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Chapter 903 Two Years Coma

“Master, when do you think I will wake up if I ate to the limit” Felix inquired.

“Possibly two years more or less.” Lady Sphinx replied.

“Two years…I will most defintely reach the 6th mark if I did so.” Felix said with a serious tone.

“Two whole years…” Asna mumured in dejection, not liking the sound of that at all.

“I know, I know, I dont like it too.” Felix smiled wryly, “But, I really have to.

I cant enter a coma and wake up, then fall back into another.

It will hinder my absorption and also will be tough on my mentality.”

Felix didnt want to eat just enough to sleep for one year then wake up and return to sleep.

He knew that his absorption speed would take a heavy hit, and he might even not reach the 6th mark, ruining his chances to get the perfect replacement of his bloodline.

“Its just two years.” Thor shrugged his shoulders, “It will pass in the blink of an eye.”

Jörmungandr and Lady Sphinx nodded in agreement.

For immortals like them with billions of years under their belt, two years truly was nothing.

“Just leave matters related to Fenrir to us and focus on your strength.” Jörmungandr assured, “When you wake up, everything will be prepared for your replacement.”

Felix nodded his head in understanding.

“First, I need to alert the others.” Felix said.

Two years was a long period in his eyes and he would rather not leave his grandfather, teammates, subordinates, and friends unnotified.

So, he wrote an email that emphasized that he would be unreachable for the next two years and if anything urgent came up, they must reach out to Malak.

She was considered as the head to his subordinates and in his absence, she would naturally take helms over him.

As for the federation Felix knew that he wouldnt be needed for the next few years.

The federation was being led by true political leaders, who knew how to run a federation much better than him.

Since he had given them the agendas to work on, he wouldnt be needed until they finished all of their targets and required new directions to move on.

As for his earthling team With Noahs new complete bloodline, Felix believed that he would lead them to a new height without him.

“Now, I just need to deal with Selphie.”

Without an ounce of hesitation, Felix left his room and went to Selphies room…As he expected, he found Anastasia hanging out with her.

“You finished your training” Selphies eyes lighted up after seeing Felixs unexpected visit.

“Something like that.” Felix nodded.

“We were just going to be having dinner, want to join” Anastasia offered.

“I already have a prior engagement.” Felix shook his head before coming clean, “I came here to let you know that I will enter a closed shut training for the next two years.”

“Huh What does that mean” Selphies bright eyes dimmed down, having a bad feeling about this.

“I wont be reachable neither in real world nor the UVR.” Felix said calmly.

“But why” Selphie retorted, “Breaks are a must during even intense training.”

It would have been much easier to tell them that he would be in a self-induced coma, but Felix knew that it would raise even more questions.

The last thing he would do in this galaxy was expose the fact that he could devour natural treasures to increase his strength.

“Its my masters decision.

They felt that I have been wasting too much time on earthly matters.”

Felix used his masters as a shield, knowing that Selphie would never dare to question primogenitors decisions.

“I see…”

“Its a smart decision.” On other hand, Anastasia was pleased with Felixsclosed training.

Now that he was going to be a member of her team, it would be more beneficial for her if Felix gotten even stronger.

“See you girls in two years.” Felix said his goodbyes and returned to his room, not planning on comforting Selphie…He knew that the nicer he treated her, the more attached she would get to him.

Boundaries must be kept and respected if he wanted to avoid Asnas wrath.

Sometime later…

Felix was sitting on his bed while having tens of containers stacked in front of him…He had just logged out after having dinner with Asna.

Knowing that a marathon of inedible food awaited him, he made sure to cleanse his palates with the most delicious dishes in the universe.

“Here we go.” Felix took a deep breath and opened the containers one by one while throwing the lids away.

Then, he picked the natural treasures with both of his hands and started shoving them down his throat with a twisted expression.

The taste was simply unholy and would make anyone gag the moment the natural treasure touched their uvula.

Still, Felix tightened his eyes shut and kept swallowing anything that entered his mouth.

He had no issues with the soft based natural treasures as he could easily swallow them in a less than a second.

Alas, there were many solid natural treasures that forced him to keep chewing over and over until he was left with either throw it up or swallow the mesh forcefully.

“Keep it up lad, keep it up.” Thor and other tenants cheered for him.

Ten containers….Twenty containers…Forty containers…Fifty containers!

The moment Felix devoured fifty natural treasures, he was hit with a sudden strong wave of exhaustion, like his body was begging him to stop and simply sleep.

Nevertheless, Felix fought through the sleepiness and actually hastened his eating speed!

‘Not yet, not yet, not yet…

He knew that the moment he gave up to the sleep, he wouldnt wake up again for probably a year or more…This wasnt his limit yet!

Sixty containers….Eighty containers…Ninety containers…A Hundred containers!!

With great difficulty and through sheer will, Felix swallowed the last natural treasures before his vision went black immediately.


He fell hard on the empty containers and remained lying on them without moving a single inch.

If it wasnt for his shallow breathing and bloated stomach raising and falling, the tenants would have gotten worried.

“Madlad, he really ate one hundred natural treasures in one sitting.” Thor chuckled with a pleased expression.

“He exceeded the limitation I set for him.” Lady Sphinx commentated with a faint smile, “I based my previous calculation on him being able to toughen through only eighty natural treasures.”

“What does that mean” Asnas expression turned sour immediately, knowing that her words didnt spill well.

“He will most likely remain in a slumber for two years and a half at minimum.” Lady Sphinx answered.

“Phew, thats good.” Asna sighed in relief.

She had no issues with waiting another half a year…She was merely worried that Felix might oversleep and miss out on his test.

“Candace, take care of him.” Lady Sphinx ordered calmly.

“Will do.” Mistress Candace nodded and emerged next to Felix from the void realm.

She picked him up and placed him inside the UVR Pod…Then, she cleaned the room and returned to the void realm.

This wasnt the only thing Mistress Candace was responsible for.

She was going to be bathing him every so often in that special liquid that was able to seal one of his inscriptions temporarily…Additionally, she would be the one feeding Nimo and keeping him company.

“Now, its up to us to convince Fenrir on dropping his weapon down.” Thor disclosed with a stern tone.

“Speaking of which, how is the other kid doing” Jörmungandr asked.

“He is settling quite well.” Lady Sphinx replied.

Noah had already arrived at Lady Sphinx castle in the witch empire without an issue.

So far, Lady Sphinx was simply helping him with his integration to hasten it a little…Since he was still at 30% or so, it would take a while before Fenrir get awakened at 99%.

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