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Chapter 848 – The Same Situation!

“Futile attempts.” Jörmungandr shook his head while placing his hands together.

Then, he mumured, “True Poison x16, release.”


A humongous dark purplish cloud was released from Jörmungandrs pores, covering hundreds of meters around him and still spreading rapidly towards Felix and his team!

“The hell!”

“How is that possible!!”

“Is that really poison!”

Rotspawn and the others couldnt help but exclaim in disbelief at the sight of their abilities turning into purplish ashes the moment they get touched by the poisonous cloud!

Whats even more harrowing was the fact that buildings, ground tiles, plants, and anything in front of the cloud had been met with the same outcome.

It was like a plague was being spread…A plague that didnt differentiate from a lifeforms or objects!

‘Run!! Dont get touched by it! Felix shouted from within Webors shell.

‘But the pla…

‘Forget about the plan and just put your distance from it!

Rotspawn and the rest dropped their assault immediately and retreated underground, knowing the poisonous cloud was going to be engulfing at least a few kilometers of distance in half a minute at best!

Meanwhile, Felix had already dropped from Webors shell and entered the void realm.

Based on his hardened expression, he wasnt pleased with the current development.

His previous plan was meant to use his teammates to distract Jörmungandr for a few moments before throwing his laced battleaxe at him within the chaos.

In that split second when the battleaxe would either pass by him or get blocked, he would teleport next to him while extending a small void domain within his palm.

With a single direct punch, Jörmungandr would be no more!

Unfortunately, Jörmungandr wasnt going to stay still for that to happen.

Whoosh Whoosh!

The wind raged in the town, pushing the gigantic poisonous cloud further and further to the edges of the map.

‘This is true poison. Felix didnt know if he should feel excited or scared at the sight of the poisonous cloud running rampant in the map.

He wasnt told by Jörmungandr, but he believed that the number of inducements merged to create this harrowing plague must have surpassed a hundred at the minimum!

On the other hand, the true poison that he used to slay Nethercutter had merely half that number or even less!

Felix understood if he kept improving on his poison manipulation, he would start using this destructive poison that was as deadly as void energy.

A short while later, the entire map had been engulfed completely with the poison, appearing like a purplish fog being sent from the depth of the abyss.

‘Shit…Its the same situation as in the previous fight. Felix sighed in frustration.

He knew that his team would be dead the instant they resurfaced and none of them could do anything about it.

If dragons were in the same situation right now, they could simply fly high above and nuke the entire map, getting rid of the poisonous cloud in an instant.

This was the reason Felix was worried heavily about the dragons team…Their firepower could destroy most primogenitors abilities that would make other teams struggle for hours.

Unfortunately for him, Jörmungandr wasnt done yet.

“Rise.” He said calmly as he lifted his arms in the sky.

The poisonous purplish cloud began split and morph into many humanoid and monstrous forms!

In a few moments, thousands of towering misty purplish monsters were created.

Some of them were holding into weapons and some of them had their entire bodies as weapons.

“Solidify.” Jörmungandr ordered.

Whoosh Whoosh!!!

What remained of the misty cloud started rushing into those misty monsters, appearing like they were absorbing them.

Instead of growing bigger, they were getting darker in shade.

It didnt take even a couple of seconds before the monsters get thoroughly transformed into a solidified version of themselves.

There was no more mist being released from them as they appeared as hard as boulders!

‘… Felix was left completely at loss for words at the sight of this emerging army.

This was the first time ever he saw an army created purely from the deadliest poison in the universe!

He couldnt even imagine how it would be possible to fight them when a single touch would lead anyone to get erased from existence!

“Seek them out.” Jörmungandr commanded calmly.


The ground shook, and the atmosphere had been stiffened as those towering monsters began charging towards the tunnels.

Because there were too many of them, the tunnels werent going to support all of them at once.

So, a few beastial shaped creatures started to dig their own tunnels!

‘They can do that! Felix was shocked to see that ground posed absolutely no resistance to those creatures.

The poison was simply too potent even the dirt was affected heavily by it!

In a few moments, the majority of the army were already tailing Webor and the others, who had absolutely no idea about the current development.

Knowing that it wasnt time to be spectating, Felix swiftly returned to his teammates and ordered them to prepare to battle underground.

‘Did he send an army Why is the ground shaking so much Webor exclaimed.

‘Its an army made out of that poisonous cloud. Felix warned them sternly,Do not get touched by them at all cost.

‘Isnt better to just escape

‘No, we have to fight. Felix denied it firmly.

He understood that escaping now would merely buy them fifteen minutes or twenty at best before they get placed in a much worse situation.

Based on the digging speed of those abominations and their overwhelming numbers, he knew that it wouldnt take them forever to spread out through the underground.

Since Jörmungandr was still releasing poisonous cloud on the surface, this would make them get trapped underground.

In the end, they would get killed without putting a decent fight, and he would be left alone again.

‘Underground is our turf. Nina narrowed her eyes dangerously,Lets give them hell.

‘The plan is simple. Felix swiftly ordered,Nina, Slagwing, you will be responsible for moderating the numbers of poison puppets.

Since they decided to fight, Felix was going to make sure that it would be on their terms.

So, instead of getting charged by thousands of poison puppets, he would be taking a dozen at each time with his teammates.


‘The rest will be responsible for destroying the puppets! Felix stressed,To avoid getting contaminated in such a tight space, we will be always on the move.

‘So, we separate the army into waves and after dealing with one wave, we retreat to another location and repeat the same process Rotspawn asked.

‘Thats it.

Thud Thud Thud…

The moment Felix said so, the ceiling of their tunnel started shaking to the point even Felix began feeling it.

‘Reinforce the tunnel walls and get prepared! Felix commanded while tightening his fists, preparing to engage in close combat with the giants puppets.

He wanted to avoid using his battleaxe after seeing the poisons potency.

In addition, he realized that breaking those puppets would do them no good.

‘Here they come! Webor shouted after sensing the approaching noisy footsteps in all the surrounding tunnels.

‘I will give you some light. Felix said as he covered his arms with electricity.

Within such a vast tunnel, it was barely enough to light around his teammates.

Yet, it was much better than utter darkness.


“I will take care of them!”

Felix yelled the instant he saw tens of poison puppets burst through the ceiling and aim at them with souless eyes.

Without an ounce of hesitation, he opened a large void rift and watched the poison puppets keep falling within the void realm continuously!

The void rift was big enough it surpassed tens of meters, allowing Webor and the rest to focus entirely on the poison puppets coming from the sides.

“Mud Flood!”

Webor and Rotspawn flooded the tunnels with sticky mud, which forced the poison puppets to slow down.

Some of them even ended up getting drowned within it.


When they saw that the majority of poison puppets were caught, they swiftly hardened the mud.

“Close the tunnels now.” Felix ordered immediately.

Nina and Slagwing did as they were told and forced the tunnel to collapse behind the frozen puppets in the mud.

Knowing that the puppets could easily dig through the rubble, Nina and Slagwing kept reinforcing it with boulders.

“My turn.” Felix smiled coldly and blinked next to the caught puppets.

Then, he created tiny void rifts within each one of them.

This resulted in getting them erased from existence without leaving a single poisonous particle behind!

“Smart.” Thor praised, “If they had used brute force, they would end up making the situation even worse since the poison puppets will return to their misty forms.”

“Unfortunately for them, the old snake knows better.” Thor chuckled.

Before Felix and the others could celebrate the success of their strategy, they were shocked to notice that the remaining poison puppets started exploding!

‘Oh no!

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