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Chapter 882 Choosing A Bloodline ll

However, because Fenrir wasnt dead but simply in hibernation within his own ice world, Felix knew that getting his elemental manipulation was out of options.

In fact, if his masters requested, he had no problems with using his bloodline even if it meant that he wouldnt be getting his elemental manipulation.

After all, Fenrir was their brother, and he felt that it was his duty to at least get them together after such a long time.

But they never made such request.

‘Are they hesitate because they dont want me to waste a spot for another elemental manipulation or because they arent ready yet to meet him Felix thought as he glanced at his masters, who were playing chess.

He was informed about the bad blood between his masters and Fenrir before…Well, it was a bit much to call it bad blood, but they definitely werent in the best of terms.

His masters had reached their limit and given up on life, leaving Fenrir to fend for himself against the Darkin faction.

They could be excused since they believed that the Darkin faction would kick the bucket too eventually.

Sadly, the Illusion primogenitor intervened and rescued all primogenitors from their crippling depression.

When they were feeling all vigorous and better, there was no way they would miss such a free opportunity to take down Fenrir.

Thankfully, Fenrir had activated his defensive protocol that encased him in an unbreakable ice world.

It was cold enough that even the primogenitors would get frozen solid instantly if they were touched by the chill he was releasing.

Ever since then, Fenrir was slumbering within that star-sized ice world…

Felix truly wanted to free at least a wisp of his consciousness, but he couldnt do so without his masters permission.

‘What do you think Thor asked as he moved a pawn forward.

‘He is really into ice element. Jörmungandr replied.

‘It will be really astonishing if he has gotten ice manipulation too. Thor chuckled,He will be truly carrying the hopes and weight of our faction alone.

‘Jokes aside, I think we need to reunite with Fenrir. Jörmungandr smiled bitterly,We have to get him out of the ice eventually.

I think it will be better to tackle our differences before then.

‘I agree…I am not really ready yet to see him again after what happen, but I doubt I will ever be ready. Thor sighed.

‘I am all in favor of awakening Fenrir, but I prefer if it didnt mess with Felixs future. Lady Sphinx interjected composedly,He cant afford to lose another manipulation…Especially, when we dont know the limit yet of the bloodlines he could contain.

So far, everyone believed that Felix could hold seven types of bloodlines in his 1% human bloodlines just like the rest of bloodliners.

Whether he could go for more or even struggle to reach that number wasnt known yet.

No one could truly be certain about it since Felix was the first human to tread on this path.

In addition, the primogenitors bloodlines were trickier to deal with than the usual beastial bloodlines.

In conclusion, the fog would clear out only when Felix reaches the sixth stage of replacement.

‘I understand all of that. Jörmungandr nodded in agreement.

‘Still, we cant leave our brother in eternal slumber when we have the option to wake him up. Thor frowned.

‘Thats why I suggest that we wake him up using another body.Lady Sphinx suggested.

‘Hmm Jörmungandr and Thor were surprised by her proposal.

‘Since other humans can integrate with primogenitors bloodlines just fine, then its safe to assume that Fenrirs wisp of consciousness will wake up after the bloodline get 99% integrated. Lady Sphinx clarified,I can extract the wisp of consciousness and transport it into Felixs consciousness space without him needing to integrate with a single bloodline drop.

‘I never thought of that. Thor raised an eyebrow in surprise.

‘Its more than possible, its doable. Lady Sphinx confirmed.

Ever since Lady Sphinx found out that integrating with 99% of a primogenitors bloodline can awaken a separate wisp of consciousness, she always thought of many useful possibilities that werent related to Felix at all.

She even thought of using slave bloodliners to integrate with dead primogenitors bloodlines to extract memories from them.

Primogenitors memories = New Knowledge.

Lady Sphinx was truly too thirsty for any type of knowledge.

Still, she didnt act upon her devilish plans since it was a breach of trust with her peers.

Although they were dead and wouldnt know what she did, she would know about it.

Anyhow, her experiments were paused due to her morals, but she still discovered many other interesting facts.

One of them was this unique strategy.

‘Though, if we did so, doesnt that mean the human will unlock Fenrirs ultimate ability Jörmungandr frowned,I am all down for allowing Felix get my ultimate ability, but I dont feel too thrilled with having random humans own my brothers ultimate ability.

‘Same. Thor nodded,Specially without his permission.

Ultimate abilities were the most precious thing to any primogenitor…There was no way Fenrir would accept having his ultimate ability get inherited by some nobody.

At least, if it was Felix, he would be backed by his masters.

‘We can just force him to etch another ice ability and replace his bloodline. Lady Sphinx shrugged her shoulders,I dont care even if we killed him to not waste time.

‘I dont mind either.


The three primogenitors absolutely didnt give a ** about other human lives…At the end of the day, they were still primordial beings and humans were just ants before them.

‘Felix wouldnt like that though… Thor scratched his beard in irritation,He might be guilt-tripped if he found out about it.

‘I can already see it happening. Jörmungandr sighed.

‘So, no killing

‘No, think of something else.

‘Hmm, how about we use his friends then Thor suggested,He has already given Fenrirs bloodline to that boy Noah and girl Sylvia.

‘Still, they will also unlock Fenrirs ultimate ability. Lady Sphinx shook his head,Even worse, they will not be able to replace it since they have already reached 6th stage of replacement.

‘In other words, they will have it permanently.

‘Still, that Noah kid might be liked by Fenrir.

Their deposition is exactly the same. Jörmungandr chuckled,They both consider words as a limited resource.

‘I feel the same.

‘How about we do this. Lady Sphinx proposed,We will awaken Fenrir within the kid.

He will decide if he doesnt mind leaving his ultimate ability behind.

‘What if he rejected

‘We can extract his ultimate ability using the genome needle I am developing for Felix.

If the kid wanted, we can replace it with another ability from a different bloodline. Lady Sphinx said.

‘If its like this, then I am up for it. Thor agreed.

‘Same. Jörmungandr nodded,When we bring Fenrir with us, we can convince him to put down his weapon and rest with us.

Just like them, Fenrir was also suffering from depression in his days.

The only thing that kept him going was his unwavering hate towards Manananggal.

‘If he wants Mananngal dead, he needs to pass the baton to Felix.

Neither Fenrir nor them were capable of slaying Manananggal even if he had remained standing before them.

They knew that he had trillions of blood drops spread throughout the entire universe.

Each blood drop represents a new rebirth.

He wasnt called the true Immortal for no reason.

On the other hand, Felix had a slight chance of maybe killing him once and for all…Unlike them, his potential was limitless.

The fact that he could learn all kind of peculiar stuff would enable him to figure out a method of getting rid of Manananggal.

‘Even if the chance is merely 0.0000001%, its higher than our 0% chance. Thor said with a hopeful tone.

‘Lets inform Felix first and see what happens.

Who knows, that kid Noah might not take part in this.

Without further ado, Thor called Felix and updated him on their current plan.

“I am in.”

Felix agreed instantly, not caring that Noah would know about the presence of primogenitors and true secrets of his bloodlines.

Felix stopped caring about hiding his secrets ever since the primogenitors and their champions knew about it.

At the moment, the public was the only one who was still ignorant about his bloodlines origin.

He preferred keeping it hidden to avoid unnecessary annoyances, but it didnt mean that he couldnt share his secrets with anyone.

As for having Noah owning Fenrirs ultimate He would love it if Fenrir decided to let him keep it.

In fact, he would be more than glad if Olivia and the rest of his teammates owned ultimate abilities too.

Felix wasnt a child who gets upset if he didnt hog all the toys.

If things could be shared and benefit him and the people he cared about, he wouldnt hesitate to do it.

“I will set up a meeting with Noah now.”

Without an ounce of hesitation, Felix emailed Noah, informing him that he would like to have lunch with him today.

In a few minutes, he got a reply…It was an email that had a thumb up emoji.

“He will really hit it off with Fenrir.” Thors eyelids twitched after being reminded of his brothers muteness.

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