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Chapter 836 – The Dragons Retaliation!

‘Still, he can use his other void abilities to escape to safety when things get rough for him. Summerspirit frowned.

‘Thats why we need a plan that will ensure his death before he could blink away or enter the void realm. Red Mercy added,It will be easy to achieve since he is clearly planning on fighting us with his axe again.

During the first fight, they were always worrying about Felixs void abilities to bother consider that he would be relying on his battleaxe only.

This made it hard for Nethercutter to evade the thrown battleaxe.

The moment it entered his brain, his fate was sealed.

‘As long as we keep our eye on his battleaxe, he wont have any other method of harming us. Summerspirit nodded.

Without the legendary weapon or void abilities, Felixs other abilities were absolutely useless against dragons.

His poison was terrifying alright, but it needed to gain access to their bloodstream.

As for his lightning Dragons reflective scales made it impossible to get shocked by electricity or paralyzed.

Now that Felix had exposed his new fighting style, they werent going to allow themselves to get hit by his battleaxe.

If it happened, they would make sure that it would land on a none vital area.

‘Do you think his battleaxe is capable of piercing through our scales Summerspirit wondered.

‘Most likely. Red Mercy nodded,Emperor Lokhil made it personally in mind to cleave anything in its path.

If it wasnt going to cut through our scales, he wouldnt have exposed it in the open.

Although they were proud of their defensive scales, they knew that they werent completely immune to everything.

‘Though, we dont have to worry too much, I doubt it will be able to cause serious damage even if it penetrated our scales. Red Mercy snickered,The moment he throws it and get it stuck on us, it will be a game over for him.

‘So, what you are saying is that we need to bait him into throwing it at us Summerspirit inquired.

‘Why not Red Mercy assured,If we give him a calculated opening, he will be forced to hurl it at us.

We can then block it with our scales.

‘Hmm, when you put it in this way, I believe it will work. Summerspirit agreed.

None of them seemed to be worried about Felix lacing the battleaxe with poison.

They knew that the poison would evaporate in the air instantly due to their flame field.

It was a whole different experience to expel poisonous smoke through Nethercutters throat and lace the battleaxe on the outside.

‘First, we have to split them apart and make it hard for Landlord to find a footing in the air. Red Mercy volunteered,I will be dealing with Landlord, you take care of the turtles.


After the plan was established, they stopped discussing the matter and began actively searching for Felix and the other two.

“It is time for round two!” Micheal commentated excitedly after seeing the dragons becoming active in their hunt.

Meanwhile, Felix was already familiar with their location as he was following them from the void realm for a while now.

When he saw that they were searching for them, he swiftly returned to his teammates and started guiding them to the general location of the dragons.

After a short while, they met near the center of the map yet again.

This time, Felix didnt enter the void realm but accompanied the two turtles as they dug upward.

Since the dragons werent going to be using flame orbs, there was no need to distract them until his teammates resurface.

‘I see them! Red Mercy said after spotting two infrared auras rushing extremely fast towards the surface.

‘Wait until they get a bit closer and rain hellfire on them! Summerspirit said while diving downward, trying to bridge the distance a little.

When they saw that Webor and Rotspawn were merely half a kilometer away from the surface, they started creating giant fireballs and launching them rapidly with their wings!

Whoosh Whoosh!…

With each flap, tens of giant fireballs get propelled at an insane speed towards their exit location!

‘Move to the left. Felix ordered calmly while staring at incoming giant infrared fireballs.

Webor and Rotspawn might not see them, but with Felixs help, they easily evaded the barrage that destroyed the ground into oblivion.

‘Landlord must be hidden in one of their shells. Red Mercy deducted after seeing their timely escape.

‘Should we carry on Summerspirit asked while watching the two turtles continue digging upward from another location.

‘Will serve no point. Red Mercy shook his head,As long as Landlord is with them, we cant touch them with our fire abilities.

‘Fine, then lets prepare to receive him. Summerspirit smiled coldly.

The two dragons dropped their assault and kept waiting for the turtles to resurface.

A moment later, Webor and Rotspawn jumped from underground while having two giant circular brown shields in front of them.

Felix exited Webors shell and jumped on top of his head.

He was wearing his symbiote suit while his battleaxe was resting on his shoulder.

The distance between him and the two dragons wasnt really that far.

In fact, they were much closer to the ground than in the previous fight, making Felix feel a bit skeptical about their intentions.

‘Are they egging me to approach them Felix smiled faintly,I guess they feel confident this time to take me on in close range.

Felix didnt know exactly what they were planning, but he could predict that the two dragons must have planned a way to eliminate him.

Still, he had no thought of avoiding a close ranged conformation.

‘Lets begin!

After Felix had given out the order, Webor and Rotspawn manifested tens boulders in front of them.

Felix landed on one and affixed his axe within the surface to stabilize himself.

‘We got your back! Webor shouted telepathically while launching the boulders at the two dragons.

“Landlord is going for the same strategy!” Micheal exclaimed, “Is he that confident to slay them with the same tactic!”

The viewers were pretty stunned too, knowing that Red Mercy and Summerspirit werent that retarded to die in the same manner.

Yet, the exact same development was carried out, making everyone feel like they were having a déjà vu.

The dragons kept aiming at Felix with fire-based abilities while he was jumping from a boulder to another akin to a monkey.

‘Wait…Wait…Wait. Summerspirit kept speaking with Red Mercy, making sure that he would stay in his position.

The instant he saw that Felix crossed past the five hundred meters, he yelled,Now!!

Under the dumbfounded eyes of the viewers, Red Mercy flew towards Felix with his flaming claws gleaming sharply, resembling an eagle sweeping down on an ant!


When Felix noticed his sudden assault, he propelled himself backward and landed on another boulder.

“You are not going anywhere!” Red Mercy sneered coldly as he chased after Felix, forcing him to continue retreating.

Alas, no matter how fast Felix jumped, there was no way he would be faster than actual flying dragons gunning for him.

In less than a second, Red Mercy was merely a couple of hundred meters away from Felix, putting him into his own flame field.

Yet, he didnt use any fire ability to assault Felix, he simply kept pressuring him to escape away from him.


Just as Webor and Rotspawn intended to assist Felix by aiming some of their boulders at Red Mercy, they were forced to defend against incoming giant fire spears!

Summerspirit had broken away from his ally and was now assaulting those two with a rain of neverending explosions!

“This is nothing, you f*cking lizard!” Webor cursed as he kept getting smashed by those fire abilities.

Most of them landed on his shell, doing absolutely nothing to him.

But his head and limbs werent spared from being struck directly!

Yet, Webor toughened through the pain of his scorched skin and kept launching boulders nonstop.

The same applied for Rotspawn.

Heavenly turtles skin might not be as tough as their shells, but it was enough to buy them a few seconds before it get burnt to crisp!

“As expected! Aspidochelones team is in big trouble!” Micheal criticized, “Repeating the same strategy is a fast way to get themselves killed!”

The viewers could not help but nod in agreement as they watched Felix, Rotspawn, and Webor, getting absolutely owned.

Almost everyone believed that Felix would be forced to jump within his void realm soon and order his teammates to retreat underground.

It might seem like doing so would result in starting from the scratch again, but it wasnt!

The moment Felix decided to either blink or enter his void realm, his battleaxe would be destroyed!

After all, he couldnt beam it within his AP bracelet when his symbiote suit was covering it entirely.

Red Mercy was making sure to keep Felix within his flame field, so he wouldnt consider exposing his hands at all.

‘Not a bad strategy…But, you guys have just made our work much easier.

Felix grinned faintly as he glanced behind him and saw that he was pulling further and further from his teammates and Summerspirit.

When he noticed that Webor and Rotspawn were at their limit, Felix sent them a message,You can stop with boulders and focus on keeping Summerspirit busy.

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