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Chapter 862 -Impossible Predicament.

After making his decision Felix fired a void seeker under a hover car, then he swung his electrical whip at another light pole and dragged himself towards it.

However, it didnt end well as the light pole got snapped in half due to bearing already too many damages.

“Oh no! Landlord is f*cked!” Micheal shouted with widened eyes as he watched tens of projectiles land on Felix instantly after he lost his balance.

Instead of being harmed by those projectiles, they actually merged with his skin and clothes!

Because of Felixs small figure, those projectiles were more than enough to cover his entire skin from head to toe!

This really sucks.

How can I see anything Felix cursed after realizing that his senses had been dulled significantly.

Before he could complain any further, he started feeling like his limbs and torso were being held tightly by something.

Without needing to brainstorm, Felix discerned that it must be the tentacles ensnaring him just like what happened to his teammates.

Its happening.

Erebus copy didnt intend to waste time as the moment he felt that Felix was incapable of escaping his grasp, he swiftly started pulling him within the shadow pool beneath him.

Felix didnt really know which vision would work within the shadow realm…So, he activated them all, knowing that his brain was capable of processing the information they convey unlike the first time he used it.

Just a peek and blink away. Felix eased his distressed heart while opening his eyes widely.

Unfortunately, even when felt that the pulling force had stopped, not a single vision of his was able to break apart the darkness before him.

Just as he was about to lose hope, Felix raised an eyebrow in shock after his mind began shaping up a humanoid white figure before him.

Interdimensional senses!!

Felix exclaimed in excitement as he stared at the white humanoid figure that was standing extremely close to him.

He didnt expect that his interdimensional senses passive would be capable of not only allowing him to sense what happen in the void realm but also in other dimensions!

It wasnt like he didnt test it before in practice…But, he never tried while in actual different dimension since he believed that he would not enter them.

Huh Where did he go

Unfortunately for Felix, his happiness was short-lived as the figure disappeared a second later.

In fact, he felt free again to move his body as he pleased like the shadows had let go of him.

Dont tell me… Baffled and a bit shocked, Felix opened his eyes and found himself standing before the fifth floor gate.

He was already told everything by his teammates, but only after experiencing it for himself did he understand that none of them downplayed it their abnormal death!

“It really happened in the flash of an eye without leaving a single trace.” Felix mumured, “Is it just the same situation as entering the void realm

In his eyes, it was possible that the shadow realm accepted exclusively only matters made out of shadows.

Since Felix didnt have an ounce of shadow affinity, he was naturally not going to be welcomed and get erased by the shadow realm.

Either this or Erebus can kill us in the blink of an eye in his shadow realm. Felix knitted his eyebrows while sitting in a mediation position,Both options signify that its impossible to affect Erebus within his shadow realm.

“I honestly feel bad for the kid.” Erebus sighed when he noticed that Felix had realized his impossible predicament he was in.

“Indeed, if it was any other primogenitors copy at 1%, he has a high chance of pulling something to impress us.” Siren nodded.

Although what she said might be mistaken as making other primogenitors weaker than Erebus.

But no one considered so.

Everyone knew that she was right.

If Felixs team fought against copies of Cherufe, Siren, Thor, Saurous, and the others, they would be able to at least put a pleasant fight even if they did get killed many times over.

But against Erebus copy He was simply an untouchable target.

No matter how much sympathy Erebus had for Felixs team, there was no way he was going to give them access to the next floor without touching his copy even once.

Hehehe, this is the end for that kid. Saurous laughed gleefully,It would have been best if he died, but this much is alright by me…As long as one of our three teams can surpass him, we wont be needing to take ** from those two f*ckers.

Manananggal and Wendigo shared the same sentiment as him, finally feeling a little happy in this damned event.

From the first game, their descendants were getting screwed over left and right by either Felix or the rest.

To make matters worse, Felix had won both games back to back, making them lower their heads and act invisible, so Thor wouldnt target them with that acidic mouth of his.

Now…Now, they were finally going to lift their heads again!

Motherf*ckers, I can see right through you. Thor cursed while glaring at Saurous and the other two, who were showing him wide grins.

Relax, let them get ahead of themselves. Jrmungandr said calmly,Victory taste sweeter when it is accompanied by a slap.

Regardless of the circumstances, Jrmungandr had absolute faith in Felix that he would overcome this challenge before him.

He wouldnt be called his master if he lost confidence in Felix every time he was placed in a difficult predicament.

Though, calling this situationdifficult was really undermining it.

P.and.a N.o.v.el Everyone could see that unless Erebus copy decided to be merciful and came out on his own, there was no point in continuing this fight any further.

There must be a way out of this crappy situation besides receiving help from other teams.

Felix massaged his temples while trying to brainstorm a strategy that could help them out escape the fifth floor.

He knew that it was possible for him to keep failing for the next hour or two until he received help from another struggling team against their own copy.

Because of his imposed condition in the ground floor, they were bound to help him without any thoughts of betrayal since they had sworn upon it using their ancestral name.

Still, Felix didnt want to get saved like this or wait too long hours before he receives assistant.

The dragons would have made their move by then, and he knew that catching up to him wouldnt pose much challenge to them.

Think, think, think…What can be used based on the Intel gathered

It was truly somewhat shameful to call the bit of information as Intel.

The only things he knew about Erebus copy was the fact that he was able to switch between real and ghost form of his shadows…In addition, his favorite killing method was pulling his victims to the shadow realm and finish them instantly.

Maybe I can use void beam or another void ability while the shadow gate is open Felix pondered,I am certain that my void abilities can cross dimensions and enter the shadow realm, but will they hit Erebus copy

It was a strategy that could be acted upon, but Felix knew that his chances of missing Erebus copy were simply too staggering.

There were so many things he was ignorant about the shadow realm and Erebus copy existence in it.

Maybe this strategy will fail, but it should impress elder Erebu…Sigh, who am I kidding Felix smiled bitterly,I will be a fool to believe that he will be impressed with me shooting blinding and hoping for the best…Thats not how things work.

How about void domain Hmm, maybe if I marked my axe and threw it within the shadow gat…No, it will fail too.

Felix was confident that his void beam could cross dimensions and ignore the shadow laws due to its negating properties…But the same couldnt apply to his battleaxe.

It was still an object even though it would be marked with void energy.

If he threw it at a shadow that was pulling his teammate, it would merely bounce back or lodge deep within the ground.

If I want to teleport with my void realm and try to kill Erebus copy, I need to mark something that is entering the shado…Wait a second!

Suddenly, Felix stood up promptly with widened eyes after he was hit with a realization akin to a thunderbolt.

A shocking realization that made his hearts pump blood faster than ever!

Thats it…How can I be so blind Felix covered his mouth while laughing a bit manically, weirding out the viewers.

This wasnt the reaction expected from someone about to lose.

“Did he finally lose it at the thought that he wont win this alone” Saurous joked.

“So immature.” Wendigo shook his head, “He cant expect to come out in top every time”

While the rest of the viewers believed the same as them, Erebus couldnt help but feel a bit uneasy by the laughter.

Did he find out a method That cant be right, right Erebus didnt know what to think…He trusted his instincts to know that something horrible was about to happen to his copy.

But at the same time, he couldnt fathom what kind of devilish plan was capable of achieving such a feat!

Even my peers were unable to touch me while I am inside my shadow realm…This must be a false alarm.

Must be…

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