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Chapter 826 – The Mermaids!

After the orb was created, he opened his jaw with some difficulty and controlled it externally to move slowly towards the cocoon.

While he was doing so, he lowered his head and tightened his skin, making his scales close of all his pores.

“Are you close” Nervous and excited, Fallenstone asked while looking around him, fearing that the other two dragons would appear any given moment.

Unfortunately for him, he didnt account that the true danger would come from within the cocoon…

“Why did Red Mercy stop movi…”

Before Micheal could finish his inquiry, he was forced to swallow it after seeing the cocoon shimmering with golden light.


Everyone was left staring at the blinding white screen in utter disbelief, not daring to accept what their eyes were feeding them.

The explosion was big enough it erased an entire mountain and destroyed the nearby forest by its shockwave!

When it was over, everyone kept their eyes frozen on the mushroom cloud, feeling surreal about the current development.

‘He actually preferred risking his life like this than ask for help. Felix thought speechlessly,Dear lord, their pride knows no bound!

Everyone else had the exact reaction.

They didnt know whether to admire Red Mercys willingness to go so far for his pride or curse him for being a stubborn fool.

When the dust settled, and saw his miserable shape, they were inclined to the latter.

Who could blame them

Red Mercy was missing two limbs, a quarter of his torso, and a entire wing! His blood was spilling akin to a fountain nonstop.

The rest of his surviving body parts were badly wounded too.

If it wasnt for his chest raising slowly and falling, they would have thought that he died.

As for Dusthand and the other two They didnt leave behind not even a spark of dust.

They were utterly exterminated!

“Crazy, they are f*cking crazy!” Micheal clutched his heart in pain as he cursed all dragons.

As a Spider Kin, he wanted a dragon to be slayed by his own race dearly.

It was a privilege and an honor, no matter how the kill happened.

Pa nda

Novel Alas…

Well, at least Jorōgumos team were quite close to pulling it off…That was an achievement on its own.

After a short while, Red Mercy was back to his peak form after getting teleported to the arena.

If it wasnt for this reset mechanism, helping him treat his wound instantly, he would have honestly requested for help.

“It took you a while.” Summerspirit grumbled while eyeing Red Mercy.

Since Red Mercy hadnt informed them about the situation, they had no idea that he was about to get killed.

“F*ck off, as long as it is done.” Red Mercy cursed with a pissed tone and then teleported outside the arena.

Although he managed to eliminate Jorōgumos team alone, he absolutely abhorred his performance.

He knew that he looked like crap and for dragons, their image was literally everything to them in front of other races.

Summerspirit and Glorycleaver shrugged their shoulders after seeing his reaction.

Then, they teleported away too, freeing the arena for the next teams.

“Its our turn.” Felix stretched his arms behind his back while standing up.

He glanced at Sirens team and saw that they were getting prepared too.

“Dont get too confident like Red Mercy.” Barbyclaw advised, “We need to finish the fight in a clean manner to get qualified straight for the finals.”

Cherufes team might not care about fighting in the semi-finals, but the same didnt apply to the others.

This meant, Sirens team would be as sharp as a needle against Felix and the others.

“Dont worry, it will be clean alright.” Felix smirked faintly.

On the other side of the arena, the three breathtaking mermaids were having a telepathic communication without the help of Queen Ai.

As sound elementalists, this was nothing.

‘Its a bit of a bummer that we landed against those three monsters so soon.

But, we can win this easily if we committed to our strategy. Oceanicsoul said confidently while eyeing Felix, Webor, and Rotspawn.

She had a bewitching long wavy purplish hair and brown freckles on her cheeks.

She only differed from human females with her gills under her armpits, blue tinted skin and most importantly, her beautiful shimmering blue fishtail.

The same applied to the other two mermaids.

‘Indeed, Landlord is a bit of pain in the ass to deal with, but the heavenly turtles can be dealt with quickly if they exposed themselves above the surface. Lifevocal nodded.

As sound elementalists, they didnt need to care about the heavenly turtles indestructible shells.

Their target was mostly their ears, and it was hard to defend ones ears against sound unless they deafened themselves.

After all, sound was as useless as a glass hammer if there were no receptors to pick it up.

But, the mermaids werent worried that Felix and the other two would consider deafening themselves.

In fact, they would rather have them go for it!

‘Just dont let your guards down, and we will be fine. Sandyshell said.

After the break period ended, both teams were summoned to the arena by Micheal.

He welcomed them and gave the viewers a quick reminder of their achievements in the past fights.

Then, he displayed a holographic wheel with hundreds of maps with almost all known environments.

“Lets see if one of you will get lucky.” Micheal grinned and spun the wheel as hard as he could.

Ting Ting Ting…Ting!

After the wheel span for a few seconds, he stopped it.

‘You gotta be kidding me. Felixs expression turned bad immediately after seeing that the needle had stopped on a water-based map!

There were hundreds of tiny islands that were connected with either shallow water or non.

Those islands would be good enough for footing, but Felix knew that they would not have the same freedom as the mermaids.

“Hehe, my cuties are finally given their environment to play in.” Siren giggled happily.

Meanwhile, Lady Sphinx, Aspidochelone, and the others werent too pleased by the pick.

Alas, they could not complain about it.

Sirens team had fought against Kumihos team in a forest.

Those mermaids with fishtails didnt complain when they had to fight in the main habitant of the spirit foxes.

So, no other team had the right to complain if these mermaids were given their natural habitant too.

‘Its going to be hard to travel underground now. Rotspawn frowned.

‘I guess I will have to change my strategy. Felix added,Just leave it to me, I will handle them.

‘Are you certain Webor asked.

They ought to feel a bit less confident about Felixs capabilities to deal with the mermaids all alone.

After all, they just saw Red Mercy get forced into the extreme to win his fight.

‘Dont worry. Felix grinned,I will be bringing out the big guns.

A few moments later…

Felix opened his eyes to the soothing sound of the waves smashing against a small cliff.

He looked around him and noticed that he had been teleported above one of the smaller sized islands that had a few coconut trees spread out here and there.

‘Captain, can you see us Webor asked.

‘Yes. Felixs eyelids twitched after seeing Webor and Rotspawn taking over an island each!

They were big enough, their thick feet were placed on shallow waters around the island, making them seem like they were standing on water.

‘This will be a tough one for them. Felix shook his head and blinked above Webors head.

“I will find a bigger island that can hold both of you.”

Felix said as he jumped a hundred meters into the air.

With a one sweep of the nearby islands, he locked on one that was a few kilometers wide.

‘You should do for now.

Felix decided on switching to it instantly, knowing that the mermaids should be approaching them at a supersonic speed.

He wasnt wrong at all.

When the camera switched to them, the viewers couldnt help but feel fear for their lives underwater.

The mermaids speed was simply frightening as they all needed was a single flap with their tail to cross two hundred meters of distance!

Thats because they were able to ride on released soundwaves, boosting their speed that was already terrifying underwater.

Meanwhile, the rest were ever even slower than a sunken rock.

It would be an absolute slaughter!

Soon, the camera returned to Felix and the other two.

They could be seen hiding deep within the forest of the new island.

Webor and Rotspawn had their limbs and half of their shells buried on the ground, making it easier for them to take cover with the trees.

‘I will be going now. Felix mentioned,If you notice anything, just hide underground and wait for my arrival.

‘Be careful. Webor wished,If you got caught underwater, it will be difficult for us to assist you in time.

‘What he said. Rotspawn emphasize.

Although it was possible for them to control the seabed to their own advantage, they understood that it wouldnt be the same as doing so on land.

Water would impose heavy pressure, making all of their abilities ten times slower.

Against mermaids, who were capable of moving at a supersonic speed in water, they would never be able to touch them even with a pebble!

“Landlord is on the move!” Micheal commentated while watching Felix traveling through the void realm.

Sea or land, it didnt matter to Felix as he was able to see through everything with his interdimensional senses.

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