pissed off vibe.” Lady Sphinx chuckled.

“What is he doing now” Jörmungandr asked.

“He is watching the prepared movie.”


“The moment he finishes it, we need to group up with him.” Thor said with a serious tone.

Themovie had included Felix and the tenants in his mind since none of this would have been possible without him.

Fenrir would defintely ignore Felixs existence and focus primary on his faction members.

With how things ended up between them, it could only be solved face to face.

One hour later…

Fenrir placed the wine glass on the table and called calmly for Lady Sphinx…In the blink of an eye, Lady Sphinx manifested in the opposite seat.

“I know that you have many questions, but its better if you took them to your brothers.” Lady Sphinx informed, “Lets connect you to the UVR.”

Expressionless as always, Fenrir nodded once in approval.

By now, Noah had already finished his shower and was simply waiting on the bed silently for Lady Sphinxs next orders.

‘Kid, wear the second AP Bracelet and place it near your eyes. Lady Sphinx said.

Noah did as he was told obediently.

In a few seconds, the second AP bracelet was bound to Fenrirs consciousness, making him able to enter the UVR.

‘You can do whatever you want for now. Lady Sphinx permitted.

‘Can I try elder Fenrirs peak ability in the UVR

‘You heard him. Lady Sphinx glanced at Fenrir.

‘I couldnt care less. Fenrir replied indifferently.

‘Have fun. Lady Sphinx rallied the good news to Noah.

Without an ounce of hesitation, Noah logged in and went straight to his UVRs room…In the past hour, he had already read the description of the peak active ability that he unlocked.

The instant he read it, it took his breath away and made him unable to spend a single second without thinking about it.

It was simply something that he believed to be impossible for a human to own.

Only now did he truly understand why he was told that he might not be able to keep it if Fenrir rejected him.

Although he knew that there was a high chance of losing it, he was itching to try it at least once in the UVR.


While Noah was playing with Fenrirs ultimate ability, the owner could be seen standing in his empty white room without a change of expression.

A few seconds later, he received an invitation link to enter Lady Sphinxs house.

Fenrir clicked on it instantly even though he knew that his brothers were waiting for him on the other side.

After his body got reconstructed in front of Lady Sphinxs massive golden gate, he was escorted by a maid bot towards the gathering place.

In less than a minute, Fenrir finally reached one of many the living rooms in this cosmic sized pyramid and stepped inside the wide open door.

The instant he entered, his eyes were aligned perfectly with Thor and Jörmungandr, who were sitting in the opposite seats of the door.

Neither Asna nor Lady Sphinx dared to breathe out loud as they watched them staring at each other silently.

Even though no words were exchanged, their eyes were filled with various emotions, ranging from guilt, regret, sorrow, remorse, self-reproach…Surprisingly, Fenrir wasnt displaying a single ounce of anger or hate as everyone anticipated.

In fact, he was showing a single emotion through his lifeless cold eyes…Relief.

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