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Chapter 827 – The Mermaids ll

Because his vision wasnt blocked in the void realm whatsoever, he managed to locate the three mermaids in the first twenty seconds!

‘Hmm, if they kept this pace, they will reach our island in less than a minute. Felix pondered while following them.

Felix didnt know if they would be daring to ambush Webor and Rotspawn on land, or they would remain hidden underwater even if they found them.

‘Its not like they can be too passive. Felix thought,Queen Ai will start imposing penalties if neither side made a move on the other.

One of the penalties that he feared for Webor and Rotspawn was random teleportation.

If someone was too passive, the Queen wouldnt hesitate to pull his ass from his hiding and threw him in a close area to his enemy.

In this case, they would be thrown into the water against their will!

So, Felix knew that he couldnt afford playing the passive game with those mermaids.

‘Lets hope my new tactics works.

Felix smirked faintly as he opened a void rift above one of the tiny islands between the mermaids and his teams island.

Without further ado, Felix beamed the crescent battleaxe and tightened his grip on its handle.

Then, he requested from the Queen to activate its targeting futhark while eyeing the fast approaching mermaids with his infra-ray vision.

“It looks like Landlord is going to grace us with his legendary battleaxe.” Micheals eyes widened a little in anticipation.

When Micheal demonstrated the battleaxe capabilities before the players, he knew that was merely the surface of it true terror.

He didnt touch upon many other futharks since there wasnt enough time to showcase every prize in the event.

So, he was really eager to see how would the battleaxe perform when used by a real player.

The same applied to the rest of the viewers.

Felix squinted his eyes at the mermaid ahead of the pack and mumured, “Right arm X2.”

His arm that was holding into the battleaxe doubled in size, making the viewers suck in a deep breath at the thought of Felix hurling the axe with it!

Yet, Felix wasnt even done!

He laced the axes blades with potent corruption inducement, making sure that even if his axe merely caused a small wound, his poison would do the rest.

‘Queen, lock on the mermaid in the middle. Felix requested.


The instant Felix received a confirmation, he took in a deep breath and launched the crescent battleaxe as hard as he could!

In less than a split second, the battleaxe pierced through the sea and appeared in front of Lifevocal akin to the grim reaper!

She was so shocked by its appearence, she managed to part her lips merely a little before the battleaxe cleaved her in half and continued on its journey!!!


Albeit late, the sound of the spinning axe finally caught up to it after the deed was already done…

Oceanicsoul and Sandyshell stopped swimming immediately and eyed their teammates separated corpse that was disintegrating into black ashes…They were shocked, stunned, and utterly frightened.


In the end, Oceanicsoul managed to regain her composure even though her heart was beating as fast as sprinting horse.

Sandyshell listened to her orders and fell back with her, escaping from Felixs range.

They knew that Lifevocals fate could have been theirs if they were just a bit unlucky.

“Dear lord!” Micheal took in a deep breath and shouted excitedly, “How is that weapon even fair in the hands of Landlord! His throw literally killed Lifevocal before the explosion of the sound barrier was heard!”

The viewers were as astonished as him.

They knew that crescent battleaxe was absolutely priceless artifact, yet they never expected that it would be able to slay a radiant champion in the blink of an eye!

“The weapon is great, but it wouldnt have touched Lifevocal if it wasnt for Felixs calculation.” Selphie smiled happily as she watched Felix catch the returning axe with one hand.

She knew that Felix had calculated the distance between him and Lifevocal and the time as well to make sure that the mermaids wouldnt be able to hear the spinning battleaxe until it finished its job.

After all, mermaids were extremely sensitive to sounds.

There was no way they wouldnt dodge instinctively when they hear the sound barrier blowing up in front of them.

The fact that they were traveling at a supersonic speed in a straight line made it much harder to react as well.

‘Damn it! Damn it! Damn it! I didnt f*cking think he will use that stupid axe so soon! Oceanicsoul cursed furiously in her mind while hiding within a underwater chasm.

‘We were too rush. Sandyshell sighed,We grew confident underwater, believing that Landlord wouldnt dare ambushing us in it.

They were too focused on Felixs void abilities, they failed to predict that he would be pulling out his legendary battleaxe.

‘We can still win, we just need to be wary of his battleaxe too. Oceanicsoul assured.

As long as she was within water, she was still confident in her ability to win the game.

‘I will be caref…


Before she could finish her sentence, her ears picked up a faint familiar explosion that happened hundreds of meters above them.

‘TAKE COVER! Oceanicsoul yelled telepathically while diving deep within the chasm as fast as she could.

Meanwhile, Sandyshell knew that the battleaxe was heading for her since her ears could pick up the noise trail it kept leaving behind.

So, instead of exposing herself in the open by following Oceanicsoul, she decided to confront the spinning battleaxe!


She opened her beautiful mouth as wide as a blow fish, making her resemble a nightmarish monster.

Then, she released a high-pitched soundwave that was strong enough, the water vibrated while delivering it!


The crescent battleaxe ended up colliding with this invisible pressuring soundwave, slowing its speed down immensely.

Still, the battleaxe kept piercing through the water and the soundwave, inching closer and closer towards its target.

‘It wont stop it in time! Realizing that her screech wasnt able to block it entirely, Sandyshell extended her palms forward and released two more vibrating soundwaves!

Only this time, she used them to edge the battleaxe to change its trajectory forcefully.

This exactly what happened as the battleaxe ended up cleaving the edge of the chasm before getting lodged deeply within a seamount!!

‘Is it over

Sandyshell stopped her abilities at once after realizing that she wasnt hearing the battleaxes spinning noise anymore.

‘Did you stop it Oceanicsoul appeared next to her with brightened eyes.

‘We could have stopped it faster if you didnt bail on me. Sandyshell narrowed her eyes at her in displeasure.

‘My bad.

It wont happen again. Oceanicsoul owned up to her mistake, knowing that she was affected emotionally by Lifevocals sudden and horrific death.

‘Good, now cover me while I destroy that f*cking weapon. Sandyshell expressed hatefully as she swam towards the ruined seamount.

Both of them understood that Crescent battleaxe was capable of returning to its owner only if it had momentum.

This implied that as long as Felix didnt come down personally to pick it up, it would remain lodged deep within the seamount forever.

‘Do you see it Oceanicsoul asked while scouting her surrounding area for any unfamiliar sounds, knowing that Felix might teleport nearby to pick it up.

‘I see the tip of it…Its purple, it must be laced with poison. Shadyshell replied while opening her mouth widely again.

Then, she released a destructive soundwave that blew a giant hole within the surmount, exposing the crescent battleaxe.

‘Are you certain thats poison Oceanic soul frowned after turning around and seeing that the entire battleaxe was being corroded with a purplish mist.

‘Thats void energy… Shadyshell tilted her head in confusion, not understanding Felixs motives for lacing his own weapon with void energy.

In her eyes, poison was more than enough to get her killed after being wounded.

As for void energy In both cases, the weapon would be destroyed.

‘Landlord never does anything without a motive…Wh….Oh nooooo!! When Shadyshell tried to recall a similar strategy used by Felix, the purpose of the void energy finally surfaced in her mind!

Without a single ounce of hesitation, she turned around and tried to swim away from the battleaxe with a horrified expression…She didnt even bother to warn Oceanicsoul, knowing that time was tight.

Unfortunately for her…She was still a tad bit late.

‘Checkmate. Felix snapped his finger calmly from within the void realm.

Then…Doom befell Oceanicsoul and Sandyshell as they were engulfed within a humongous spherical void domain…

The viewers could only stare at the void domain with stupefied expressions, unable to comprehend what had just happened.

Unlike Oceanicsoul and Sandyshell, they saw everything that Felix had done after hurling the battleaxe at them.

Yet, they were still left utterly dumbfounded!

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