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Chapter 860 – The God of Shadows!

‘Dont fret too much. Rotspawn narrowed his eyes at his shadow and said,As long as we are careful and focusing fully on defense, it will be hard for him to kill us…At the end of the day, he will still be using shadows.

Just like poison, shadows werent really feared when it came to its offensive powers.

It was remarkable for assassination, mobility, escape, and stealth, making it a pain in the ass to deal with shadow elementalists…But still, no one would look at shadow based offensive abilities the same way as other destructive abilities.

They were simply incomparable.

Thats what they thought at least.

Alas…The situation didnt develop as they had expected.

Whoosh Whoosh Whoosh…!

Without warning, thousands of thick shadowy vines had been fired at them from every nearby shadow!

‘Earth walls!

Although the ambush was sudden, they still managed to react in time by creating four giant walls around them.

They expected that the shadows would be stopped after reaching the walls, but the opposite happened.

The shadowy lines linked with the walls and started slithering towards the top akin to an army of snakes!

“Make a ceiling quick! Rotspawn shouted while manipulating the four walls around him to merge together.

The others copied his strategy immediately, not daring to let themselves get touched by the those shadowy vines.

They fought against many Shadowborns to understand that the danger didnt lay in the shadowy vines themselves, but the gate to the shadow realm they open!

Shadowborns were capable of emerging from any existing shadow by traveling through their shadow realm.

If those thousands of shadowy vines ended up covering them, they knew that Erebus could appear at any spot he liked in their bodies!

Thud Thud Thud!..

“The walls had connected at the last moment! If they delayed for another second, they would have been covered in shadows by now.” Micheal commented passionately while eying the weirdly square shaped dome.

Although it appearence wasnt pleasant, it did its job by keeping them safe from the shadowy vines.

Since sunlight wasnt reaching inside, Webor and the rest relaxed a little.

‘We cant be hiding like this forever.

‘Shit, we should have let ourselves get caught by the shadows to bait him out.

‘Reflexes are hard to ignore.

Based on their strategy in this first round, they should have remained still to lure out Erebus copy.

They believed that his shadows werent enough to kill them, which meant he would be forced to resurface and assassinate them with a weapon or such.

At least, thats how other shadowborns fought.

‘Lets get ou…

Crack! Crack!!…

Rotspawn was forced to swallow the rest of his sentence after hearing numerous cracking noises coming out from the walls.


Before he could react, the square shaped dome got absolutely demolished!


Shocked and confused, he lifted his head and stared at a pitch-black replica of his weirdly shaped dome!!


Chills coursed on his spine after realizing that it was simply hundreds of shadowy vines stacked against each other!

Even though he understood that the shadowy vines must have crashed his dome forcefully, he didnt dare to believe it.

A dome made out of hardened thick walls getting destroyed by mere shadows

Even Felix and the viewers were left utterly stunned!

“This is just the beginning my cuties.”

Erebus chuckled as he watched the four turtles getting completely encased with his copys shadowy vines.

It made them appear like they were wearing a tight latex suit during the daylight.

‘What the f*ck is this ability! I cant get rid of it! Webor cursed fearfully while trying his best to shake the shadow suit off him.

He even pulled his limbs within his shell and still nothing much changed.

The others started using other methods, ranging from biting the shadows, using elemental abilities, bashing into things to hide from the sunlight, and even dig underground!

Alas, the shadowy suit seemed like it was ingrained in their bodies!

‘Did he use his own elemental energy to create those shadows Felix frowned as he watched his teammates going ape **, trying to free themselves.

He knew that if Erebus copy had used real shadows around them, no matter how much he manipulated them, they would disappear the instant they lose sunlight.

On other hand, creating shadows from elemental energy didnt follow the same rigid laws.

‘Still, how is it possible to make shadows like this

This was the first time Felix saw shadows being able to break through solid tough material while also restraining heavenly turtles.

‘Should I assist them

Felix wanted to remain within the void realm and wait until Erebus copy emerge, so he could commence his ambush…But the sight of his teammates struggling miserably to free themselves was a bit tough to spectate with crossed arms.

Unfortunately for his team, that was merely the beginning of their nightmare.

Abruptly, all the shadows around Webor and the others began to rise in the air, resembling monstrous tentacles.

Whoosh whoosh..!

Then, they rushed towards them and started connecting with the shadowy skin!

‘What is this now! I am finding it hard to move! Webor exclaimed after feeling resistance whenever he moved his limbs.

‘Me too!

‘Shit, if only we could see!

‘It must be more shadows! If elder Erebus clone appeared, captain will make his move.

While they were speaking with agitated voices, the giant shadowy tentacles kept building on them one after the other, making the viewers gulp a mouthful in fear.

In a few moments, peace had been restored to this ghost city as the four heavenly turtles stopped moving entirely…

It wasnt like they werent trying anymore, but no matter how much effort they put in it, they find themselves merely wasting their energy.

‘He should make an appearence now.

When Felix saw how his teammates had been completely ensnared, he prepared himself to ambush Erebus copy.

He was confident that he would emerge from the shadow realm at any moment to finish off the job.

Alas, what happened next was completely out of his imagination!

In fact, even Micheal and the viewers were left absolutely dumbfounded by the sight before them.

‘How is this possible…

Stunned and confused, Felix could only watch his teammates getting pulled within the shadows beneath them, appearing like they were being submerged forcefully into the water.

Before Felix could wake up from his daze, his teammates had already gotten devoured by the shadows, disappearing from the face of the map…

“As expected of the ancestor!”

“Haha, look at their dumbfounded expressions.”

“Only our ancestral can pull anyone he wanted into his own shadow realm.”

The usually cold and silent shadowborns were nowhere to be seen as they kept clamoring noisily in the stands.

When the other viewers heard them, they couldnt help but feel their blood run cold at the thought that the heavenly turtles had been taken to the shadow realm.

No one was able to enter the shadow realm unless they were shadowborns.

Yet still, they knew that the heavenly turtles fate wasnt going to be pleasant when they literally get pulled into the personal realm of their opponent!

As they expected, it didnt take even two seconds before four flashes of light appear behind the floor gate.

“How did we get here”

“The hell is going on Werent we just being pulled away”

“Did we die”

Webor and the rest kept eying each other with stupefied expressions, not daring to believe the current development.

They knew that the moment a player die against the ancestral copy, he would get teleported in front of the floor gate and wait five minutes before he could reenter again.

Such understanding made it even harder for them to accept their situation.

Although they were blinded and had their senses dulled the whole time, they were still able to sense things.

When they were pulled by the shadowy tentacles, they didnt think much of it…But two seconds later, they found themselves already dead and revived without feeling even an ounce of pain.

It was too freaky and honestly soul-chilling to die without knowing how.

The worst part They couldnt ask anyone…Even Felix! The moment they exited the floor, their connection with him had been cut off.

So, they could only converse with each other, hoping that one of them might have noticed something before their death.

‘You are the last remaining player in your team.

Meanwhile, Felix had just received the announcement of his teammates uncanny fate.

Unlike them, he was watching the entire thing from the start to the finish.

Yet, he was left with even more questions than his teammates…

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