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Chapter 837 – Crescent Battleaxe Second Form!

‘On it!

‘At last.

The moment they heard so, Webor and Rotspawn turned to Summerspirit and launched tens of giant spiky boulders at him!


Not expecting to be retaliated against, Summerspirit was unable to evade all the spiky boulders at the same time.

He covered himself with his wings and suffered through three boulders smashing on him.

The force was enough he was pushed hundreds of meters away from them.

Webor and Rotspawn smacked the ground with their feet, resulting in the creation of a solidified pillar that pushed them into the sky.

The ground quality might be crappy, but they made it up for it with quantity during their creation of the pillars.

“There is still more!”

Webor and Rotspawn opened their jaws and launched a massive amount of brownish mud at Summerspirit, who was still trying to regain his balance.


Summerspirit evaded the flood of mud reflexively, knowing that if it landed on him, they would be able to solidify it and bring him down to the ground due to the weight!

‘Whats going on!

Hearing the noise behind him, Red Mercy turned around and was met with the sight of his teammates getting pressured by neverending torrents of mud.

‘It worked! Keep them busy! I will handle Landlor…

Before Red Mercy could get too siked that Felix was about to lose his footing in the air, his danger instincts activated immediately.


When he turned around, he was stunned by the sight of Felix flying in his direction.

He didnt react like this because of Felixs boldness or such, but because of his strange appearence!

He was covered entirely with thick green vines while donned with sixteen gems in a neat and symmetrical manner.

It made him appear like he was wearing a unique plant-based armor.

Yet, what shocked him the most was two gleaming silver blades attached to the tip of two long vines.

The vines were connected with Felixs arms, making him resemble like he was wielding sickle chain weapon!!!

The viewers were just as dumbfounded as him.

Unlike him, they saw exactly what happened when he turned his head, and they still werent able to process it in their minds.

Even Micheal could only watch Felix with stupefied expression.


Before anyone could break out of their daze at Felixs unexpected transformation, Felix spanned a vine in the air and threw it at Red Mercys head, appearing like a cowboy trying to capture a horse!

Because of Red Mercy humongous size, he was cable of moving his head to the side reflexively to evade the sharp blade, but it ended up landing on his shoulder anyway!


The reflective scales got pierced by the blade and then affixed within them.

Felix pulled himself towards Red Mercy swiftly.

The moment he was close enough, he swung the other blade at his wing, managing to puncture a small hole in it!

Yet, Felix wasnt done, he pulled himself towards the wing while spinning in the air.

The other axe blade was taken from the shoulder forcefully and span with Felix rapidly, making the axe blade resemble a flying steel cutter saw!


With the momentum and the insane sharpness of the blade, Felix had cleaved his way through the wing, leaving a long bloody incision behind him!

The instant he felt that his attack had been a success, Felix stopped spinning and threw the axe blade at Red Mercys back, connecting it with a scale.

Then, he dragged himself and landed on spine.

The entire sequence took less than a split second, making Felix appear just like a flying green silhouette in the eyes of the dumbfounded viewers!

As for Red Mercy He finally broke out of his daze after sensing the tingling pain in his wounded right wing.

“You little!!” Maddened, he cursed while eying Felix with a murderous dreadful glare.

Felixs transformation had truly confused him, making him unable to react to Felixs sudden assault.

“Youre dead!!”

Red Mercy didnt think about Felixs transformation anymore or his battleaxe.

The moment he felt that Felix was on top of his spine, he didnt hesitate to use the best ability to force him away.


When Felix sensed that the scales were turning extremely hot, he knew what was about to come.

Yet, he didnt retreat instantly.

Instead, he sprinted on Red Mercys spine to gain some momentum, and then he jumped with everything he got towards Red Mercys head.

Knowing that he wouldnt make it in time, Felix swiftly threw his right axe blade and dragged himself towards the head the instant the blade connected with the scale.

While he was falling towards it rapidly, Felix requested,Queen, deactivate the second form futhark and join the axe blades together!

Shing Shing!

The vines were retracted from Felixs body in a split second and intertwined with each other forming a gorgeous crescent shaped handle.

The gems returned to their rightful places, hidden within the vines, making the weapon seem less threatening.

Meanwhile, the axe blades were merged together by the vines in the middle.

This resulted in the recreation of complete the crescent battleaxe.

“Just marvelous…As expected of a legendary artifact.”

Selphie mumured with a fascinated expression as she watched Felix triple the size of his arm while holding the the battleaxe above his head, clearly trying to break apart Red Mercys skull!

Just like the players and the viewers, they had no idea whatsoever that the crescent battleaxe was embedded with a futhark responsible for changing the entire weapon design!!

In fact, if they observed the battleaxe closely, they would notice that the handle was just two thick vines intertwined with each other and connected as a knot at the tip of the axe!

This signified that Felix could switch between two battle forms as he pleased by a mere thought!

The best part He gained a free armor while doing so since the vines needed something big to cover when they grew in size.

Booom! BOOOOOM!! ꜰʀᴇᴇᴡᴇʙɴᴏᴠᴇʟ.ᴄᴏᴍ

A split second later, two explosions were heard simultaneously.

A faint one caused by Felixs battleaxe cracking both Red Mercys scales and his skull, affixing itself deeply within it.

The other was induced by the magnificent and dreadful surge of crimson flames from within Red Mercys scales.

Because Felix committed to his strike, he wasnt able to evade the explosion in time, resulting in him getting thrown hundreds of meters into the air while burning alive.

His symbiote suit was able to negate most of the explosions force, but he still ended up with a couple of ribs and bones broken.

As for the fire His symbiote suit was damaged a little but nothing too serious.

His condition was much better than Red Mercy.

‘Motherf*cker has cracked my skull open!

Red Mercy winced in pain after sensing that the battleaxe was merely a few inches away from touching his brain.

He wanted to pull it away, but his hands were too big to hold into the axes handle.

He was afraid of moving too much lest he end up in the same situation as Nethercutter.

‘My flames are going to burn it off.

In the end, he figured out that the best solution was simply keep his hellfire ability active until the battleaxe melt or something.

He believed that as long as he was covered in flames, Felix wouldnt dare blink near him…Especially, when he knew that Felix didnt come out of their confrontation in one piece.

Thats where he was mistaken…

“What is Landlord doing!!” Micheal exclaimed in disbelief as he watched Felix nosediving through the hellish flames, not fearing for his safety whatsoever!

The symbiote suit started to tear apart little by little as Felix thoroughly disappeared within the giant cloud of fire.

Felix didnt care about the increased heat that was starting to affect him through the suit.

He merely kept his arms in front of his face while using his x-ray vision to locate Red Mercys head.

He wasnt able to see battleaxe, but Felix knew its position exactly due to the small crack on the skull appearing in his x-ray vision.

The instant Felix locked on it, he flipped in the air and tripled the size of his right foot while heading towards it in a straight line, resembling a falling meteor, bursting through the atmosphere!

‘Summerspirit! We need to retreat now! I have secured the battleaxe and I need your help to remov…

Red Mercy was forced to swallow the rest of his sentence after his instincts were triggered due to Felix yet again.

Unfortunately for him, he was a tad bit late this time…

Felixs enlarged foot landed exactly above the scorched crescent battleaxes handle!!!

With Felixs insane momentum and strength, the battleaxe was pushed forcefully through the cracked skull, creating a much bigger hole!

It was big enough Felix ended up continuing on his momentum even though he was going through Red Mercys giant brain!


The moment Felixs feet landed on the bottom of Red Mercys skull, he ignored the blood, heat, brain matter, and every disgusting thing he was experiencing.

He simply reached out to the battleaxes handle and tightened his grasp on it.

Then, he grinned devilishly within the suit and began slashing apart the rest of Red Mercys brain from within!!


Red Mercy was only able to release a single wild roar before his abnormal fortitude had finally given in from the tremendous damage caused to his inner brain!

It was literally turned into mush by Felix…No matter how superior and gifted the dragons, they could not live for another second with such a heavy injury.

The moment his brain was shut down, the surrounding flames were turned off automatically as he started to nosedive towards the ground.

Knowing that he wasnt going to survive such a high fall, Felix swiftly threw his battleaxe outside of Red Mercys head before teleporting next to it.

Then, he stood above a void rift while resting the bloody scorched black battleaxe on his shoulder…He was entirely covered covered in brain matter and blood.

With his tattered pitch-black symbiote suit, he resembled a demonic creature who had just emerged from the depth of hell.

“One more to go.”

Felix mumured calmly while watching Red Mercys corpse smash into the ground, not moving a single inch after…

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