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Chapter 838 – The One and Only Dragon Slayer!

It might seem like all of this had taken a lot of time, but in reality, not even three seconds went by from the moment Felix used the second form of his weapon.

Most of the viewers had yet to even recover from such an extraordinary ability before they were met with death of Red Mercy.

“What the f*ck did I just witness”

“Did Landlord just slayed a dragon from within his head or am I tripping”

“I am losing my ** over here! Was slaying dragons always this easy or what!!”

In the end, the arena exploded in thunderous noisy chatter as the spectators kept exclaiming with dumbfounded looks, not daring to believe that another dragon had fallen under Felixs hands!

Whats even more shocking, he didnt use even his poison this time.

He literally butchered a dragon with just his battleaxe!

“Using a legendary artifact is unfair advantage in the event.” Cherufe complained with an irritated look.

When Nethercutter had died, he still had hope that Red Mercy and Summerspirit would turn things around…Especially when he heard about Felixs deal with them.

But now He knew that it was going to be exceedingly difficult for Summerspirit to deal with two heavenly turtles and Felix all alone.

The fact that Felix had just slayed Red Mercy all alone made it hard for him to be too optimistic.

So, he could only whine about the crescent battleaxe.

“He earned it with his own efforts.” Thor snickered, “If we gave it to him before the game, then your complaint can be heard.”

Legendary artifacts were allowed in radiant ranked games.

Since this tournament included both diamond and radiant ranked players, it was within Felixs rights to use his crescent battleaxe.

The only reason the other players werent using their own legendary artifacts was because they needed to earn them on their own.

Unfortunately, it wasnt that easy to land their hands on legendary artifacts.

The only known places for champions to get them was in the yearly event.

Since champions were allowed to participate in the event once per decade, it meant that the owners of legendary artifacts rarely make a second appearence in the event.

“Indeed, dont be a sore loser brother Cherufe.” Erebus supported, “You dont hear us complaining when your champions clutch most of the games due to their extraordinary gifts.”

“True, my cuties cant do anything before your monsters.” Kumiho pouted.

“Tsk, the game is not done yet.” Cherufe clicked his tongue in annoyance at their nagging and refocused on the game.

When he saw that Felix had joined hands with his teammates at pressuring Summerspirit, he could only wish for a miracle.

Alas, when he remembered that flames orbs were banned due to the deal, he knew that Summerspirit was at his wits end.

The unexpected death of Red Mercy was like a heavy boulder that cracked his absolute confidence in his strength and ability to win the fight.

Felix, Webor, and Rotspawn made sure to not give him a single moment to think of a strategy that could change things around.

In the end, Summerspirit couldnt handle their combined efforts at taking him down and decided to escape high above.

‘Should we give a chase Webor asked.

‘No need, its over for him. Felix shook his head while stretching his shoulders.

He understood that the primogenitors werent going to watch Summerspirit hide for eternity.

They would give him a few more chances to change things around and if he failed, they would be left with no choice but to end the game.

Felix wasnt planning on slaying Summerspirit.

There was nothing to gain from doing so when he could simply showcase that Summerspirit could not change his defeated outcome.

Summerspirit might not be able to surrender, but the primogenitors would call the fight off when they see that nothing entertaining was going to happen.

For the next half an hour, everything went according to Felixs expectation.

Summerspirit fought against them twice before retreating when he realized that he could not kill any of them without his flame orbs.

ɴᴇᴡ ɴᴏᴠᴇʟ ᴄʜᴀᴘᴛᴇʀs ᴀʀᴇ ᴘᴜʙʟɪsʜᴇᴅ ᴏɴ ᴀʟʟɴᴏᴠᴇʟ ꜰᴜʟʟ.ᴄᴏᴍ

Honestly, even if he could use them, Felix would simply send them to another dimension.

It was a done battle whether he liked to admit it or not.

“I think its time brother Cherufe.” Thor said calmly, “Voice your request to end the fight.”

“It was a good and truly entertaining fight.” Lord Quetzalcoatl praised, “Both sides had given everything they had, and I am pleased with the outcome.”


“It has been a while since I enjoyed a fight like this.”

Upon hearing so, Cherufe knew that the primogenitors were getting bored with his champions futile attempts, and he was given the option to end it gracefully.

“Fine, fine, dont be too hasty.” Cherufe sighed while requesting from Micheal to conclude the battle.

The moment Micheal was given permission, he didnt hesitate to bring the mic near his lips and announce thunderously, “The gods have spoken! The winner of the finals is Aspidochelones team!!”


The moment viewers heard so, they stopped watching the screen and started cheering loudly with thrilled expressions, too delighted to see the dragons fall yet again!

As champions, they knew that the primogenitors had the right to stop the battles anytime they wished, so they didnt react too weirdly about it.

In fact, most of them predicted as much when they saw Summerspirits sad futile attempts.

“My mom must be over the moon.” Selphie laughed happily at the notion that her mothers bet on Felixs team had resulted in her mother enjoying a slice of the treasures pool.

But most importantly, she was happy that Felix had been proclaimed as the winner in this tournament, making him the champion of two games in this event!

“We won…We actually won!! Holy **! We actually won!!” Webor stared at the sky with a dumbstruck expression after hearing the announcement.

“Why so surprised” Felix massaged his tired eyelids as he said causally, “We are considered as a first seed after all.”

“I dont know, I just never expected that I am going to win a game in this event.” Webor smiled sheepishly, “Most of my experiences with dragons have been horrible in the platform.”

ᴜᴘᴅᴀᴛᴇ ꜰʀᴏᴍ ꜰʀᴇᴇᴡᴇʙɴᴏᴠᴇʟ.ᴄᴏᴍ.

“You better lift your head high when you receive your prize.” Felix smirked faintly, “We arent done yet in this event.”

Soon, they were teleported back to the arena under the heartful applause and cheers of the spectators.

This time, the dragons didnt roar for Felix.

All of them eyed him with looks filled with dread but mostly with feverish anticipation!

Facing a worthy opponent from another race was extremely rare for them.

Based on what they witnessed in the battle, even when Felix lose his void abilities, he would be a significant threat to them.

If he could slay two dragons with a battleaxe that he has gotten in seven days, they didnt dare to imagine what would happen when given months and years to master using it!

While Felix and the other two were basking under the applause and cheers, Summerspirit walked towards them.

“Hmm Whats up” Felix asked calmly.

“I will never forget this defeat until the day I die.” Summerspirit narrowed his eyes at Felix and warned, “Landlord, Dragonslayer, I will be preparing to have a rematch with you real soon.

So, dont be lazing around.”

“Me Lazing around” Felix chuckled, “By the time you grew back your guts, I will be so far ahead of you, I doubt you will be even able to see my shadow.”

“We will see about that in the future.” Summerspirit huffed a breath of fire through his nostrils three times before he turned into a flash of light.

‘Although he is pissed, he really must respect you a great deal to breathe fire three times. Asna shared.

Dragons show admiration and respect to other races in two ways…Either a wild inner roar or breathe fire through their nose.

The higher the number of fire breathed, the more respectful and admired that person was in their eyes.

It was like they were too shy to be straightforward and say it, they mask it with this cute tradition.

Breathing fire three times meant that Summerspirit was seeing Felix as a friend as well as a rival.

‘Didnt expect that too. Felix grinned faintly,I might crush in his house when I visit Icarius galaxy.

‘How shameless. Asna giggled.

‘You know me, I cant miss free treats. Felix shrugged his shoulders in a carefree manner and refocused on Micheal, who was still hyping up the winners.

While he was doing so, Lord Osiris eyelids kept twitching every time he mentioned the dragons defeat.

The primogenitors commentary on the results of the battle wasnt making it any better for him.

No one had any idea that he had just lost twenty maniacal monoliths on this battle alone!

It was a loss that no one would be able to recover from in their entire lifetime.

If Lady Sphinx had lost the bet, she honestly would have died a little!

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