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Chapter 869 – The Worst Possible Scenari

Felix appeared next to his teammates immediately and informed them, “Two minutes start now.”

“We are ready.” Rotspawn disclosed with a stern tone.

“Good.” Felix swiftly fed them the Blood Cloak inducement one by one.

When he was done, he beamed his crescent battleaxe and marked it with his void seeker.

Then, he handed it to Rotspawn.

‘Dont miss. He nodded at him and returned to the void realm.

Then, he went to check on Manananggals copy reaction after four of his clones got slaughtered like that.

‘They are on the move.

As he expected, the instant the four clones died, the others couldnt remain stationary any longer.

They all flew in direction of the crime site, not knowing that the other heavenly turtles were rushing over there too.

When they reached the site, they started to scout around them.

Unfortunately, Felix was hidden in the void realm and the heavenly turtles had been turned invisible by the blood cloak inducement.

Its time.

The instant Felix noticed that his team had reached the marked area in their strategy, he engulfed his right hand in his void domain and picked the furtherest clone from the formation.

“Landlord is about to repeat the same tactic.” Micheal commentated quickly, “Will it work, though As they say, fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.”

In his eyes, the main copy would be on high alert against Felixs void punch and would evade it.

However, that didnt happen!

Immediately after the right moment arrived, Felix blinked next to the clone and punched him directly in the torso, making it impossible for him to evade in time!

Moving ones head reflexively was one thing, but moving the entire torso in the blink of an eye That was a different story!

“It landed! It actually landed!” Micheal exclaimed in shock at the sight of the clone getting disintegrated into nothingness.

This time, Felix didnt intend to prolong his stay as the moment he punched out, he already opened a small void rift that was aligned with his eyes.

Then, he blinked inside to safety while the main copy and clones had just prepared to counter-attack.

“Tsk, he is lucky the clones senses are duller than the main copy.” Manananggal clicked his tongue in irritation.

Although it might sound like an excuse, but everyone knew that he was right.

No matter how perfect the clones were, they would never behave and think exactly as the real deal.

Dont even mention a clone of just a dummy Ai with Mannangals strength.

If Felix punched the main copy again, he would have definitely evaded it or blocked it somehow.

Alas, the same didnt apply to the clones.

This meant, as long as the clones were separated, they would always be in danger from Felixs abrupt ambushes!

So, the main copy tightened the formation, making it impossible for Felix to slay another copy without getting caught in the process.

‘So predictable…Primogenitors strength or not, dummies are called dummies for a reason. Felix smirked after seeing that everything was going according to his plan.

Without further ado, Felix opened a void rift above the surface and fired a lightning bolt at a tree, breaking it in half and setting it in fire.


The tree fell on the ground, creating a small earth shock in the surrounding area.

Mannangals copy and the clones were attracted to the noise and focused on the tree warily.

But, when they saw that Felix was nowhere to be seen, they believed that he did so to distract them and then ambush them again.

Thus, they ignored the tree and kept surveying the surrounding area.

‘Thats our signal girls. Rotspawn narrowed his eyes dangerously and started digging towards the surface of the ground with the girls following closely behind him.

The instant they emerged from the surface, rupturing tens of trees from their roots, they manifested giant boulders and hurled them at the clones!

Whoosh Whoosh!

The clones were sure startled by their sudden appearence without sensing their blood at all…Yet, the boulders attack was simply too slow even with the element of surprise.

They dodged it easily and at the same time, they defended themselves with that sticky type of blood, predicting that the boulders might explode.

Alas, the true danger didnt lay there…

It came from Felix, who was preparing another void domain while waiting for the perfect moment to make his move!

It sure came quicker than he anticipated.

He eyed a common flying boulder with a look filled with hope and nervousness.

In the eyes of the clones, the boulder was just like any other…Weak, slow, and useless.

But in the eyes of Felix and his teammates, it was everything.

Thats because the marked crescent battleaxe was hiding within it!!


The instant Felix saw that the boulder was about to reach the gathered clones, he immediately blinked with his void domain at the marked battleaxe!

Main copy Clones

None of them were fast enough to teleport hundreds of meters and escape from the all devouring monster, the void domain!

“They did it” Micheal mumured while looking at the spectators, appearing like he was trying to seek their validation.

When he saw that everyone was simply staring at the revolving pitch-black sphere in utter disbelief, he knew that his eyes werent playing a trick on him.

“They actually did it…They actually F*CKING DID IT!!”

In the end, Micheal couldnt hold his agitation and excitement any further and shouted as loud as he could with spit thrown everywhere.


“Holy **, Holy **, Holy f*cking **!! They actually killed the unkillable!”

“Oh lord! How is this even possible! They were against f*cking thirteen copies of primogenitors at 1% of his strength! Most teams are still struggling in the fifth floor against one!”

“This cant be real…My ancestrals copy cant die like this…It barely did anything…”

The viewers broke into thunderous cheers, not giving a ** that they were cheering for the death of a primogenitors copy!

They might hate Felixs cheesy strategies, but they were happier to see the primogenitors copies getting their asses whopped by mortals just like them!

Naturally, the vampires in the stand didnt feel the same as them.

In fact, all of them felt like the world was falling apart, not daring to believe that even their ancestrals copy failed to achieve what they couldnt!

In their eyes, if even Manananggals copy couldnt kill Felix, how the f*ck are they supposed to do so in their future games

“We did it…We actually did it.” Barbyclaw celebrated with an elated expression.

“To be honest, I really had no hopes for this strategy.” Rotspawn chuckled.

It was understandable for him to feel this way, Felixs strategy truly was based on his calculation and prediction of Manananggals copies behavior.

If only one clone was sent against Webor, the strategy would fail.

If the Blood cloak inducement failed somehow, the strategy would fail.

If Felixs clone assassination didnt scare the clones and the main copy into gathering in one place, the plan would fail.

There were so many variables that could have resulted in a different outcome.

Thankfully, everything was on point.

“But…Where is the announcement” Nina suddenly inquired with a deep frown.


“You are right…”

All the clones were killed, and even the main copy had been taken out…Yet, the Queen Ai had yet to make the tower wide announcement of his death.

When they realized that more than ten seconds had gone by without the announcement, their heartbeats started to accelerate in agitation and worry.

Soon, Micheal and the viewers stopped their celebration short when they realized that neither the announcement was heard nor the gate for the next floor was opened.

“This development isnt going as anticipated.” Micheal raised his eyebrows in surprise, “Dont tell me Mananngals copy is still alive somehow”

The viewers couldnt believe it…Neither did Felixs teammates.

‘Captain, whats going on Rotspawn asked Felix.

‘The worst-case scenario happened… Felix smiled bitterly as he blinked next to them.

“What are you talking about”

“Manananggals copy must have spread out his blood in the map…Because he copied Mannangals ultimate ability, Queen Ai deems him as still alive since he can still revive.” Felix explained while massaging his eyelids.

“Doesnt that mean we cant pass the floor until we obliterate every single blood drop around the map”

“It cant be…”

“Arent we f*cked then”

His teammates couldnt believe it…No, they didnt dare to believe his explanation!

They knew that it would be impossible for them to find and get rid of his spread out blood even if they spent days working on it!

The map was simply too vast, and they didnt have wide range destructive abilities such as the dragons.

This was truly the worst possible scenario!

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