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The 35th meeting Floor.

Felix was chatting with Olivia while waiting for the elders to arrive and start the battles.

A couple of minutes later, they arrived one by one dressing formally, walking towards the stage without batting an eye to the juniors.

Felix and the others stopped chatting at once and got in their position.

They then bowed their head respectfully to the elders.

Abraham took the microphone from the podium and greeted as well with a smile.

Good evening children.

Today is the day of the weekly battle, but this one is going to be the last, and also the true decider of who will be the captain of our Maxwell team!

He paused for a few seconds to see if anyone was interested in this position.

Sadly, he found that only two or three had a spark in their eyes.

As for the important juniors like Noah, Olivia, Felix, and even Kenny, none of them cared for such a position, as it didn\'t have any merits but only trouble and annoyance.

In their eyes, being the team captain was the same as being the class monitor.

Dejected and annoyed by their lackluster reaction, Abraham sighed and continued his speech.

Just like before, the battle will be 1v1 in the UVR so fight to your heart content without worry.

He then turned his sight to Felix who was dozing off and asked suddenly with narrowed eyes.

Felix, are you going to join them this time

Felix broke off his daze and responded casually, Don\'t worry Elder; I will take part as well.

Oh, did you reach lesser purity! Robert asked thunderously near the elders, almost bleeding their ears.

Felix nodded his head in confirmation.

Finally you little **, it\'s about time.

Noah is almost about to reach 45% and unlock the 2nd passive. He smiled with his eyes narrowed dangerously, You better catch up son.

Felix smiled wryly and glanced at Noah, who was standing in the middle of the group composedly like a street light pole.

Felix\'s path and Noah\'s path were completely different, as Noah\'s could easily surpass him in integration percentages, but so what Felix might be slow due to the difficulty of finding the Jörmungandr bloodline, but still, he would always be ahead of him in terms of strength.

Regardless, reaching 45% without even relying on double percentage potion Noah was honestly quite hardworking, as to reach that percentage, he was probably integrating with 8% or even 10% each time! If he had those potions, he probably would have already reached the origin purity by now.

Unfortunately, each potion cost at least 200k SC, and the family definitely couldn\'t afford to get some for him.

Even Felix, when he gifted Olivia potions, he only gave her rejuvenation potions and beauty potions.

He didn\'t gift her double percentage potion, as its effect was quite obvious and the elders were sure to grill Olivia where she got them.

In other words, he would get invited for another cup of tea.

This was one of the reasons he wanted to ditch the family and return to his island, leaving their supervision.

At that point, he could do what he pleased without being on their radar constantly.

The battles are going to be the same as always 1v1.

Whoever won all of his battles will be the captain.

If the winner does not want to be the captain, then you can simply come and tell us. Abraham smiled warmly and added, But our answer will always be no.

So don\'t bother yourself.

Felix grumbled under his breath, since that was exactly what was he planning on doing.

Win beautifully then ditch the responsibility!

The elders added this clause because of Noah, who they thought would clutch the win, since Olivia wasn\'t participating in the battles due to her supportive abilities, while Kenny never won a battle against Noah before.

Meanwhile, Felix had just unlocked his active ability without practicing it like Noah did for the past two months.

As for the others, Sarah and Jackson had just reached the lesser purity like Felix, while the rest were merely here to add numbers since none of them had reached the lesser purity yet.

Because they didn\'t integrate too many percentages each phase, not confident in handling the increased pain.

So in a sense, the elders already decided that Noah was the strongest in the team, and rightfully should be the captain.

But they knew he would reject the offer, due to his personality.

Hence the clear condition that the offer was non rejectable.

Unfortunately for the elders, their plan went upside down when the battles began and Felix started to thrash his cousins one by one by throwing merely a single *Paralyze Bomb*, then rush to knock them out with a light jaw punch.

The moment he stepped inside the arena, no one touched his clothes or managed to activate their abilities properly.

The elders just watched speechlessly at this merciless beat down, or in this case, pure bullying.

He used the same strategy for all of them except for Kenny, as he went an extra mile to hurt him badly.

Yet, no one saw anything weird about it since Kenny really had a punchable face.

After a while, only Felix and Noah were left in the finals.

Felix gave him a bit of face and let him activate his ability.

Noah did not waste time and instantly activated *Ice Mace*, an ability that allowed him to create a large mace made of crystallized ice!

The majority of Cryogenic Yeti Bloodline abilities were either ice made melee form ones or physical morphing abilities.

That\'s why Noah was currently not holding the mace in his hand but used his energy to keep it hovering slightly above it since his body couldn\'t handle its weight.

Felix sighed in pity after seeing this, as this was the true meaning of using a bloodline that didn\'t fit your style at all.

The elders merely bought the cheapest rare ranked bloodlines they could find without caring about those nitty-gritty details that could lower the strength of a bloodliner by at least 30%.

Noah dashed forward while dragging the heavy mace behind him like a berserker.

If only his facial expression wasn\'t stoic as always, he would truly resemble one.

Felix did not flinch at this sight, he merely snapped his finger and an acid green colored bomb was created behind his back and stayed hovering there without Noah\'s knowledge.

Noah did not think that Felix was looking down on him after not seeing any bombs in his hand; rather he raised his vigilance even further and held his breath, trying to avoid absorbing Felix\'s poison.

He didn\'t know if it took effect by skin touch or direct absorption, but he had nothing to lose by holding his breath.

In his mind, it\'s an instant win if reached Felix without eating his paralyze bomb.

Sadly, things did not go as planned for him, as the moment he tried to swing his heavy mace, planning to bash Felix\'s face.


A sudden explosion engulfed him and Felix covering both of them in an acid green mist.

The only difference was that Felix was completely fine, while Noah\'s skin began to melt gradually, forcing him to let out a pained groan and drop the mace to the ground.

Before he was tortured even further, Felix kicked him out of the bomb radius and followed swiftly by a punch to the chin, knocking him out cold.

Good fight. Felix clapped his hands twice with a smile and withdrew himself from the manmade arena in Abraham\'s UVR room.

He knew that Noah was smart enough to realize that his paralyze bomb relied on either absorption or skin contact.

Noah could do nothing about skin contact, but for absorption, he could totally hold his breaths, and avoid getting poisoned.

Thus, Felix didn\'t rely on paralyze inducement, but acid inducement! A poisonous substance that was effective by skin contact.

Unfortunately, its effects were quite painful, as a small exposure to its dose and the skin would be melted, while a large exposure could even turn a person into a liquid goo!

That\'s why Felix kicked Noah away, as he didn\'t want to torture him without any reason.

He might not die inside Abraham\'s UVR room, but it sure would hurt like hell.

Immediately after Felix reached the elders and his cousins, they kept staring at him wide-eyed, having no idea what the f*ck had just happened.

Noah that brutalized those juniors for weeks lost without landing a single hit

What kind of sick joke was this!

But this was the reality, Felix was truly just here to bully them, nothing more, nothing less.

Even Noah was still a combat child in Felix\'s eyes.

Those past months of training and battling each other meant absolutely nothing in front of Felix\'s decades of experience in his previous life.

So, they never had a chance against him.

Hell, Felix could win by relying only on his super strength passive.

However, he planned to hide it, and show only his poison immunity, or in their eyes his peak poison resistance.

He couldn\'t tell them that he awakened 2 passives at 15%, thus one passive had to remain hidden.

His super strength was easier to hide, as he could control his strength input.

On the other hand, his poison immunity was a must-have, since if he didn\'t have it, his skin would have been melted as well by the bomb explosion.

Just because everyone used elements it did not mean that getting harmed by their abilities wasn\'t an option.

Heck, the only reason defensive passives, like elemental resistances were always being unlocked first, was to somewhat offset getting hurt by one\'s own abilities.

Felix, can you please explain the active ability that you unlocked Charlotte asked curiously after seeing Felix bash every junior with light yellow bombs then switch to acid green one suddenly.

Hmm, well I unlocked *Poison bombs*, this ability allows me to create bombs with 5 types of different poisons. He coughed to hide his bull** and continued, What I used now to fight was only paralyze bombs and acid bombs; I can switch to other inducements as well.

like this. He snapped his finger, and a light yellow bomb got created on top of his hand.

He then said switch, and the color of the bomb changed to acid green.

He said switch again, and the color turned pink.

Suddenly he threw it towards Kenny, exploding near his face.

Speechless, everyone watched Kenny remove his clothes with flushed cheeks and hazy eyes like he just ate 3 aphrodisiac pills.

However, after 5 seconds his eyes regained clarity, and wore his clothes back without a hint of anger or humiliation, he merely smiled warmly and said, I am happy to be your test subject.

Felix chuckled lightly and didn\'t bother replying to this traitorous snake.


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