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Chapter 857 – Second/Third Floor.

“I believe we have hit the jackpot.”

When Felix heard those horrid limitation and that single hint, he knew which challenge was upon them.

“Hehe, finally something that we can use our shells against.” Webor grinned widely.

“It looks like Landlords team are happy with their upcoming challenge.” Micheal glanced at the details of their floor and clarified to the viewers swiftly, “No wonder, the grassland is one large minefield and the only way to conclude the challenge is by crossing to the other side safely!”

Felix managed to figure this out because of a single clue related to this floor.

-Do not be fooled by the serenity of the spring, for what hid under its guise, will leave you either broken or deaf for eternity.-

If explosions didnt blow someone up, they would most definitely rupture their eardrums!

“Captain, relax a bit within my shell.” Webor smirked confidently, “We will be reaching the other side in no time.”

“No need.” Felix said as he sat on top of his shell, “I would like to see how it goes.”

“Let me examine the area.” Rotspawn said.

The moment he saw Felix nod his head, Rotspawn started walking on the grass field, step by step.

Although Rotspawn trusted his defenses, he was still carefully examining the ground.

He understood that since the game had posed such heavy limitations, they would naturally not completely hid the landmines from eyesight.

If they did so, the players wouldnt be given a way out to clear this floor.

‘Found one.

As he expected, his eyes landed on a small mushroom head, that was hiding between the grass blades.

Normally, mushrooms wouldnt have risen any concerns in a grassland, but in this floor

Rotspawn was certain that it was a landmine!

“Guys, I found a landmine and I will be stepping on it to test its strength.” Rotspawn warned while lifting his feet above the mushroom.

“Only heavenly turtles are ballsy enough to try to test a landmine instead of avoiding it.” Micheal said speechlessly.


The instant Rotspawn committed with his test, the stepped on mushroom went off immediately and blew the ground underneath it!

A giant dirt cloud had risen, hiding Rotspawn foot from the prying eyes of the viewers…But they didnt even need to see it to realize that Rotspawn wasnt harmed at all.

His expression didnt even flinch when the explosion went off!

“As expected, the landmine is designed to not straight out kill the other players.” Felix grinned at the sight of Rotspawn shaking his feet from the dirt without a single scratch on it.

If the landmine was designed to harm heavenly turtles, one of the toughest races in the universe, then the rest of the teams would most definitely get obliterated with a single bomb!

Especially, when they had taken almost everything from them to defend themselves.

“The last one to cross the grassland will pay for dinner after the game!” Webor laughed excitedly and dashed through the grassland, not giving a crap any more about the landmines.

“Damn you Webor, thats cheap!” Barbyclaw scolded as she started sprinting after him.

The rest stared at each other for a few seconds, before shrugging their shoulders and sprinted after them.

Boom! Boom! Boom!…

Micheal and the viewers had no idea how to react as they watched the four turtle stepping on every nearby landmine, leaving behind them a series of thunderous explosions!

Because of their gigantic sizes and stupid bet, they werent going in a straight line to minimize landmines exposure.

“This is not how the challenge should be dealt with…” Speechless, Micheal could only split the screen and show the fog crawlers own struggle with this floor.

They were unlucky enough to get placed in the same grassland on their first floor.

Unlike the heavenly turtles, they were hovering above the ground while examining the surrounding area warely.

Since they didnt have legs, the game wouldnt force them to crawl on the ground.

Still, they were allowed to hover merely half meter above the ground instead of allowing them to fly freely.

To make it more fair, the mushrooms could be activated just by passing above them without actually stepping on them!

They learned that the hard way as one of their teammates had ended up with heavy injuries after activating a landmine.

“This is the beauty of the tower.” Micheal commentated, “If the fog crawlers had been given the graveyard challenge, they would have finished it within less than a minute by simply increasing the thickness of fog until the blood moon light wouldnt be enough to reach the graves.”

In other words, the teams were going to be having an easier time in some floors and simultaneously, the worst experience in others.

“Though, this rule probably wont apply for those monstrous dragons.” Micheal said while switching the camera to Prince Domino and the rest of the dragons.

They could be seen napping in the center of the hall without an ounce of worry…

“Back to Landlords team.”

The moment Micheal returned the camera on Felix and his teammates, he couldnt help but a drew a deep breath at the sight before him.

The beautiful and peaceful grassland was nowhere to be seen…It was now filled with deep ugly craters and dust blowing all over the place, making it resemble an aftermath of an airstrike.

As for the culprits They could be seen arguing about the final winner of their race while walking towards a newly opened gate.

“Twenty seconds…They cleared the challenge in twenty seconds.”

“Arent they climbing the tower way too fast”

“Tsk, they just got lucky with the floors, and they had several clues to help them…Nothing to be shocked about.”

“They will definitely be stomped in the third floor.”

Most viewers still felt that Felixs team achievement was noteworthy even with all their advantages.

Some believed that their luck was soon going to run out…Especially, when they saw how hard it was for Sirens team and Kumihos team to finally climb past the third floor.

-Welcome to the third floor challengers.-

-You cant use items…You cant use teleportation or interdimensional abilities…You cant fly…Your fire resistance is reduced by 20%-


‘Hmm, this is most likely a monster wave challenge of some sort. Felix warned his teammates,Its going to get rough.

Webor and the others nodded their heads in understanding and started looking around them.

The environment wasnt as therapeutic as the second floor.

They were placed near a towering black dormant volcano.

The forest nearby kept emitting a sorrowful atmosphere as the trees were ashen gray while the thin branches seemed like they would break with a mere gentle breeze.

The sky was as unsettling as the ground…It kept on showering them nonstop with sticky black raindrops.

‘Hmm, is this oil Felix frowned after smelling the rain…Just to make sure, he touched a raindrop and tasted it.

‘Its really oil. He said while spitting out.

Now, Felix was certain about the challenge would unfold as one of the clues in his possession was about this abnormal oil rain.

-It all started with a rain drop and ended with scorched earth.-

“Guys, I was wrong. Felix glanced at the giant volcano and proclaimed with narrowed eyes,The challenge isnt related to monste…

Rumble Rumble!!!

Before Felix could finish his sentence, the ground starting shaking like a dormant beast was trying to push his way upward the surface.

‘Its coming from the volcano! I think its about to erupt! Webor yelled loudly after picking up that the source of the tremors came from within the volcano.

Felix didnt need to be told…He could see it with his own infrared vision, how a flood of lava was trying to force itself from the volcanos mouth!

‘Get rid of the oil and put as much distance as possible from the volcano! Felix shouted immediately while sprinting in the opposite direction!

While he was running, the ground kept cracking underneath him, creating giant chasms!

When Felix jumped above them, he couldnt help but peek beneath him after sensing the hellish heat.

‘Shit! Dont bother digging underground! Its filled with magma! He cursed while warning his teammates about the dangers beneath them.

‘Its hot enough I can feel my legs heating without needing to glance downward. Webor commentated with a slight shiver coursing in his spine.

If there was one thing that the heavenly turtles dreaded immensely, it would definitely be lava.

Their shells were able to handle almost everything, but if the heat was too much to handle, they knew that being cooked alive was a high likely option!


Abruptly, Felix was forced to turn his head and glance behind him with an expression filled with dread and a bit of reverence.

The volcano had finally erupted, and it wasnt a small one…

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