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They didn\'t know what integration percentage or stage Felix was on, to destroy Monkey Lee in such a swift and brutal manner.

However, they knew that Monkey Lee was a lesser purity 1st stage bloodliner, and for him to lose from a single strike, they felt that Felix was at least a peak 1st stage bloodliner or higher.

This somewhat explained their varied expressions, as some of them couldn\'t understand why such a strong bloodliner was doing on their floor, where his real place should be at least on the 36th floor or so.

Meanwhile, some didn\'t bother thinking about so in the slightest.

In fact, their exciting expression entailed that Felix was probably going to get harassed by them to join their Fire Saga Club and protect their floor from their rivals\' aggression.

How could they miss inviting such a strong bloodliner that came by himself to their doorstep, while others weaker than him never bat an eye to their recruitment

One could only wonder how would they react if they found out that Felix was merely at lesser purity!

Satisfied by Felix\'s showing, Nora smiled pleasantly while walking towards him with enticing steps.

Handsome, wear something nice tonight. She touched his AP bracelet and continued whispering softly in his ears, I have added my Chat ID inside your contacts.

Make sure to call me later.

She then left through the hungry pack of wolves that always desired her, but never tasted her before.

After all, she was the 3rd strongest bloodliner on this floor with integration reaching almost the lesser purity of the 1st stage.

And for them to lust for her without having the strength to even beat her properly, it was quite shameful honestly.

Felix glanced at her perky rear and thought, \'I hope Asna doesn\'t wake up tonight and c*ckblock me.\'

Not waiting for the rest to hammer him with questions and inquires, Felix went towards Monkey Lee\'s corpse, planning to throw him outside his room, so when he revives 24h later it wouldn\'t be near him.

Although dying wasn\'t possible in the cities and public hubs, the Training Center was a different matter entirely.

Here, everyone was at risk of getting killed by anyone.

Thus, if one wasn\'t confident in his strength, it was better to herd up with a club to receive protection.

Otherwise, no one would give a crap if he got slaughtered during his training by a bloodliner that was having a bad day.

Dying outside of the Supremacy Games might not result in real death, but still, one had to wait for 24h before reviving, not to mention, having to a heavy fine to revive successfully.

Thus, dying within the UVR wasn\'t really an outcome any tom, dick, and harry could afford.

Close the door AI. He ordered.

The room AI followed his orders obediently and closed it shut in everyone\'s faces.

The moment Felix won the challenge, the room became automatically his.

Sir Felix, which subscription plan do you wish to have with us, monthly or yearly She asked.

Yearly please.

That would cost you 200,000 SC.

Good, it\'s cheaper than monthly, considering 20,000 SC per month. Felix signed the holographic contract and paid for the subscription fee.

In his previous life, he used to pay monthly, since he was not confident in his strength to defend his room from challenges.

But now that he brutalized Monkey the 2nd strongest one on the floor, the news would spread quickly, which meant, only a few were going to dare and challenge him.

Unless they were at the 2nd stage of replacement.

But Felix wasn\'t worried about them at all, since they were mostly concentrated on the upper floors, where better equipment and rooms exist.

It was not like Felix feared contesting with them or such, he merely wanted to avoid constant harassment, as he knew that competition in the upper floors was beyond wild.

One should at least expect 5 challenges a day.

Sometimes, it reached even 10 a day!

For now, Felix wasn\'t interested in that at all.

He only wanted to train his abilities in SG environments to remove his rustiness.

Did you connect the room to my AP bracelet He asked.

It was already done, Sir.

Felix thanked her, and tapped on his bracelet, projecting a hologram interface, that showcased a hundred different types of environments, old game maps, and even real places, like cities, famous mountains, deserts, and oceans.

Inside the training room, Felix could modify or add anything as he pleased, either turning it into a 20 square kilometer desert or bustling city filled with AI dummies that resembled humans.

This was the reason, entering the training center was necessary for any bloodliner.

After all, having the ability to create any scenario one wanted to train in was too good to not fight for.


After 10 minutes of constant modification.

The entire environment of the room changed into a jungle with towering trees of different types, rivers long and wide splitting the jungle into four areas, and swamps hidden deep within the jungle.

Felix didn\'t really put much thought into the map creation.

He simply took an already made one and added some modifications to it.

Please add 100 AI dummies with hard difficulty and put them randomly around the map. Felix ordered while stretching on top of a tree branch.

Yes sir, do you want your location to be transmitted every 10 minutes, or just leave it as it is

Do so please, and stop the training after 5 hours.

Now begin. He said the last command while jumping from tree to tree rapidly with ease.

He didn\'t use the ground, as he wanted to stay on the high grounds in order to facilitate his scouting and also hiding.

A couple of minutes later, he found two AI dummies standing alertly with their backs against each other.

Felix did not ambush immediately but camouflaged himself by hiding behind the tree\'s leaves, wanting to surveil their action first.

However, his expression turned dark instantly after seeing one of them had a finger on his left temple.

A clear sigh of activating a mental type ability.

He didn\'t know which one it was, and he wasn\'t planning on staying in his position to find out.

Each mental ability had a fearsome effect, either on the user or on the target.

Hence, before the dummy got to activate it, he got interrupted by his ally, who pushed him away from an incoming light yellow bomb.

Felix snapped his finger and covered himself in sleepiness white mist, trying to block the vision of the dummies.

He jumped from the tree, freefalling while throwing two light yellow bombs at his target mid-air.

The dummies on the ground rolled forward reflexively, dodging the incoming bombs without even lifting their heads.

Poof! Poof!

The bombs exploded behind them, leaving a cloud of light yellow mist.

Yet, before the mist drifted away by the wind, Felix sent four more bombs, two from their right and two from their left.

He already reached the ground and was only 12 meters or so away from them.

The dummies\' retreat paths were completely blocked!

Behind them were two clouds of mist still in the air, and four more bombs were coming from both directions, leaving them only to step forward and approach Felix aura! Yet, the dummies\' expression remained composed as ever without faltering.

They simply stayed in their position eyeing the incoming bombs indifferently.

Few moments before the bombs made contact with them, a sphere made of a tree green leaves protected them entirely without a single opening for the poison to seep through.

The bombs exploded on the sphere, leaving a large cloud of mist surrendering them.

Felix\'s attack was utterly negated by one defensive active ability *Leaves Sphere*.

Nonetheless, Felix smirked at this sight and dashed closer until he entered the 8 meters radius.

He then snapped his finger and the white aura withdrew rapidly through his pores, switching instantly to a light yellow mist, bursting from his body until it engulfed him and the two dummies inside.

Still, he didn\'t stop, since the sphere was blocking the inducement from affecting them.

So, he did the unexpected and grabbed a large rock, launching it at the sphere with his behemoth strength.


The rock flew straight into the sphere, penetrating it from the front, and exited from the back without a single ounce of resistance.

A rock thrown with 2100 BF was not a joke.

Felix\'s unexpected move rewarded him more than he asked for, as the mental type AI dummy who was within the sphere, got interrupted again from activating his ability!

If Felix used acid aura instead, the sphere might not have been corroded that swiftly, thus giving that dummy the few seconds he needed to activate his ability.

For abilities that took time to activate, they were mostly ultimate abilities.

The strongest of the bunch.

Checkmate. Felix smirked as he saw light yellow mist enter the sphere.

Afterward, it was an easy effort to kill them while paralyzed.

The paralyze inducement might have a light yellow color, but it was in fact almost transparent.

If one didn\'t pay close attention, they wouldn\'t even notice if they were inside Felix\'s aura or not.

Sadly, that exactly what happened to the dummies, as one was too focused on trying to reactivate his ability while the other was focusing on reinforcing the sphere.

After a successful hunt, Felix immediately left the area, since the battle noise had probably alerted all dummies, which were near them.

Plus his location would soon be transmitted to everyone, so he needed to be constantly on the move to avoid getting surrendered from everywhere.

Felix never had the thought of fighting 100 all at once, that was just plain stupid and arrogant.

No matter what difficulty the AIs were at, or how strong and unique his bloodline was, one active ability that he had no defense against, could get him killed easily within the hundred of AIs.

After all, they just needed to freeze him for one second, then bombard him with all of their offensive abilities.

Felix was positive that his physical defense wasn\'t enough to protect him from that salvo.

That\'s why one should always look for the safest path to victory and not the most dashing.


After 5 hours of constant training within the jungle, Felix managed to kill 54 dummies out of a hundred, which was a huge achievement considering the short duration he had, plus those hundred dummies were all targeting him and not in a free for all battle style.

But Felix still felt that he could have done better and killed all of them for merely 3 hours if he had the same shape in his previous life.

A step by step, no need to rush.

I will soon remove this rust and reach my peak form again. Felix said calmly while walking towards the door, planning to end his training for the day.

His appointment with the administration office was almost due.

Sir Felix, do you wish to save those modifications or return the room into its basic form again The AI asked.

Keep it like this; I still have not finished training in this format yet. He answered and stepped outside.

As you command.

The AI closed the door behind him, leaving the jungle that had bloodied bodies all over the place, untouched.


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