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Unfortunately, no one paid Felix any attention to his challenge; they simply carried on their training or chatting out loud with laughs and giggles thrown here and there.

Their reaction was quite understandable, as in each day there were at least ten bloodliners coming to challenge them.

Were they supposed to act shocked and surprised each time someone made an entry

No one had the time or effort for that, it was much better to ignore the challenger and remain low key to not be chosen and annoyed.

Thus, Felix stood in front of the entrance with his eyelids twitching like a retard.

His existence was utterly ignored.

Without wasting a single second, he turned around and swiftly took the elevator to the 22nd floor.

He did not have the face to remain there after his failed entrance.

Better try with a new floor.

The moment he entered the elevator, the noisy 21st floor went quiet for a few seconds, then out of nowhere, celebration cries were resounding thunderously.

F*ck, it really worked! Junín you genius bastard, this idea of yours is really gonna help us lower the challenges to the limit. A young man with a red rooster hairstyle proclaimed excitedly.

The hell

It actually turned out, that they were relying on a technique to control the challenges and not because they were numb to taunts!

True, no one will dare remain on our floor after they get shunned and ignored like this.

You guys give me too much credit; I am simply tired of the constant challenges.

Fuck, they always pick me for some reason. Junín sighed in vexation.

Everyone rolled their eyes in annoyance at his ignorance.

After all, he was a 1.45 cm man with the face of a 12 years kid.

Who wouldn\'t assume that he was the weakest based on his appearance

But Junín didn\'t want to change or modify his persona, because he always said that he was more comfortable like this, which was honestly quite creepy.

Alright, we will do a few more experiments and if all is well.

We will hide it from other clubs to not take advantage of it. A large man with a bushy beard and flat wooden hummer on his shoulder suggested.

Yes leader, from now on we will only accept club applications, and challenges shall be ignored. A beautiful red-haired lady with long red sharp nails added coldly.

AFF! Everyone called out loud, affirming the leader\'s decision.

Clubs were using a voting system to decide every decision that affected them since they were merely a group of random bloodliners protecting their training spots, nothing more, nothing less.

The Leader could not order them around like they were in an army.

Every important decision must be voted on.


Even after entering the elevator, bewilderment was still clouding Felix\'s face.

He couldn\'t believe that his taunt, which never failed him before, did not manage to capture anyone\'s attention.

\'Something weird is going on on that floor.

It\'s impossible for arrogant self-centered bloodliners, who can\'t handle a single insult to simply vanish.\'


The elevator stopped and the door opened up slowly.

\'Whatever, let\'s try it again.

If it still does not work, it simply means the horrifying truth that arrogant pricks are extinct in this timeline!\'

Felix shivered at that dreadful idea.

After all, who was he going to bully and plunder if there was no one to offend him

Fortunately for him, the moment he stepped inside the packed floor and repeated his taunt, the expected pin drop silence engulfed the floor.


Suddenly, everyone turned their heads at the same time to see who dared to challenge them with such a ballsy claim.

Felix was overjoyed after seeing their murderous gazes, \'that\'s it; my taunt is still as efficient as ever.\'

He quickly added a side taunt to anger them even further.

No one Never mind then, might as well head upward.

Your equipment is trash anyway.

Felix turned around planning to walk towards the elevator.

But before he took one step, a sudden roar assaulted his ears.

Where the f*ck do you think you are going after belittling my floor like this!

You came to challenge, then you better take your pick fast before I break the rules and throw you out of the window. A humongous man, resembling a giant with broad shoulders, bald head, and only one pierced ear threatened Felix with his booming voice.

That\'s right; you better listen to the leader of Fire Saga Club, lest you find yourself on the ground floor broken like a doll. A monkey-like bloodliner with brown hair covering his entire body, and long bushy playful tail, urged Felix mockingly while hanging from the ceiling.

I see, well I pick you then.

I don\'t want to train while having your ugly face around me constantly. Felix fired a jap unexpectedly at the dumbfounded monkey who only wanted to kiss his boss\'s ass a little.

He did not know that Felix only needed one person to speak, so he could target him.

Haha, anyone who insults Monkey Lee, is a friend of mine.

If you managed to kick this bootlicking monkey from this floor, I will buy you a drink handsome. A gorgeous woman with long wavy pink hair in a ponytail hairstyle promised Felix with an alluring smile.

The leader gave her a side glance but said nothing.

F*ck, not fair Nora, I spent months asking you for a date and you always ignored me.

So why would you promise this weakling. A good looking man cried unjustly.

Can you beat Monkey Lee Nora asked scornfully.

Cough, never mind, might as well hit on Melody. the man murmured under his breath, totally ignoring Nora after hearing her ultimatum.

Felix glanced at Nora with interest and thought, \'What a bonus, might as well warm the newly bought bed tonight.\'

Tonight 09:00 PM, At the Widow Restaurant meet me there. Nonchalant, he gave her merely a side glance and continued eyeing the monkey dangling from the ceiling.

Huh, confident, aren\'t you You should focus on Monkey Lee first.

He is the 2nd strongest one on the floor after the Leader. Nora giggled charmingly with a hand covering her mouth.

The leader merely kept watching everything unfold silently, not interfering in the slightest.

However, his eyes had a hint of gloom at the sight of Nora acting this way.

Boy, I will make you regret picking me. Monkey Lee gave Felix an icy-cold gaze and suddenly began jumping from a machine to another, heading towards a specific direction.

Follow me; we will use my room as the arena.

Without further ado, Felix chased after him, and soon after, he was followed by everyone on the floor.

Those who were spectating and even those who were training in their room came as well after hearing about Nora\'s promise and a newbie challenging the 2nd strongest bloodliner in their club.

A few seconds later, Felix reached the monkey room and found that the door was already wide open.

So, he stepped inside with extra vigilance, knowing that the moment he enters the room the challenge would officially begin.


Just like he assumed, a massive tail, lashing at him speedily from his right direction, welcomed him immediately after stepping inside the room.

Without a single shred of panic in his face, Felix crouched down with his head bent downwards, dodging the tail by a hair skin.


The bushy tail destroyed the wall after it missed its target.

Such a heavy attack could have broken Felix bones if it landed on him, or at least wound him badly.

Felix took advantage of monkey Lee\'s inability to instantly recall his tail, by gripping it forcefully with his right hand.

He swiftly stood up and threw Moneky Lee slightly in the air, while simultaneously preparing a 180 degree full-powered round kick, aiming to strike Monkey Lee\'s head after gravity pulls him down.



A skull-crushing sound echoed in the room after Felix\'s 2800 BF kick made direct contact with the horrified face of Monkey Lee.

Yet, that wasn\'t all, as Felix\'s kick was so strong, it forcefully sent Monkey Lee flying away, almost breaking the sound barrier.


His body smashed right into the ceiling of the room, creating a monkey figure within it.

The room was extremely wide, as it was almost the same as the one in the Measurement Center.

Thus, Monkey Lee\'s body was thrown quite far distance.

Irked, Felix dusted his hand from the bushy tail strands with black lines on his forehead.

Can\'t he buy strands fixation and save us from this revulsion He questioned in irritation, but no one answered him.

Those who were rushing here, hoping to watch either a great battle or one-sided thrashing from monkey Lee, stood frozen in their place, not knowing how to react to the heart-wrenching sound of Lee\'s skull being fractured into small pieces and the following sound of his body colliding with the wall.

They didn\'t see what exactly happened inside the room since the battle didn\'t last for even two seconds.

It was too fast; it broke their senses and stunned them speechless.

Was the one buried in the ceiling really Monkey Lee, the 2nd strongest member of their club, or their eyes were playing tricks on them They wondered to themselves.


Monkey Lee\'s body fell from the ceiling and smashed into the ground, lying there unmoving.

After seeing his messed up bloodied face, they felt a tide of varied emotions assault their minds.

Disbelief, fear, excitement, and adoration, each bloodliner had a different expression, as they kept switching sight between Monkey Lee\'s body and Felix, who didn\'t stop cleaning his hands from the tail\'s hair for even a second.

He truly didn\'t give a crap about the raging chaos he caused on those bloodliners\' minds.


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