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Chapter 852 Monopolizing The Keys!

Felix knew that without the ability to see the faint frequencies, he would have never considered that it would be hidden here…Even if he had turned the entire hall upside down!

“I did not expect that Landlord will be able to find this key so soon.” Micheal sighed in disappointment, “How did he do so exactly Is it a hunch”

Micheal could see the location of all the keys and believed that this hiding spot was the perfect one.

The players wouldnt even consider searching the gates themselves when he had established in their minds that the keys were hidden in the hall.

Unbeknownst to him, even Felix had no idea why the key was releasing those low frequencies.

He jumped forward and pulled it from the keyhole.

The moment he landed on the ground, the keys size had been reduced to the size of a pinky.

Yet still, it was releasing the same frequencies.

They appeared as a long thin white lines going up and a down while spreading in a cone.

‘Interesting, I can actually hear them if I focused enough. Felix raised his eyebrows in surprise after bringing the key near his ear.

Under special circumstances, common citizens could hear radio-frequency pulses in the range of 2.4MHz to 10GHz as buzzes, clocks, or hiss.

In the case of Felix and other players, they could hear them even better.

However, because of the noisy hall, no one was paying attention to those frequencies.

If Felix wasnt able to see them, he would also be ignorant about them.

‘It looks like this is the clue to help us find the keys faster. Felix grinned faintly as he looked behind him.

He realized that the other frequencies around the hall must belong to the other keys.

Without further ado, Felix beamed the key within his spatial card and sprinted back to the hall under the confused looks of the players.

‘What is he up to now Prince Domino thought while eying Felix dashing towards the library.

When he saw that Felix had entered it and started checking the books on one of the bookshelves, he dropped his interest and returned to searching the crystals on the chandeliers.

It was clear in his eyes that Felix was merely searching randomly just like the rest of them…The other players ignored Felix too and returned to their own key hunt.

‘Good, they are ignoring me. Felix smirked faintly and placed the books back after seeing that no one was paying attention to him.

He walked to an empty book shelve that had an absolute mess underneath it.

He glanced at the books below it and walked around, not daring to step on them when Lady Sphinx was watching him.

‘It should be hidden here. Felix glanced left and right to check his surroundings.

When he saw that the coast was clear, he placed his ear next to it.

‘I hear it. Felix smiled faintly as he picked up the same buzzing frequency as the one released by his key.

‘I gotta go fast before the mermaids start hearing them too.

Felix knew that the mermaids would end up reaching the same conclusion as him when their sensitive ears pick up this abnormal frequency.

The only reason they had yet to find out about them was due to the irritating noise of the players.

But, when they get close to a keys location, they would hear the frequency even through the noise unlike Felix and other players.

Without wasting time, Felix placed his hand on the wooden side of the book shelve and started feeling it.

Because it was impossible to break anything in the hall with brute force, he was seeking a hidden button or something to bring out the key.

The players didnt see anything weird about it since everyone else was doing the same.

ᴘ ᴀɴ ᴅᴀ-ɴᴏ ᴠᴇʟ.

ᴄᴏᴍ But in the eyes of the omnipotent viewers They got even more stunned.

“How How did he find the second key so quick!” Micheal exclaimed in disbelief, “He literally went straight towards it like he has some sort of compass! I doubt he can hear the frequencies from such a long distance.”

“Look at his pupil.” Lord Quetzalcoatl chuckled, “Arent they the same as Lady Sphinxs when she uses her frequency vision”

When the primogenitors took a close look at Felixs glimmering white triangle-like pupils, they realized that he was speaking the truth!

Just to make sure, they switched the stream to Felixs POV, wanting to see exactly how he perceived things.

“No wonder!” Wendigo cursed out loud, “Who the f*ck designed such a stupid clue!”

“Whats the problem with those keys giving off hints to their locations” Thor retorted, “Those frequencies can be heard by all the players if they paid attention and listened instead of thrashing the entire place barbarically.”

“Indeed.” Siren supported Thor, “You wouldnt have said a single complaint if the hint was related to your dragons infrared vision.”

In her eyes, the hint was beneficial to her team as well as Felix.

Although he had the first move on them, she knew that her team would manage to secure a key or two at minimum based on how quick they hear the frequencies.

‘Got it!


Felixs eyes brightened up in delight…He finally managed to press on a tiny invisible button.

A hidden wooden square was pushed slowly forward.

A golden key was carved neatly in its center.

Felix snatched it swiftly and hid it within his pockets while looking around him in warily.

When he saw that the players werent paying him any attention, he beamed it in his spatial card and started sprinting to his next location.

‘Guys, focus only on the clues.

I have already found two keys and will be finding more. Felix shared the good news with his teammates, not wanting to keep them stressing over finding the keys.

‘Are you being serious!

‘You found two so quick!

‘How did you do it captain!

‘Will explain later, just keep acting normally to not drew suspicion. Felix said.

Upon hearing so, all of them controlled their shocked expression and forced a peaceful look.

If the other players noticed that Felixs team was too happy, they would realize that something wasnt right.

Felix didnt want company when he still had eight more keys to find.

“Landlord is planning to clean up all the keys!” Micheal commentated while sucking a cold breath at the sight of Felix standing behind an empty wall.

He had already switched to a POV camera, allowing the viewers to understand that Felix could see the exact location of the keys due to his frequency vision.

A type of vision that was so rare, some of them completely forgot that it existed!

“Hehe, Felix is going to make them crawl before him to get the keys.” Selphie giggled in amusement after seeing through Felixs plan.

Hogging most of the keys meant that the teams were going to be forced to hear Felixs requests if they wanted to climb the tower.

Since combat was banned, there was no other method of getting the keys out of his hand without being peaceful about it.

Oblivious to the dangers they were at, the players kept ignoring Felix and continued seeking the keys.

The more keys Felix gathered, the more impatient the players had gotten.

“If its this f*cking hard to find a god-damn key, I doubt we can pass the next floors.”

“Dear lord, I am already on my fifth clue and still no key…”

“Thankfully, the dragons are still here with us.”

Some players kept their cool and continued touching here and there, hoping to get lucky.

Meanwhile, some players had already lost their patience and started to express their frustration through smashing things in the hall.

Too bad for them, they couldnt even vent for themselves as everything in the hall was indestructible.

‘Captain, I think I found something peculiar.

A stunning pink haired mermaid exclaimed telepathically while standing in front of a bathtub.

Besides the bathtub uncanny size, it was as common as any other.

Yet, this mermaid was able to hear a weird buzzing noise coming from beneath it.

In this silent and ancient bathroom, such a noise couldnt be nothing in her eyes.

A few moments later, her captain arrived.

The moment she stepped near the bathtub, her ears were triggered by the buzzing too.

‘Call the others, we need to comb this bathtub entirely.

The captain ordered with delighted look, knowing that all the clues they found didnt release such a low frequency.

This made her assume that either the key was responsible for it or something else that was worth exploring.

‘Shit, I need to be quicker.

When Felix noticed that the mermaids were gathering around one of the keys location, he knew that he was running out of time.

He had just collected six keys, leaving four still in the open…Not counting the one found by Kumihos team or Sirens team.

‘Guys, change of plan. Felix swiftly ordered,Drop everything you have and listen to my directions closely.

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