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Chapter 828 The Semi-Finals.

“As expected of a legendary artifact.” Selphie smiled happily as she cheered on Felix.

She was one of the few viewers sharp enough to realize how Felixs pulled off such an unbelievable assassination.

She already knew that Felix was capable of teleporting anywhere as long as he had clear view or marked an object with his void energy.

She analyzed as much from his previous games.

When she saw that he had placed his void energy on his axe, she was confused a little at the start.

But now She recognized that Felix must have planned all along to have his second attack fail!

All he wanted was for his axe to reach the premise of those two mermaids.

When they least expect it, he would teleport to his battleaxe while taking with him his already prepared void domain!

This strategy was too strong and Felix always wanted to use it.

However, he didnt own an object that was capable of resisting void energy deconstruction for even a second.

This strategy wouldnt work unless the marked object bought him some time to prepare his void domain.

When Micheal replayed the fight and analyzed it with the viewers, he finally reached the same conclusion as Selphie.

“How extraordinary! Landlord is using his weapon as bait and teleportation medium to deliver his true assault.” Micheal said passionately, “I doubt he will dare pull off the same strategy in real life.”

“This is too unfair!”

“Now, we need to worry that his void domain will come to us too!”

“Its too much!”

The champions in the stands werent too pleased with Felixs new killer tactic.

It was truly a cheesy move since he was taking advantage of being in the UVR.

He willingly covered his battleaxe with void energy, not caring that it would get destroyed after his assault ended.

After all, he would get it back at the end of the fight unlike in real life.

“Hehe, I knew it.”

Felix grinned faintly after teleporting back to the arena and hearing the grumbles and boos directed at him.

But, he didnt care how those hypocrites were viewing his new tactics.

As long as it was valid, he would abuse the ** out of it in his future fights too!


“I am too tired.” 

The moment Felix noticed Micheal teleporting next to him, he swiftly turned into a flash of light and returned to his house.

‘I will watch the last fight on the stream guys, dont wait for me. Felix informed Webor and the rest of his team, not planning to return to the arena for the day.

‘Alright, good work captain! Webor complemented.

‘Have some rest, I believe your performance will help the team get moved straight to the finals. Rotspawn added with an elated tone.

Felixs performance was much cleaner and sophisticated than Red Mercys.

He slayed the three mermaids without receiving a slight injury or having them harm his teammates.Pa nda

Novel He did it alone, letting the Queen know that the job didnt require the three of them.

Meanwhile, Red Mercy had acted tough and ended up embarrassing himself.

If it wasnt for being recovered to his peak after returning to the arena, it would have taken him days to treat those horrible wounds.

‘Lets hope that the battle space worms wouldnt slaughter Manananggals team too fast. Felix said.

‘No matter how fast they can be, I doubt they will top off your performance. Barbyclaw assured.

‘They are strong alright, but they are too fearful of getting killed, they always play it too safe. Rotspawn added.


Felix couldnt help but agree with them after recalling the battle space worms fights.

As space elementalists, they were feared by the majority of races.

After all, they could open pocket dimensions, slash space or distorted, teleport themselves or teleport other objects, open wormholes connecting two locations, and more of such overwhelming abilities.

Yet, not many of them participate in the games and simply settle with being deliveryworms.

Thats because their physical and mental defenses were too weak compared to the rest of the players.

In other words, they could be killed as easily as any random player if they were just a little careless.

Because of their weaknesses, they almost never act arrogantly or proudly as the dragons in the games.

As expected, the last quarter-final fight had been dragged on for at least twenty minutes due to the battle space worms being too careful.

All the traps and strategies that were set up by Manananggals team had been avoided and blocked successfully.

When the battle space worms counter-attack, they made sure to target all of their efforts on a single champion.

Due to their space-based attacks being extremely difficult to defend against, Manananggals team could only drop out of the fight one by one.

“Congratulation to the three semi-finalists!” Micheal shouted as he displayed three screens, each belonging to one of the three teams.

“As you all know, one team will be pushed straight to the finals by Queen Ai after judging their performance.”

Micheal extended his hand at the screens, showing a long percentage meterage on all of them.

“The team with the highest score will be deemed as the most worthy one!”

After announcing so, Micheal clapped his hands twice and then watched the percentage meterage with look of anticipation.

At the start, the percentage meterage for each team was rising simultaneously with the same speed.

However, the instant Cherufes team crossed past 65%, it stopped moving.

“Cherufes team is secured to fight in the semi-finals!”

“Tsk, this is your fault.” Summerspirit clicked his tongue in criticism as he gave Red Mercy a side-glance.

‘We should have never left you go solo. Nethercutter scoffed as well, making Red Mercy feel like **.

But, he kept his mouth shut, knowing that he had indeed messed up big time in his fight against the Spider Kin.

Thankfully for him, his teammates stopped giving his crap over this and returned to watching the percentage meterage of the other two teams.

They were merely a little peeved that they had to dish out some extra effort when it could be avoided.

“Both teams are at 75%, this look like it will be a clos…”

Just as Micheal wanted to finish his sentence, he ended up swallowing the rest after seeing the space worms meterage halting at 76.5%!

Meanwhile, Aspidochelones team meterage kept climbing higher and higher until it touched 94%!

Only then did it come to an abrupt stop.

“Congratulation to Aspidochelones team for qualifying to the finals!” Micheal applauded, “A well-deserved reward for Landlords extraordinary performance.”

“See! I told you we had it in the bag!” Webor grinned widely.

“Two days off, I am glad we get to have some break.” Felix smiled faintly.

He was more elated by the two days off than being qualified to the finals.

He had been fighting constantly over the past seven days, and it was starting to take a toll on him…Especially, when he needed to be always on alert and create new strategies to end his battles without getting wounded.

So, Felix decided to start his break from now to be fully prepared for the finals.

Whether dragons made it or battle space worms, he knew that the fight would be extremely dangerous.

The next morning…

Felix was sitting in the living room with Asna, planning to spectate the semi-finals with her.

After Asna noticed that Selphie always sat next to Felix in the stands akin to an unavoidable vermin, she tried her best to keep him at home with her.

“Isnt this better” Asna smiled while sipping coke from a large can.

“It makes me look bad to miss watching the fight live next to my teammates.” Felix grumbled while eating popcorn.

“Teammates, yeah right! “Asna huffed in annoyance after being reminded of Selphie.

“…You are adorable when you are jealous.” Felix chuckled, “I should do this oft…Aahhhh!!”

Before Felix could finish his sentence, Asna elbowed him in his crotch while giving him a death stare, “I dare you.”

“I was just kidding…” Felix spoke while holding his crotch in agony.

“You better be.” Asna humphed and turned to watching the stream.

Now that he knew that Asna had no qualms assaulting his jewels, Felix decided to keep his mouth shut about matters related to Selphie or any other girl.

Asna was still as violet as ever when it came to girls.

“Ladies and Gentlemen! Welcome to semi-finals!” Micheal appeared in the middle of the arena while wearing his usual flamboyant suit.

Cherufes team and Dunes team could be seen standing on opposite sides of the arena, waiting patiently for the fight to begin.

Thankfully for them, Micheal kept his introduction short and kicked off the fight after the map had been chosen.

“A desert-based map.” Felix said, “Its quite balanced for both teams.”

The map was just a vast golden desert that stretched to the horizons.

Not a single tree was in sight, making the viewers understand that the only place to hide was under the desert.

Yet, when the fight started, no one bothered to dig underground.

The dragons took off in the air while the space worms entered self-created spatial pocket.

As long as they were hiding within it, dragons wouldnt be able to touch them at all.

‘As planned, we will take down Red Mercy first. Starfollower with a stern tone,He is their weakest link after his screw-up in the quarterfinals.

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