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Chapter 859 – The Ancestral Floor!

Majority of the viewers believed so after seeing that those two teams were still struggling to comprehend the requirement fully to pass their challenges.

“I am starting to feel like giving Landlords team such a huge head start is going to bite prince Domino in the ass later on.” Micheal said.

Some viewers felt the same…If Felixs team was capable of reaching the fourth floor in twenty minutes, god knows how higher they would reach in hours.

‘Not bad.

Prince Domino said nonchalantly after seeing that Felix and his teammates had embarked on the fourth floors challenge.

While the viewers had grown restless for his team, he felt not a single ounce of threat at Felixs team abnormal speed.

In fact, he welcomed it and hoped that he could continue treading with the same pace.

‘So, when I crush him, he will have absolutely no excuse.

Prince Domino closed the ranking tab and returned to his peaceful nap, waiting patiently for the automatic teleportation.


Half an hour later…

Felix and his teammates had just finished the fourth floor challenge.

Although it took them half an hour, it wasnt that threatening really.

The mission was to hunt down five illusive rabbits that were capable of teleportation and many other stealth-based abilities, making the experience somewhat of a pain in the ass.

Especially for Felix as he was the main hunter due to his abilities and uncanny speed.

Now that they were done with such playful challenge, it was time for the real deal.

“Are you guys ready” Felix asked with a serious tone while eying his teammates.

He could be seen standing before a unique looking gate.

Unlike the other gates, which were illuminating with white light, this one was emitting a gray hue.

“We had our asses whopped for three days straight by the elders.” Webor narrowed his eyes at the gate, “I cant be more ready to face any ancestor we end up against.”

The others nodded their heads in support.

“Thats what I like to hear.” Felix smirked and took the first step within the unique gate.

The instant he reopened his eyes, he found himself standing on pavement that was filled with long fissures.

Before him stood many destroyed modern skyscrapers and buildings, making it seem like an apocalyptic event had occurred for the city to be left in such shambles.

Though, the sky was somewhat clear, making the sun cast its therapeutic sunlight over this wounded city.

‘Motherf*ckers, now you give us sunlight

Yet, neither Felix nor the rest of his teams were delighted one bit.

How could they feel happy when those notifications had just rung in their minds

-Welcome to the fifth floor challengers.-

-You can use everything.-

-Impress The God of Shadows to continue your climb.-

“Hehe, will you look at that” Erebus grinned creepily.

“It looks like their luck has finally run out.” Saurous snickered, “Fighting Erebus copy in this setting is simply a death wish.”

‘Crap, their luck really dropped the ball at the worst floor. Thor sighed in frustration.

Jörmungandr, Lady Sphinx, and the rest of the primogenitors had felt the same.

Fighting against Erebus copy was already going to be tough on Felixs team since they had never fought against him.

But doing so within countless number of shadows cast by the sun

“This will be a bloodbath!” Micheal expressed excitedly.

Felix and his teammates knew that the situation didnt bid well for them whatsoever.

Still, he managed to regain his composure, knowing that showing weakness would not be beneficial in this upcoming fight.

‘This might look bad for us, but dont forget that we are dealing with a mere copy. Felix tried to boost their confidence,We have been practicing against the real deal for three days straight until we began to cause some inconvenience to them.

‘If we can pose threat to our masters while using 5% of their strength, we can easily dominate Erebus copy if we played it smart.

‘He is right. Rotspawn supported,A copy is a mere AI dummy…Although it will have 1% of Erebus strength, it is simply impossible for it to copy his personality and horrifying battle experience.

What pushed Felix and his team into despair during their practice with their masters was definitely their experience and superior intelligence.

Most of their plans ended up getting predicted or failed at the last crucial moment…There was no way an Ai dummy could do so.

After their confidence was pumped back up, Felix swiftly ordered them to hide underground while he focused on scouting the situation.

Standard starting tactic that always ended with good results.

However, Felix traveled through the entire city three times already and examined most of the buildings…Yet still, there was no sight of Erebus copy!

With all the shadows around the city, he could be literally within any one of them.

“He must be thinking that my copy will keep itself in the open to provoke them into assaulting it.” Erebus laughed in amusement.

He was absolutely right, Felix did spend a split second being confused about Erebus stealth mode…But then, he recalled that he was dealing with a copy that didnt inherit the same proud personality of every primogenitor!!

‘Well **, how are we going to fight now Felix frowned,If we remained hidden and waited, I doubt that such a rational and monotonous copy will bother exposing itself just to make things end faster.

In this battle, Felixs team was the one required to conclude the fight as fast as possible since this was still a race to the top of the tower.

‘Whats the situation up there, captain

‘Hes still hiding. Felix sighed,We need to bait him out somehow.

‘Any suggestions

‘How about we block the sun like we did with the blood moon Barbyclaw shared.

‘It wont work. Felix shook his head,This city is much bigger than the graveyard.

We will be needing tens of towering domes to cover it majority of the land.

Although there were other ways to cover the sun, Felix knew that none of them were going to work in this situation.

If he created a giant poisonous cloud and used it to block the sun, he would simply end up casting a humongous shadow on the city.

This would be helping Erebus to pummel them even faster.

‘I believe our best option is to use the first round to test the waters and hopefully gather enough Intel about elder Erebus copy. Rotspawn suggested,We have infinite revival in this floor, so lets take advantage of it instead of wasting time coming with a strategy without knowing much about our opponent.

‘You are right. Felix nodded,We would be fools not to take advantage of our respawns.

Felix understood that no matter how hard he squeezed his brain for a strategy against Erebus copy, it would all be for naught when he used an ability that he had never seen before.

In this situation, all his knowledge about shadowborns was as useless as repairing a broken vase with duct tape.

As for being informed by his masters about other primogenitors strengths and weaknesses

That didnt happen since it was quite disrespectful to share primos private details without their permission.

Naturally, this didnt apply to mortal enemies like the Darkin faction members.

‘Lets start, we need to force him to use as many abilities as possible. Felix ordered,So, play defensively.

Webor and the others immediately charged towards the surface, creating a rumbling noise that kept echoing throughout this ghost city.

Thud Thud..!

The moment they landed on the ground, they placed some distance between each other and entered a defensive formation by watching the four cardinal directions.

Meanwhile, Felix remained watching the void realm, knowing that there was always a possibility for ambush.

Just like they didnt know much about Erebus abilities, the copy also had no idea about their abilities!

‘This is too eerie. Webor gulped a mouthful as he kept his eyes on his shadow and other shadows in the area.

He never felt like this against shadowborns since they had few methods of breaking through their defenses.

But this He felt like he could get killed at any given moment!

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