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Paralyze aura activate!

Instantly, the same mist was released from Felix\'s body.

But this time it was not dark purple, but light yellow, looking almost transparent surrendering Felix in an 8-meter diameter.

Felix dragged his fingers slowly in the mist with intoxication on his face.

He felt that everything within the mist was under his surveillance and vision.

This was his aura, his domain that anyone who stepped inside would be under his mercy.

Satisfied, he smiled and focused his eyes on a screen that was on the silver dummy\'s chest, showing the details of his paralyze effect.

Interesting, the entire body gets immobilized after taking one whiff of the mist. He raised an eyebrow in surprise and added, The effects last only 5 seconds after leaving the aura hm, understandable.

It was quite obvious that his poison wouldn\'t actually have a permanent effect after taking only one whiff.

However, those inside his aura would be constantly under effect, so if someone even dared to step inside it, Felix would make sure to keep him inside for eternity.

Soon after, he moved on and continued reading the rest of the details with interest.

Uhm, the poison does not differentiate between friend and foe Typical. Felix merely gave a side note on this detail and left it be.

He knew that all abilities were also the same.

After all, This wasn\'t a video game, where one could enter a hailstorm created by his ally, just to exit from it unharmed.

Only morons would dare to pull that ** or people with blind trust to their allies\' elemental control.

I guess that\'s it.

After seeing that no further details were written, he began walking forward, and as he expected, the mist followed around him, wherever he went like a spherical shield.

Pleased, he nodded his head lightly, as he preferred it this way and not to remain stationary, like a summoning ability.

Otherwise, the prey that entered his aura could easily escape it.

Let\'s do a limit test.

He stopped walking, and sat on the ground, doing nothing at all.

He wanted to see how long could his aura remain active until his energy runs out.

After a while, he started to feel dizzy and deactivated his ability.

He then asked the AI for the duration.

It\'s been 12 minutes and 45 seconds since the moment you activated your ability, Sir. The AI responded.

Not bad actually. Felix was quite pleased with 12 minutes, as this duration might sound short, but actually, it was even after continuous activation! While in real battles, he could activate it for a few seconds for the effect to take place then deactivate it.

This way his energy consumption would be minimized to the limit.

Not to mention, this duration was actually double what he should have got, since before, he had only a 59% affinity rating, that meant his abilities powers, effects, duration and such, should be only half what he just got.

In other words, 6 minutes to 7 minutes max!

However, now that he got a whopping 94% affinity rating, and on the verge of reaching 100%, Felix was going to enjoy double the strengths of his abilities.

One of them was the increased radius of his aura! If it wasn\'t for his high-affinity rating, his aura was supposed to stop at 4 meters only.

Yet now, he actually had 8 meters all at once.

If it wasn\'t for such clear benefits and bonuses, Felix wouldn\'t have chased everywhere just to secure a 100% affinity rating, and the elders of his family wouldn\'t have been so excited after seeing that Noah had 70%.

Affinity rating wasn\'t only useful to reduce the cooldown of integration, but also, empower the abilities to new heights!

Alright let\'s try switching inducement after activation. he quickly began the next experiment after the AI got him to peak form again.

He snapped his finger and the light yellow mist surrendered him again, he then called out loud, Switch to Sleepiness Aura!

The mist that was around him rapidly got sucked inside his body, then released again, however this time, it was a pure white mist, resembling a cloud of fog, blocking everyone\'s vision, whether those outside or inside the domain.

Except for Felix of course, who could see everything clearly.

I see, the mist must return to my body for each switch, and not change while already in the air. Felix guessed as much since it wouldn\'t make sense for the poison to change to another without re-entering his body.

If that happened, it meant that the poison was added to the previous one and not replaced.

Soon after, he read the details of the effect on the dummy and found out that everything was the same, except for the debuff intended.

As before it was paralyzed for 5 sec, now it slept for 5 sec.

They might be dummies, but they had the bodies of humans.

Thus, every effect on them was the same as on the human body.

After seeing those results, he moved to energy endurance and found that the duration was the same as well.

Alright, it seems that all poisons are going to have the same details. He scratched his chin, Still, more experiments are needed to make sure.

He deactivated the ability while thinking of the next experiment.

There is still the combined inducements detail that needs to be worked upon as well.

But I will leave those for later.

For now, let\'s move on to the next ability.

Eager, Felix walked away from the dummies, trying to put a substantial distance between each other.

After reaching 15 meters, he stopped and activated *Poison Bomb*.

Immediately, two balls that had the size of a baby\'s head were created swiftly on both of his hands and kept revolving above them, not touching his palms.

One was dark green, while the other was dark purple.

Before Felix managed to throw them out, he dropped on the ground exhausted.

Fuck, the consumption for them is even worse than Poisonous Aura. Irritated, he asked for the AI to return his energy.

After a couple of seconds, Felix stood up while sighing over having two overpowered abilities, but still having to limit their usage due to his weak body that couldn\'t handle their full power.

There was a lot of work to be done, in order to understand how to merge inducements and which inducements should be merged to get the best possible outcome without sacrificing too many energy points.

However, for now, Felix should only focus on mastering using one inducement properly, as for merging he should leave that for later.


20 minutes later...

Felix finished testing his bombs\' advantages and weaknesses.

He found out that the details of his inducement debuffs were still the same.

The only difference was that he was able to throw the bombs as projectiles and control their explosion timing.

Plus, his energy only allowed him to throw 50 bombs or so before he got sucked dry.

Lastly, the most interesting difference was that he could add different inducements for each bomb on a hand.

In other words, he could throw two types of poisons at once!

Felix was quite pleased by having two AOE abilities.

One could be used for pure offense, while the other had a variety of usages.

He just needed to find them out.

This was exactly what he tried to do for the next 2 hours of training in the room.

He fought with 10 AI dummies that were set on hard difficulty.

Felix did not fare well against their various abilities and elements, by merely using his two newly acquired abilities that he had no experience using before.

Hence, he got bashed for 2 hours straight until he got kicked out of the room.

Nonetheless, he left overjoyed, since he learned quite a few good inducements combinations.

If only the VIP room was not so damn expensive to use, he would have spent days training in it.

Unfortunately, that\'s not a solid plan for the future; even if he currently owned a billion SC or more.

The measurement center was for testing, not training.

That one had its own center that Felix planned to visit later on.

For now, he got other plans to make.


Four hours later...

Felix logged out of the UVR, after successfully purchasing the VR Pod that was a must for any Supremacy Game player, and a house within the capital city Androxa.

Now that he had the necessary strength to join the SG, there was no need to wait until he reached the greater purity anymore.

His abilities were enough to destroy any bronze or silver player.

However, for now, he needed to get dressed and head towards the 35th floor, as the last combat battle in the training camp was about to happen!

Felix never participated in those battles that were recurring weekly in the 3rd stage of the camp, by relying on the excuse that he did not reach lesser purity yet.

But now that he had, he must fight this one and win beautifully to get the elders off his back.

Otherwise, he would truly get beat up, and he was afraid about them breaking a bone after hitting his enhanced body.

It\'s time to bully my cute cousins. he smirked while leaving his room.


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