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Chapter 878 The Angel and The Devil

“Before you start your journey, dont we have dinner to attend” Asna reminded Felix with a foxy smile.

“Yes…” Felix sighed in exasperation at the thought of having Selphie meet Asna.

He knew that Selphie was a kind and a sweet girl while Asna was simply…Well, a hard to handle sociopath.

He was certain that Asna was going to bully the life out of that girl.

“Hey! Why are you giving me that look.” Asna pouted cutely, “I am not a monster, I just want to have a quick chat with her…Who knows, maybe we will hit it off and become friends”




Upon hearing so, even Felixs masters looked away speechlessly, feeling like they were listening to the devil preaching that he was an gentle angel.

“Bastards!” Asna cursed under her breath while warning Felix one last, “I expect to meet her tonight.”

“I will see what I can do.” Felix replied with a heavy sigh.


Sometime later…

Felix could be seen wearing his casual clothes while sitting in the same table next to two absolute goddesses.

‘Thank god I booked the entire restaurant and hired only Ai bots.

Felix sweated a little while eying those two stunning beauties sizing each other with curious looks.

Asna was wearing a scarlet short dress that was embedded with tiny shimmering diamonds at belt and neck…It matched well with her scarlet hair that was falling over her shoulders.

As for Selphie She was wearing a white traditional elvish dress that was available only for royalty.

With her golden wavy hair and ocean blue eyes, she truly resembled a Queen that would make kingdoms wage wars over her hand.

On the other hand…Felix was dressed like a beggar.

Well, he wasnt really dressed that badly, but when sitting next to those goddesses, he truly got overshadowed.

“Arent you girls a bit overdressed for a causal dinner” Felix coughed.

“Oh my I dont think I am that overdressed.” Asna covered her mouth while glancing at her breathtaking dress, “This is my usual day-to-day outfit.”




The tenants merely ate popcorn silently, not bothering to even comment at Asnas shameless humble bragging.

“It really looks gorgeous on you.” Selphie complemented with a sincere smile.

“No, no, Your dress looks even more beautiful, it makes me ashamed to meet you thiscausally.” Asna replied with an honest smile too, making Felix want nothing but to bend her and spank her for misbehaving like this.

She was clearly being sarcastic and trying to make Selphie feel awkward.

‘Asna is really going hard on her.

‘Poor thing, do you think she can handle it

‘Well, if she is going after Felix, she better be tough enough to deal with Asnas b*tchness.

The tenants conversed with each other akin to watching a soap opera.

“I apologize for making you feel that way.” Selphie apologized with her head bowed.

“Its alr…” ꜰʀᴇᴇ ᴡᴇʙ ɴoᴠᴇʟ.


Before Asna could feel pleased at her small victory, Selphie carried on with a bitter smile, “As the only heir to the elvish nine realms, my personal tailor doesnt allow me dressing casual public dresses like yours.”

The moment she finished, neither Felix nor Asna managed to utter a single word.

Felix kept staring at Selphie with a dumbstruck expression, like this was the first time he was meeting her.

As for Asna Her mind went absolutely blank after hearing the last sentence…It was too deadly and destructive, it kept resounding continuously in her mind.

Alas, Selphie was going for the kill…

She sighed in exasperation and continued on, “In fact, this is the closest dress I have that makes me look less royal…Either this or my battlesuit.”

‘Oh my days…This is an absolute violation. Felix exclaimed in shock, not daring to believe that gentle and kind Selphie had this much violence in her.

“Hmm Did I say something wrong.” Selphie tilted her head cutely in confusion after seeing Felixs shocked expression and Asnas deadpan appearence.

When Felix heard so, he realized that he misunderstood Selphie.

She never meant what he said in a harmful or sarcastic way like Asna…She simply expressed her thoughts a bit too honestly.

“Cough, no, no, we are just feeling sad that you arent free to dress what you want.” Felix replied swiftly while kicking Asna in the foot under the table.

“What he said.” Asna said with a kind smile the moment she woke up from her daze.

Felix knew that she was up to something horrible as there was no way she would let Selphies remarks slide like that.

Alas, he could only keep his mouth shut and brace himself.

“If there is someone we should feel sad about it is you.” Selphie sighed, “I am truly deeply sorry for the ways things ended up in your last game…That shouldnt have happened to either you or your teammates.”

“Dont worry about it, I have already moved on.” Felix smiled.

“Thats good to hear.” Selphie sighed in relief.

This made Felix develop some good feelings for her as he could see that she was truly worried about his sake.

Though, he still saw her no more than a friend.

“So, have you decided on which date you will visit my realm” Selphie inquired.

“Not yet.” Felix shook his head, “Fair warning, it will be awhile.”

“Oh…I thought you will prioritize receiving the fountain bath as soon as possible.” Selphie titled her head, “Arent you planning on replacing your bloodline soon”

“Hmm How did you know” Felix raised an eyebrow in surprise at her guess.

“Well, its really not that hard to deduct.” Selphie clarified with a charming smile, “I believed that after suffering such a loss, you will attempt to replace your bloodline to boost your foundational strength.”

“Correct me if I am wrong on this one, but I thought that you will prefer receiving the all rounded strength enhancement from the fountain bath before you replace your bloodline.” Selphie paused to gather her thoughts, “Based on my studies on your human bloodline system, your utilization of ancestral bloodlines, and sudden massive empowerment after each replacement, I figured out that the stronger you are when you replace your bloodline, the greater the strength boost received.”

“In other words, your body cant handle the true enhancement boost from the ancestral bloodlines and limit it for your safety.” Selphie smiled with an honest expression and asked, “Is my deduction somewhat correct”

“…” Felix was left at loss for words, not able to answer her question.

He didnt think that Selphie would be sharp enough to connect the dots and figure out almost everything related to his bloodline path.

But then, he recalled that she was a four elemental spell caster with mastery over time runes.

If she was smart enough to understand and master even those complex runes, it should be normal for her to reach such a conclusion after digging some information about him.

“You are correct.” Felix complemented, “Not bad, not bad at all.”

“Its nothing, I just studied here and there.” Selphie blushed a little.

“I never thought that high elves had such interest in humans cultivation system.” Asna narrowed her eyes at her after seeing her trying to act cute before them.

“You are right…Meeting and fighting Felix made me quite curious about their system and specially his own unique path.”

Instead of getting embarrassed by being called out, Selphie actually admitted it with an honest tone.

‘It looks like Asna have met her match. Thor chuckled,Its hard to shame her when she is this honest with herself.

Asna started to realize this fact too.

How could you make fun of someone, who wasnt able to pick up sarcastic comments at all

It was the same as speaking with a pure soul, who had yet to get mistreated in his life!

‘She is really a rare breed. Felix sent a telepathic message to Asna as he eyed Selphie in wonder.

‘Tsk, she is a princess alright. Asna clicked her tongue in annoyance,No one must have even glanced at her in a wrong way before…Heh, I will make sure to crack that veil of innocence from her.

‘You are really the incarnation of the devil…

‘Its for her own good to not get bullied in the future.

‘At this point, you are the only one bullying her…

‘Not listening.

“If my deduction is correct, why arent you prioritizing traveling to my realm”

Selphie brought back the previous subject after realizing that Felix and Asna were conversing telepathically.

She knew that they were in a official relationship, and it was normal for them to converse telepathically, but it didnt mean that she liked it.

“I have some matters to handle in Icarius Galaxy.” Felix shared, “Though, I intend to head to the realm after I deal with them.”

Although Selphie seemed pure and genuinely trustworthy, Felix still wasnt comfortable letting her know about his devourers heart and constant need for natural treasures.

“Do you require assistance” Selphie proposed with a hopeful gaze, “I have great connection with the white dragon clan…Their heir is a close friend of mine.”

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