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Chapter 870 – Being Treated Unfairly…

“I dont get it…He cant even revive from those blood drops even if he wanted due to his limited strength.” Barbyclaw asked with a frustrated look, “So, why did he do it”

“Its called a copy for a reason.” Felix sighed, “He doesnt care whether he can revive or not.

As long as he copied Manananggals ultimate ability and his way of using it, he will naturally do the same.”

Felix always knew that it was possible for this scenario to occur, but he didnt want to talk about it since there wasnt much to be done if it ever happened…

“I kinda feel bad for Landlords team.” Micheal smiled wryly, “With their splendid performance, they should have been sent to the next floor on thrones…Yet, it looks like they will stay here for a little longer.”

Whether they liked them or not, the majority of the viewers knew that if this happened to them, they would be more than pissed off.

They literally deleted thirteen copies of a primogenitor with teamwork and an ingenious calculated strategy…Still, they werent going to be given access to the next floor because of enmity between primogenitors.

It just didnt feel right or fair.

“Are you really not going to pass them” Aspidochelone asked Manananggal with a calm tone.

“I am not impressed yet.” Manananggal replied causally.

“Alright.” Aspidochelone nodded and refrained from asking again.

‘They really hate that kid to not mind getting on Aspidochelones bad side for the sake of annoying him. Cyclope spoke telepathically with his close friends in the circle.

‘I guess they are really desperate to stop him from getting another win. Yggdrasil sighed.

‘But still, those games and fights are for the youth. Siren shook her head,We shouldnt interfere in them like this.


Although the primogenitors wanted to avoid getting themselves involved in the Darkin faction drama, they still felt that it was messed up thing for Manananggal to refuse sending to the next floor.

In their eyes, it was like an adult taking a candy from a kid just because he had a beef with the parents.

No one would condemn that.

Hence, the Darkin factions reputation had taken another hit in the circle as everyone had established bad look on them.

Even Lord Quetzalcoatl shook his head in disappointment and returned to watching the stream, making Saurous and the other two a bit peeved.

But, they still refused to change their minds!

This meant, Felix and the others could either try their chances and start clearing the entire map for those drops of blood or wait a few hours for another team to come help them.

“Captain, should we start looking for the blood drops” Barbyclaw asked as she eyed Felix, who was chilling on the ground with his eyes closed shut.

“No, thank you.” Felix replied calmly, “I refuse to waste another sweat drop on that blood sucking f*cker.”




His teammates and the viewers couldnt help but gasp audibly at his audacity to curse out a primogenitor out loud while he was watching!

“This little!” Saurous eyes were set on fire immediately in fury.

As for Manananggal He tried controlling his expression, but everyone could see that he was infuriated.

“This is highly disrespectful and deserving of punishment!” Wendigo eyed Felixs masters as he condemned with a stern tone.

Unfortunately for him, Thor wasnt having it anymore as he snapped immediately, “Disrespectful…Sit your b*tch ass down before I lay my hands on you.”

“Dogs like you deserve to be called even worse.” Lady Sphinx added with a cold stare.

She rarely insulted or cursed anyone even if someone wronged her, but she really couldnt stomach seeing Felix treated this unfairly.

If the same scenario happened to them, they would most definitely allow the Darkin faction teams to climb past their floors if they impressed them.

Too bad, the Darkin factions hate on Felix was rising steadily with all the thrashing he was giving their champions in the games…

“Are you going to stand there and wat…”

When Saurous turned around to seek assistance from his peers, he realized that they were on their own on this matter.

All the primogenitors were ignoring their existence like Felixs blasphemous curse entered one ear and escaped from the other.

If it were another champion, they would have most certainly pressured his ancestor to punish him severely before everyone, so they would know that the primogenitors should never be cursed even in their minds.

But since they decided to remove themselves from their fight, they would not say a single thing even if Felix cursed all three of them for the next hour.

“I see how it is.” Saurous gritted his teeth and returned to his seat, knowing that they had lost their leverage in the circle at the moment.

Time went by, and the tower was ever so lively with teams fighting tooth and nail to climb one floor after the other.

As everyone expected, Cherufes team were the first to reach the tenth floor, leaving everyone still hanging in the eight and the ninth floor.

They took merely three hours to catch up to Felix even without the clues!

Speaking about Felix and his teammates, they could be seen chilling in the tenth floor forest, waiting for the Queen to either teleport someone over or teleport them to another floor.

Unfortunately, that wasnt going to happen anytime soon as the rest of the teams were struggling to even pass the ninth floor.

“The Cosmic Roc is really giving the dragons a run for their money!” Micheal commentated excitedly, “They just cant hit him with anything!”

The dragons had drawn the short end of the stick by landing against one of the fastest beings in the entire universe!

The wind primogenitor, The Cosmic Roc!

The flame orbs that helped them reach this floor so fast were absolutely useless against him.

He could easily evade the explosion with his insane speed.

If he decided to take it a step further, he simply appeared next to the flame orb and flap his giant wings once…That all it took to return the flame orbs back to the dragons akin to bullets.

In fact, two dragons ended up getting killed by their own flame orbs smashing on them unexpectedly!

This was just the Rocs copy being defensive…When it was time to attack

The dragons end up getting sent packing with a single wind blade that was sharp enough it was capable of splitting even space!

It was the same attack that was used by The Executioner in the Bomber Bomber game.

The only difference was that the Rocs copy could launch hundreds of them continuously and from every direction!

For the past half an hour, they had been getting sent to the front of the gate every time they clashed against him.

In all of their battles, prince Domino had yet to make a single move…He merely kept his distance and spectated their struggle.

“Prince, I think we need you on this one.” Summerspirit expressed.

The other dragons nodded in support…They knew that prince Dominos orders should be respected due to his high status within their galaxy, but they were still dragons with their own pride.

They refused to keep sending themselves to useless deaths while the strongest member of their team just sits and watch coolly.

“You did enough.” Prince Domino eyed them calmly and ordered, “I will be dealing with the rest.”

“Is he planning on challenging the Roc solo” Micheal exclaimed with widened eyes.

The rest of the viewers shared his reaction, not believing that prince Domino was cocky enough to think that he could contest against a primogenitors copy with 5% strength!

Especially, when he had just demonstrated to everyone that it was going to be challenging task to just touch him.

“Are you sure” Summerspirit frowned.

Instead of assuring him, prince Domino gave him a cold side-glare, “Dont ever doubt me again.”

Upon hearing so, neither Summerspirit nor the others opened their mouths again to stop him.

At this point, they wanted him to get his ass beat down, so he could lower his arrogance down a notch when he was with them!

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