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Chapter 893 Anastasias Treasury!

Six hours later…

Felix could be seen wiping a sweat drop from his temple with a big relieved smile while sitting in front of a table.

His eyes were affixed on the twenty-eight elemental potions placed neatly on the table.

This was his final result from more than thirty-one attempts!

He was beyond satisfied with his success rate.

“You will put master ranked witches out of business if you ever bothered to join the market.” Selphie joked as she approached him with Anastasia.

“I am not too interested in that.” Felix smiled faintly and beamed the bottles in his spatial card, leaving only two potions.

They were the only ones different from the Elemental Potion.

Felix picked them both and handed them to the girls, “This is for you.”

Selphie and Anastasia were surprised by his gift as they didnt expect that he had concocted a potion even for them.

“I…I couldnt.” Selphie shook her hands with a faint blush, feeling too embarrassed to accept it.

“You have to accept it.” Felix smiled, “This potion can be used only by high elves.”

“Oho Is this a new recipe or something” Anastasia got curious.

“Indeed, its called Runic Potion, and it is a four star difficulty rank 4 potion.

It enables the user to see the runes much clearer, which will assist him to understand their complexities faster.” Felix explained while showing them the beautiful bluish content within the vessel.

“This…This…There is such a potion” Both Selphie and Anastasia were left in disbelief as they had never heard about a potion related to the runes!

“Its a new recipe created by my master.” Felix cleared their doubts.

Selphie raised her head and came in contact with Felixs sincere eyes, not knowing how to feel about this.

She knew that Felix must have worked really hard to practice this potion since it was a rank four new potion.

“Dont look at me like that.” Felix shook his head, “You have been helping for a while now without asking for anything.

I really dislike being indebted to anyone, especially my friends.”

The moment Selphie helped him in the individual game of the event, he knew that he had to pay her somehow or at least give her a small gift to repay her good intentions.

Since Selphie was the daughter of an actual primogenitor and a heir of one of the strongest races in the universe, he knew that there werent many things outside her reach.

So, he requested a recipe from Lady Sphinx related to the runes, knowing that even Lady Yggdrasil wouldnt have such potions.

After getting it, he worked in his spare time to practice it until he was adequate in its concoction process.

“Please take it and if you really consider me as close person to you, never hesitate to ask me for more.” Felix said while placing the potion on Selphies stiffened hands.

“Thank you, I will cherish it.” Selphie said while hugging the potion like she was holding the most precious thing in her life.

“…” Felixs eyelids twitched, having a bad feeling that Selphie wouldnt want to waste the potion since it was a gift from him.

‘So troublesome, I should probably make a few more for her just in case…

‘Good, good, good, keep spoiling her while leaving your girlfriend to hang out with those old fogies. Asna mumured with a jealous tone.

‘Why are we being cursed too Thor showed a wronged expression while eyeing Jörmungandr.

‘Just ignore it, she is like a loose canon when it comes to girls around Felix. Jörmungandr sighed while picking a card from Asnas hand.

Felix did exactly so.

“What about me” Anastasia asked while eyeing her potion in intrigue.

At the start, she wasnt really interested in Felixs gifts, planning to accept it as a good gesture and keep it somewhere.

But now

She was quite eager to see what he concocted for her.

“This is Sunbright Potion, its a rank four potion that will make your scales shimmer brighter under the sunlight for the next ten years.” Felix said.

“Oho I have never heard of such effect.” Anastasia got a bit excited at the thought of her scales always illuminating.

As female dragon, her scales maintenance and care was equivalent to make up for other females.

Just like most girls, she was easy to please with a product capable of enhancing her beauty…Especially, if the product was used only by her.

“I love it.” Anastasia took the potion without hesitation and beamed it in her spatial card, planning on using it later.

“Im glad you liked it.” Felix smiled.

“You know us dragons, we dont accept gifts freely.” Anastasia informed, “Follow me to my treasury, you can pick anything you liked in it.”

“No need to repay me.” Felix shook his head, “Youre already doing too much by welcoming in your home and providing me with this lab…”

“I dont want to hear it.” Anastasia locked her hand around his arm and dragged him along towards her treasury.

“Sigh, alright, alright.”

Knowing that it would be rude to reject her goodwill again, Felix could only tag along unwillingly.

In a brief moment, they reached her treasury…As expected of dragons, they really love to sleep near their treasures and precious items.

The gate to the treasury was literally connected with a gigantic nest made out of the smoothest white feathers.

Anastasia dropped Felix and Selphie on her nest.

Then, she opened the gate by having her AP bracelet scanned.

“Dear lord…”

The moment Felixs eyes aligned with the treasury interior, he couldnt help but gasp audibly in shock.

Who could blame him

The treasury was just as vast space with a few dozens of pillars holding the ceiling.

From the door to the edges, not even an inch of the ground was visible!

Everything was covered in gold pieces, diamond, precious gems, real artifacts, natural treasures sealed in containers, ancient items, accessories, and the list goes on and on!

“Sorry about the mess.” Anastasia sighed, “I have received many gifts and treasures throughout the years from other clans, ambassadors, and guests.

Since I cant reject them, I just threw them here.

Over the years, they pilled up like this.”

“If its this mess, I doubt anyone would feel bad about having it.” Felixs eyelids twitched as he eyed the thrown out hundreds of natural treasures in solid containers.

He knew that there must be at least hundreds more buried under the pile of precious metals.

“Are you interested in natural treasures” Anastasia smiled after seeing that he kept glancing at them.

“Indeed.” Felix nodded truthfully, “I need a large sum of them.”

“Then, go ahead and pick anything you fancy.” Anastasia giggled, “You will be doing me a favor by cleaning a bit of my treasury.”

“Dont mind if I do.”

Felix grinned widely, knowing that she said so to make him feel more comfortable taking as much as he wanted.

It was good effort from her, but she didnt know Felix well enough yet.

When it came to gaining strength Felixs shame gets thrown out of the window.

Without an ounce of hesitation, Felix rolled his sleeves and jumped into the pile of treasures.

Then, he activated his supersonic mode and started sprinting all over the place while making sure to pick only natural treasures.

The girls could only stare at his electrical shadowy figure with speechless looks, not knowing how to react.

“Humans are really hard to understand…”

Anastasia covered her face with a hopeless expression, not planning on trying to figure out Felix anymore.

“Tell me about it…” Selphie couldnt help but agree with her…This was the first time she sees Felixs shameless side.

If it were her, even if Anastasia offered to pick anything she liked, she would still be moderate.

But Felix He was already close to clean all the natural treasures on the surface of the treasury!

‘Hehehe, if I picked up everything, I will have enough to reach even mark fourteen or fifteen. Felixs grin grew wider and wider as he kept beaming the natural treasures containers without even checking on their names.

He knew that it would be shameful to gift below grade B natural treasures to the white clan heir.

In less than two minutes, Felix had emptied the entire surface of the treasury, collecting up to two hundred B and A graded natural treasures!

To gather this much, it must have taken Anastasia hundreds of years of receiving gifts at minimum!

He only spent two minutes to reclaim them…Yet, he wasnt done.

Not caring about his face, Felix used his bracelets scanner on the entire treasury, making the Queen lock only on containers shaped objects.

He knew that it would be impossible to scan for the natural treasures since they were buried deeply under piles of solid items.

However, separating shapes was much easier…

‘Why does he even need this much

‘I dont know, but I dont think he is going to sell them. Selphie assured, knowing that Felix was too rich to bother with such a hassle.

‘He must be needing them for something. Anastasias eyelids twitched,I doubt that he just wants to clean out my treasury.

‘Maybe he will use them in concoction Selphie guessed.

‘Probably, but its best if we asked him.

‘When he is done…

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